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Chapter 2:

"It's already eight. That's fast."

I lay in my bed and stared at the ceiling. 'The old times.' I thought. I re-pictured my memories months ago…

I remember when I came back here in Sooga to study. I was standing in front of Sooga High when I notice a fair young beautiful girl waiting outside the building.

I quickly approached her, when a boy wearing black and white jet suit, black baggy pants and wearing a pair of black shoes greeted me-

"Hello there! So, you're the new student? Hmm… You look nice. What's with the pigtails, dude?"

"Um… they're for good luck."

"Pfft! Good luck?"

"Um… yeah."

"So, do you want to be my friend?"

"Sure." =D

After we had a conversation, he left and leaves me alone. I look around to look for that beautiful girl. But she is gone. I guess she already went inside.

"Oh well."

I entered the building to go to the classroom. I was walking at the hallway. It's quiet.

"Now let's see, section A-2 second floor."

'Oh, there it is.' I thought. I saw our homeroom adviser was about to open the door when I catch up.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Ma'am."

"I see you're the new student. What's your name?"

"My name is Garu, Ma'am."

"Please, call me Mrs. Demi."

"Yes, Mrs. Demi."

"I will help you to introduce yourself to the class."

"Thank you, Mrs. Demi."

"Class, you will have a new classmate. Come here, lad. Introduce yourself."

And that's where it all started. How we've met. How this story began. I'm just saying.

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