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Chapter 1

Where am I?

A young girl slowly opened her sea blue eyes as that question flowed through her mind. The large fuzzes in her vision cleared after a few blinks, then she surveyed the area.

It was an alleyway, abnormally clean, that was shrouded in darkness, even as the sun shone brightly in the sky. The alley was empty too, nothing was beside her. Puzzled, she pushed herself up carefully into a sitting position.

What am I doing here? What is this place? How did I get here?

The questions spun through her in a wild hurricane as she leaned up against the wall, only to have an intense pain shoot through her entire body. She cried out as she doubled over, clutching her shoulders and back. She felt a smooth fluffy texture touch her fingertips; surprised, she spun her head around to see wings.

How did I get those?

The pair of extra limbs sprouted out of her back, through her pure white belly top. At this moment, they were folded neatly and pressed against her back, the feathers tickling her bare skin. The feathers themselves were a bright white that still glowed in the darkness of the alley.

Confused and curious, she mentally willed for the wings to spread as if she were to take flight. They followed her command, only to slam into the walls of the alley, causing more sparks of agony to travel up her spine.

She gasped and crumpled back onto the floor, shuddering. The wings folded back into place, quivering at the sudden retreat. She didn't understand anything at that moment. Why was she in an alleyway? How did she get wings?

"Excuse me, are you quite alright?"

She looked up at the sound of the voice, her blonde hair blocking a few areas of her vision. When she saw who stood before her, her breath was caught in her throat.

A young lady stood above her with beautiful pale blue eyes. Her teal coloured hair was tied in the most elaborate way behind her head, but some strands still fell by her cheeks, framing her face. She wore a midnight black gown covered in frills and lace, the sleeves hung under her shoulders, on her biceps. The collar of the dress was just above her breasts, showing a good amount of her pearls smooth skin.

She is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Who is this girl?

"Are you alright?" the girl asked again, concern swimming through her lovely orbs.

The one on the ground snapped out of her trance and shook her head, "I do not know."

The girl's brows furrowed slightly as she went on a different area of questions, "What is your name?"

She paused in thought. What was her name? She didn't know. She knew it was somewhere in her mind, her memory, but she couldn't place it on her tongue and say it. Had she forgotten her identity? No, she couldn't have. Pursing her lips, she said the first name that came into her mind, "Rin, ma'am."

The teal haired maiden nodded in affirmative and replied, "I am Miku." Her lips curled into a friendly smile that illuminated the dark alley, dazzling the other. She held out her hand and said, "Come; you can stay with me. The streets are much too cold to sleep on and the sun is about to set."

She was shocked; this beautiful lady had just appeared before her and offered her a place to stay. She didn't even know who she was, why she had wings or how she got here, yet this person outstretched hand welcomed her. She felt her heart flutter at the thought of it.

This outstretched hand is offered for me to take.

Still slightly surprised, she slowly reached out to touch the gloved hand on to twitch and hesitate. Why was she hesitating? Because something in the depths of her mind was telling her that this was a sin; this was a very back idea. Her mind told her that taking this hand will bring misfortune and grief to her. But her heart, the one that was beating wildly in her chest, told her that this was the correct decision. The way it skipped when she thought of taking this woman's hand told her that she should do it.

A cloud of doubt covered her mind, her thinking and her instincts.

Is this alright?

She didn't spare her uneasiness another second as she continued her snail paced approach to that outstretched hand. When their fingers touched, she could feel. She could feel her mind scream in unintelligible rage and despair, as well as her heart jumping and dancing in utter joy and excitement.

Miku's smile broadened as she hoisted the girl off the ground, helping her regain her balance. When they were both standing, she motioned for the blonde girl to follow and walked off.

Rin nodded in response to the notion and walked closely behind the teal haired beauty, completely oblivious about what she was walking into.

But not caring in the slightest.


As the days went by, Rin learned many things about Miku and the place she had woken up in.

She was in a town bustling with people, and the place she woke up was an alleyway near the town square. Miku had been walking to the church when she peeked into the alley to find her.

The teal haired maiden lived in a cottage within the residential area of town. It had a wonderful flower bed in the front as well as a vegetable garden in the back. The next house wasn't directly beside hers, but it was close enough to be called a neighbor.

Also, Miku lived with a man she called her soon-to-be husband; in other words, her fiancé.

Rin was angered and saddened by that fact, and she hadn't the slightest idea why. During the day, the beautiful maiden would converse with her and treat her as if they had known each other for years. It made her stomach flutter and her spirit to soar. But as soon as that man came home, her attention turned to him.

The teal haired girl would run up to him and plant a light kiss on his lips before pulling him into a loving embrace. Seeing this made the blonde girl's blood boil and heart sink to the bottom of her stomach. Whenever she saw their displays of constant affection, her chest would tighten so much, it would cause a numb pain that lasted until he left for work.

This feeling was small when she first saw the girl, but now, the feeling was unbearable.

What is this strange ache in my chest? It is as if I have wanted her for an eternity, which is ridiculous. I have only known her for a few days.

She sighed as she took a bite out of her bread, chewing it softly. What was this feeling? It was strange how it came on so quickly, but it is such a stubborn feeling. She had told her heart many times to stop with these strange urges but it never subsided. Why didn't it leave her in peace?

"Rin," Miku said as she turned off the tap of the sink, "why do you have wings? Are you an angel?"

Her hand stopped midway, her mouth hanging open at the sudden question. She closed it and placed the piece of bread back on her plate, thinking. "I do not know why I have wings. Angels have halos, do they not? I, on the other hand, do not have a halo," she responded quietly.

