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Chapter 1

Annabeth's pov

I woke up to my alarm and went through my normal morning routine and was out the door by 8:20 I jogged down the street and hopped on the bus. Hopping out at 8:35, and spotted Thalia and Nico. I walked up and gave them both hugs. "Hey guy's how was your summer break?" I asked them.

"Oh it was great… you know summer school and all…" Thalia grumbled.
"Cheer up pine head." Nico said smiling. I chuckled these to never get old.

" I see you two are still bickering." A voice said there stood Luke.

"Luke!" I said and talked him in a hug.

"Hey there kid-o how've you been?" he asked as he moved over to Nico and shaking his hand, then to Thalia to who he gave a kiss.

"Good! Though I didn't get to Greece this summer." I said with a sad face.

"Cheer up owl head! You'll go!" Thalia said playfully punching my arm.

"Ya I guess. I have to go get my schedule. Catch you…"

"so do we." Thalia said cutting me off.

"Then let's go." Nico said as he started to walk. We walked in to the school and were going to the office when both Thalia and Nico stopped dead in their tracks. Both Luke and I looked to see a guy leaving the office. He had a baggy hoodie, (hood up) baggy cargo shorts, and Nike running shoes he walked away his back to us. All I could hear was Nico whisper. "so he really is here…"

"what did you say Nico?" I asked.

"n… Nothing… we'll explain latter." He said and we continued on into the office. Just as I was about to enter I looked down the hall and saw the guy as he was turning down a different hall. I could just barely see one of his eyes. Gorgeous Sea green… I shook my head grabbed my schedule and went to my first class, English with Mr. Smith. I walked in and the only seat left was in the back just over from the corner. And in the corner was the guy! His hood was pulled over his so you couldn't see his face. His hands were in the front pocket of his hoodie. If I didn't know better id say he was sleeping.

"Mr. Jackson! I know you're new here but I know for a fact that no school allows students to wear hoods during class! So pleas remove it!"

"Ya I could do that but you'd regret it!" Jackson said. not as a threat, but a statement.

"Remove the hood Jackson!" Mr. smith said forcefully.

"Fine but I warned you." He removed the hood quickly so I didn't see his hand to reveal a head of messy black hair, a slightly swollen left cheek, a cut on his right cheek bone and right above his left eye. And the edge of his right eye was sickly yellow. Showing sings of a black eye healing.

A lot of girls gasped, and Mr. Smith's face paled. "M..Mr. Jackson I stand corrected you may wear your hood today…"

"No sir, I think your right I'll leave it down." Jackson said with a sarcastic tone. I sat down and the lesson started, as we were working my pencil ran out of lead. I saw that 'Mr. Jackson' had some. So I turned to him.

"umm… excuse me…" I said out loud. "Excuse me Mr. Jackson…" I taped him on the shoulder. Lightning fast he turned to me. then winced and grabbed his rib. His hand was all wrapped up.

"What do you want!" He said a little hotly.
"sorry! I just wanted to borrow some lead."

"ya here" he turned gingerly to grab it and handed me a whole tube of lead. 'keep it." He said then continued working. I sat down and worked for the rest of the class. The bell rang and Mr. smith as we were all leaving.

"Mr. Jackson can I speak to you?" he asked.

"ya sure." Now I hate not knowing things. And Jackson intrigued me. so I hid just outside the door.

"Mr. Jackson have you reported to the police the men that did this to you?"


"Per…" But Jackson cut him off.

"sir you think I look bad you should have seen the other guy! If you ever have questions about why ask Mr. D!" Jackson walked out and straight past me throwing up his hood as he did. I went through the next couple of classes and raced out side at lunch to our groups spot. As luck would have it Nico was there!

"who is he Nico!" I said as I marched up to him.

"Who's who?" Thalia asked as she and Luke walked up.

"The guy both of you stopped dead to stare at!" I said. Thalia's face slightly paled.

"He's our…" Nico began but Thalia cut him off.


"what they were bound to find out eventually!"

"Fine! But I'm telling them your terrible at stories! So you know how Nico's dad and mine are brothers… well they had a brother. Poseidon, who had a son and abandoned the family and joined the navy… that's our cousin Percy… Percy….J… Percy Jonson? No that's not it…" so Percy was his name. Percy Jackson.

"Jackson I told her."

"Right Jackson. We haven't heard from him or his mother in 5 years. And then three years ago we get a call asking if we'd take him in… well hearing that even Uncle Hades said no my dad not being fond of his other brother said no. He's a bit of a trouble maker from what I hear… his own mother must have gotten tired of it..."

"Thalia that's terrible! He's our cousin! The reason we couldn't take him in was we were struggling at the time remember!"

"Well if he's a trouble maker that might explain it." I said out loud not meaning to.

"explain what?" Luke asked.

"Um…" I said.

"come on Annabeth tell us! Or just me I don't care." Thalia said looking at me expectantly.

"well he's in my English class… and well when I walk in he had his hood up. Mr. Smith tells him to take it off. Percy says to Mr. Smith you'll regret asking me to. But Mr. Smith tells him to anyway. So Percy does. And…" I trailed off remembering his face it looked bad but partly healed.

"and what?" Luke asks.

"well his face was partly healed but you could tell he had been beat up… but that's not all Mr. Smith asks to speak to him after class. I listened outside the door. Mr. Smith asked if Percy had reported to the police about the guys that did this to him. and he said no, but that Mr. Smith should have seen the other guy and talk to Mr. D if he still had questions…"

"Wait guy! As in one! You make it sound like Percy was pretty messed up. How could one guy do that and be worse of then Percy?" Nico asked.

"Who cares are cuz might be a freak but at least hes a bad ass freak!"

"Thalia!" we all said in unison. The rest of lunch we didn't talk about Percy. he was iceing his face and wrists in history. And the rest of the afternoon he was in all my classes in the back, like he wasn't actually there.

At the end of the day I went to the weight room. No one was ever there the first day back after summer break. But there beating the punching bag with gritted teeth, and grunting in pain was Percy Jackson! He jabbed the bag two times and the gave it a high kick the bag swung wildly. Id hit that thing and it was heavy! How'd he do that!

Then I looked at him he was wearing shorts and a sweater, he was clutching the same ribs as he stumbled over to his bag and pulled out some ice. And pressed it to his side. After a couple minuets of icing he gasped the chain of that held the bag in place and he jumped up and squeezed his legs and fell back. so that he was holding himself upside down off the bag and began to do sit ups. After about 50 he had to get down. And he clutched his ribs gingerly. He did a couple more exercise and then he did another rep at the punching bag. I decided my work out was shot so I left.

I arrived home. "Oh Annabeth it's good to see your home." My step mother called in. she was nice but see eye to eye. "Did you have a good day at school?" she asked.

"Um ya it was good." I said as I took my shoes off.

"That's good. Oh someone finally moved in down the hall." She said but I wasn't paying attention.

"Oh that's good. I have to go do home work." I said and I ran up stairs, and worked on my homework and then went on to my balcony. I was thinking hard about today. Some things just didn't add up…why is Percy pushing himself so hard with injuries? Why does everyone think he's a trouble maker… my mind began to wonder to my designs and I moved back to my room to finish them.

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