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Chapter 6

His feet made quick work around the flower beds as he caught a glimpse of Miku's teal hair. Panting heavily, he stopped in the center of the garden and stared in shock and disbelief, unable to move.

At his feet was his beloved with a shot wound in the middle of her chest, the blood spilling over the cobblestone, puddle growing slowly. Her breath had been reduced to a matter of short gasps of pain and her eyes were barely open. She coughed violently as a red fluid escaped her lips and splattered on the ground. Shuddering in the heat of the sun, her pastel green nightgown stained crimson.

Len felt his whole body go cold as he dropped to his knees beside his fallen lover. "Miku," he whimpered as he watched her take her last breath. Her eyes finally closed and her body went limp, no longer moving. He watched as the colour receded from her face, leaving her a ghostly white.

Tears slipped unwillingly out of his eyes as more feelings filled his chest and caused him to explode. He screamed, in grief, in anger, in desperation, in emptiness. The more he screamed, the more he cried.

What is this? How did this happen? How could this happen now? No, no, NO! Who would shoot her? How did the attacker enter the garden so quickly and silently?

None of that matters, now that she is dead.

It's all my fault.

He choked on his breath as he bent over and held his dear in his hands. As he stared at her peaceful expression, more tears escaped his eyes. Gripping her shoulders tightly, he sobbed, no matter how pitiful it was to see a man cry.

"My my, I believe I gave you a warning, did I not?"

His head immediately shot up at the sound of the voice, frantically looking around for the owner of the voice. "Diabolos…" he murmured.

"How pathetic you look right at this moment. It is just a death, it should not mean anything."

"You do not understand at all!" Len howled in rage at the words of the devil. "She was the one I loved the most! I would do anything for her and now… and now…" he croaked as another wave of sobs wracked through his being.

"You would do anything for her, you say?" his voice had a sinister tone to it that sent shivers up the blonde's spine. "Why not die for her?"

He widened his deep blue eyes in disbelief, "What good would that do? Suicide solves nothing—"

"Not die WITH her, die FOR her," Diabolos interrupted in slight annoyance as he explained. "In case my foresight was correct, I left you a pinch of your angelic powers, enough for you to transfer your life energy. You may transfer the rest of your human life energy into her in order for her to live, but in exchange," he paused mid-sentence as if to add dramatic effect before continuing, "you must give your life."

"So if she lives, I die? And if I live, she dies?" he chuckled darkly without mirth. Shaking his head, he muttered breathily, "What has this come to?"

"It is your call, no mine."

He let his eyes fall shut, forcing the remainder of tears to spill as he bit his lip. "Miku, my love, I'm going to have to break our promise…" he whispered in her unhearing ear as he looked back up and stared at the space in front of him. With new found determination, he demanded, "tell me how."

There was a snicker before Diabolos answered, "As long as you have any physical contact with her, you can transfer your life energy, all you need to do is focus on doing it. You should speak your last words to her as you do this, for it is a pretty quick procedure." As he spoke, his voice slowly faded into the background, "Well, my friend, I will see you in my realm." The smile dripped off his voice before it completely disappeared.

Len listened in the dead silence of the garden in case the devil had any more to say, when nothing came, he stared down at his love. Her body was cold in his arms and her face white with a stain of red near her mouth. The blood had already stopped flowing now and it stained the sleeves of his shirt as well as his hands, but he didn't care.

I still had some of my angelic powers?

Is that why my hair and eye colour stayed the same?

He shook that thought away as he continued to stare at the dead body in his arms. Just as so catching a glimpse of her limp body made more tears appear in his eyes, overflowing once more. He sniffled and cleared his throat as he spoke, concentrating on transferring his life to his princess.

"My dear, lying cold," he could feel a bit of his energy leaving his body as he struggled to hold up the girl, but he still continued to speak, his voice strong. "I will spend all of my life for you, as I swore on that day."

In his arms, he felt the body warming a little as her heart started to pump again. She began to breath in shallow breaths as if she were about to die, struggling to look up at the boy who held her. "Len…" she gasped with much trouble.

Although he heard her, he did not answer to her as he continued to speak, "My sin against God…" he gently stroked her cheek, a loving gesture, his life energy slowly leaving him. Staring into her eyes, he could tell that she still could not see him, they looked cloudy and lost. It made him choke on his words but still, he continued in a strong voice, "All of my acts of treachery should be paid by my death."

He moved his hand to the back of his head to undo the ponytail that sat there. As the golden locks fell around his face, he concentrated a little harder to give her back the life she should still have. Slowly, but surely, he could feel his anatomy changing back to its original state even though his voice stayed the same.

"So I will die for you," his chest grew until it had the breasts that it had before he became human and his curves returned. He… no, she could feel the changes in her facial structure as well, knowing that her eyes became round and her lashes long once again.

She could feel the black wings starting to force its way out of her back now as she said, "I believe that is my fate."

Miku was now pumping with warmth and the wound in her chest was no longer present, even though blood still stained the cobblestone and her gown. She could now see the person who was in front of her and her eyes widened until they were the size of dinner plates. "No…" she whispered in desperation.

Rin sent one last sorrowful smile to her love, tears staining her cheeks as she choked out her last three words, "I love you."

When she uttered those last words, huge black wings sprouted from the blonde's back and surround her small figure. She could hear the screaming of the teal haired girl but they could no longer reach one another. Curled up in a ball of black feathers, she fell through the floor and disappeared, falling into the depths of the shadows.

And even as she fell, she smiled without regret, her last thoughts being:

I am glad I got to spend time with you, my love. Please live on without me, I do hope, with all my heart, that we can, someday, meet again.


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