This caused the maiden to furrow her brows as she wiped her hands on a cloth. She threw the cloth in a basket as she suggested, "Perhaps you are a fallen angel."

At that moment, many images flashed into her mind. Her own self, with a golden halo hovering over her head, how that halo was snatched away from her, causing her to fall. She saw herself falling through the clouds before outstretching her wings; soaring for a bit before she passed out. After that, she watched herself fall once more, landing on her folded wings on the cold, unyielding ground.

She yelped and clutched her head as the images zipped by her, right before her eyes. Squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to make the flashes go away. Even so, the clips still played before her under her eyelids, making her remember…

She let out a yell of agony before falling of the chair and crumpling onto the floor. She writhed as her memories played in front of her like a silent movie. After a few moments, she lay still, panting from mental exhaustion.

"Rin!" Miku shrieked. "Are you alright?"

Unable to speak, all she could manage was to nod.

"Was it something I said? I am so sorry for causing you so much pain!"

What is she talking about? She caused me no pain; my memory is what caused me pain.

"I am fine, Miku," Rin managed to utter as she pushed herself off the ground, almost falling back over a few times. "I will be retiring to my room now, just let me rest."

Worry and unease swirled within her pale blue orbs but she nodded and returned to preparing supper for her fiancé.

The blonde girl stumbled through the halls and into the guest room. When her thighs hit edges of the mattress, she fell into it face first, accepting its soft embrace.

She lay there for a few moments, breathing into the warm blanket. But soon after, she began to weep.

An angel that had fallen from the sky, she was a fallen angel. Her halo was taken from her because she had sinned and was expected to atone for them in order to get it back and to return to the heavens. But now she had no hope of ever going back.

She fell in love with a human.

That was the ultimate sin, and she had committed it.

What was she to do?


"My darling, Miku," the man pointed at the dark flowing dress that lay just beyond the glass. With one arm wrapped around her waist, he stated, "I want you to wear that gorgeous gown on our wedding day."

"But it is black, and that is improper!" she protested.

Rin watched them argue playfully only a few paces behind. Although they insisted on her coming with them, they still forgot of her existence hovering behind them. As she watched, she felt the pain in her chest grow.

If I wasn't an angel, I would be able to love her freely.

She held onto that bitter thought and scowled inwardly. How had things become this way? Her chest tightened even more as she saw her smile, how she wished she made that smile dance on the maiden's lips.

I want to be with her.

"My dear Miku, I do not care about those trivial matters, I wish for you to wear that black wedding gown on our faithful day," he poetically replied. "I will go purchase it, you stay here my love." With that, the man rushed into the store.

Miku sighed at her fiancé's silly acts and continued to stare at the dress. The smile no longer rested on her lips and was replaced with a thin line. Her eyes were expressionless as she stared.

The fallen angel watched the maiden stare into space, wondering what made her wear such a somber mask. It saddened her to see that expression on her love's face, it made her look darker, gloomier. She preferred how the maiden always glowed with a cheerfulness that warmed her heart.

I would do anything for you; I would even cut off these wings and sell my soul to the devil. If those were the sacrifices to be made, so be it.

Rin furrowed her brows as she saw that the teal haired beauty's expression was unmoving, unchanging. She wondered what was the matter, what was on her mind? Why was she so unhappy all of a sudden? It confused her, and it made her own heart sink just a little.

Why isn't she smiling?

Her sea blue eyes shifted its attention towards the girl's lips. They were full and a light pink.

They look soft…

"Miku," she called without thinking.

At the sound of her name, she spun around and replied, "Yes, Rin? I have not forgotten you were there."

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. Working her jaw, the words refused to form on her tongue, so she shut her mouth again. After a moment, she just smiled in return and said, "Never mind, I forgot what I was about to ask of you, my apologies."

Please smile.

"I see." the teal haired girl mumbled, and then she stated a little louder, "Do not hesitate to ask if you would like to buy something." She turned back to stare at the dress and sighed solemnly.

Suddenly, without her mind's consent, she grabbed Miku's arm and pulled her back. Whatever the teal haired maiden was about to say was cut off when the fallen angel's other hand lightly shoved her cheek, pushing their lips together.

Rin felt like the weight had left her and she could fly again. Even if their lips only connected for a few moments, she savored the feeling. It made her heart leap right out of her chest and caused her head to spin uncontrollably. She loved how their lips moulded together perfectly, as if they were meant for each other. She felt ecstatic.

But before she could deepen the kiss, black gloved hands shoved roughly at her stomach, causing her to stumble back a few steps. She looked to see Miku's hands had covered her mouth and her face was flushed a deep red. Her beautiful pale blue eyes were wide with mere shock and horror.

"Rin, you cannot do that!" she squealed frantically. "You are an angel, I am a mere human. This will never work…" she trailed off, unable to say anymore.

She saw the horror in the girl's eyes and understood: this was never meant to be. Her heart sunk to the pits of her stomach and hung heavy there, as if to never return. There was no need for a lie, she knew that she had scared the maiden and her feelings were not returned.

The blonde girl forced a sorrowful smile and whispered, "I understand, I am sorry I startled you."

The teal haired lady's gaze turned to the floor as she mumbled, "No, I meant…"

Rin did not stay to hear the rest. As quickly as she could, she spun on her heels and shuffled away through the crowd of people only to hide behind the nearest wall in an alley. She could hear her name being called in that wonderful voice but she dared not to answer. Clutching her chest tightly, she looked down at the ground and began to cry. She wept at her very being, at the obvious rejection shown in her love's eyes, at the sins she had committed.

What am I to do now?

May God have mercy on her soul…


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