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Chapter 9

Percy's pov.

"Annabeth! You were supposed to be home hours ago! And you…." he pointed at me.

"Dad leave Percy out of this!"

"Annabeth we'll talk about this later!"


"Annabeth later!"

"Sir it's my fault! Annabeth told me she had to be home sooner and we lost track of time…I'm really sorry sir. So if your going to be mad at any one be mad at me." I said as Annabeth looked at me surprised a bit then smiled. And her dads face dropped a bit from angry to annoyed.

"well that's very mature of you percy…. come on Annabeth."

"coming dad…" she hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Thanks Percy."

"we're working on the project tomorrow right?" I ask smelling.

"of course! Im surprised you reamer that! night sea weed brain." She said smiling and walking into her apartment.

"night wise girl." I say smiling back. and went back to my apartment showered and changed. Then I hoped on my motorbike and drove to Half blood bar, picked up my winnings and drove to the hospital. I gave them the money and talked to the doctor in charge. Tyson would get his treatment, soon. I checked up on him, and left. Once I got home I flopped on the bed and fell asleep looking forward to tomorrow.

Annabeth's pov

As I walked in after my dad, he gestured for me to sit in the lounge with him. I sat down.

"Annabeth… Percy seems like a good guy but he always has mysterious injuries. I don't want you hanging around a bad influence." He said.

"Dad Percy is not a bad influence!" I say. But he cuts me off.

"Then why was he seen leaving Half blood bar at midnight with three am! With fresh injuries!" he said getting angry.

"Because he was…" my dad looked at me waiting to see what excuse I could make up for him. "Because he was fighting to make money so his half brother can get treatment and not die!" I say and cross my arms and watch my dads jaw drop!

"Annabeth… I didn't… I had no idea! I'm sorry I jugged him before I knew the full story." My dad said with a shock and aw written all over her face.

"thanks dad. Well I'm going to go to bed." I hugged him and left to go to bed.

I woke up around 9, and got ready, ate breakfast and walked down the hall to Percy's. Once I was there I knocked on his door, but there was no answer. I knocked a little louder. Still nothing, "Percy If your there open up its 11! For gods sake!" but still there was nothing. Then a thought came to me. what if Percy was having trouble getting up because of last night! So I took a couple steeps back and ran at the door!

Percy's pov.

I woke up to some one pounding on my door. I gowned and made my way there slowly. I hadn't had any coffee so I couldn't really talk. Then I realized it was Annabeth and she said I had better open up, so I unlocked the door and was instantly knocked to the ground. My fighting instincts instantly kicked in, but just as quickly left. As my vision was blocked by a curly blond mass of hair!

"OH! Oh my gods Percy I'm so sorry! I thought you might be in trouble! Oh gods are you all right?" Annabeth asked a little panicked.

"Ya wise girl, don't worry about it… and you can get up whenever you feel like." I said. Trying to hold back a blush as I realized what this might look like if someone walked by and the fact that I was shirtless didn't help.

"oh ya sorry…" she said her cheeks turning a little pink. She sat up and realized this was a worse position. But she was then talked by Mrs. O'Leary.

"Off!" I told Mrs. O'Leary. And Mrs. O'Leary jumped off and bounded off to another area of the apartment. I stood and helped her up. I closed the door and she walked to the couch and pulled out the necessary books and what not. I poured a mug of coffee and pounded it back, and was instantly more awake! I pulled a muffin out and walked over to work on the project.

I looked at Annabeth and she was blushing trying not to look at me.

"um Percy can you put a shirt on… Pleas, you're a bit distracting." She said blushing more.

"oh yeah of course." I say and go and put one on. And come back out.

After about an hour or so with Annabeth's brains we were done our project. "so did your dad lecture you last night?" I asked.

"No…" she said as she stared to blush. Why was she blushing? "he just wanted to talk." She said.

"oh… about me?" I asked looking away.

"ya… he was concerned, but I convinced him not to."

"How?" I asked looking back into her amazing gray stormy eyes.

"I… well I might have told him why you were hurt… but also why you had to…" she looked at me trying to figure out if I was mad.

I laughed. "his face must have been priceless…" I say.

"ya it was…" she said smiling.

"well I'm glad we can still hang out." I say.

"me too, you're a great person Percy…" i blushed a little.

"ya and you're the nicest person I know. You gave me a chance when everyone else wrote me off as trouble." I put my hand on hers. "Thank you Annabeth. For supporting me, and being my friend…"

She blushed and I moved my hand away.

"sorry…" I say blushing too.

"no… it's alright…" she said. I turned to look at her. I'm not sure what it was I was drawn to her… maybe it was her eyes… stormy grey, and looked as if she were thinking about a thousand things at once…

She turned and looked into my eyes. no It was more then her eyes it was a lot more… I hadn't knottiest but our faces were moving closer to each other. and the our lips meet! We kissed for only a few seconds but I just wanted to hold this moment forever. It just felt right… then there was a knock on the door. and we broke apart. Totally stunned, at what we had just done.

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