Autobot Base, Jack's POV

When I woke up, I found myself staring at the ceiling. I began to panic, and quickly sat up.

Wait, where were the chains? Where was Knockout with the scalpel and smug smirk on his face?

I then remembered what had happend, and smiled incredulously.

I was home.

My visor, which had apeared in my panic, vanished. I then stood and looked at my surroundings. I was in Ratchet's medbay, and I was clean and in new clothing. My mom must have been waiting for my return. Though I had no shirt, most likely Ratchet had asked for it to be that way so that he could examine my little 'upgrade'.

I noticed a metal, Autobot sized side table. Probably placed there so that Miko, Raf and my mom could be close by when I arrived, though at the moment it was clear of any and all things.

I leapt easily from the large berth to the table, landing with a small tap. I then walked to the middle and stared up at the medical monitor as I began to stretch my arms, loosening my stiff, aching muscles.

3rd POV

When Optimus entered the medbay, he'd not expected to see Jack awake, especially after everything he'd gone through.

But there before him, the raven haired teen stood with his back to the Prime. Stretching his stiff muscles and still oblivious to Optimus' presence. The Prime stood there, silent for a few moments, watching Jack as he continued to carefully loosen his muscles. Now and then, there would be a flash of white metal, or a flinch of pain, and Optimus would feel guilt grip his spark. A few more minutes, and then Optimus moved to stand next to the table.

The sound of his footsteps startled Jack, and the teen turned, eyes lit with happiness that Optimus knew was fake.

He was surprised at how quickly Jack could put up an act, but then again, Optimus had seen the raven haired teen do so many times before to not worry anyone.

"Oh, Optimus! Did you need something?" Jack asked as he smiled at the Prime.

"No, I simply came to see how you were. I did not expect you to be awake, Ratchet informed me that you had lost a significant amount of blood." Optimus replied.

Jack laughed lightly.

"No, I'm fine, really. A little energon and I'll be back up and about."

"Yes, Ratchet informed me that you would need to consume small amounts of energon frequently."

Both of them were quiet for a moment, but the silence was comfortable. Then Optimus spoke.

"You do not need to pretend around me, Jack. You may be able to fool others, but I am not so easily fooled."

Jack looked up at the Prime, eyes wide with shock, but then the teen gave a small, half hearted laugh.

"Should've known I couldn't trick a Prime." He mumbled before looking back up at Optimus.

"I'm telling the truth when I say I'm fine, but I'm not exactly thrilled with the 'updates' I was given. You don't have to worry, Optimus. I'm just glad to be back home, with my family."

Optimus again felt his spark freeze at the word 'family', and how proud Jack seemed when talking about his 'family'. Jack noticed Optimus' strange look, and read it easily. The raven haired human laughed full throatedly.

"What's wrong? After everything, I'm pretty sure that our little group is as close as any family can get. So why not say so?" Jack said as Optimus looked at him, mildly surprised.

"It is that I just never thought any human would consider us as a family." Optimus replied blantly, earning another bout of laughter from Jack.

"Really? Because I think I'm not the only one that thinks of you and the others as family. Miko, Raf, even my mom! We all know that this is a family, we're all proud to be part of it. I mean look at us all!"

Jack crossed his arms as he smiled gently at the Prime.

"Miko, Raf, Bulk, 'Bee and Arcee, they're all like brothers and sisters to me, and Ratchet's like the grumpy uncle, and please don't tell him I said that."

Optimus allowed a chuckled to escape his lips at the boy's thoughts of Ratchet.

"And I?" He asked. Jack slightly redend in embarassment, and he hesitated, turning slightly and scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Well...To me...You're like the father I never really had." Jack said quietly.

Optimus' brows raised in shock and he stared at Jack for a moment. The human considered him as a father? Optimus knew that did him great honor, the boy had always been special to Optimus, showing that he could keep a level head.

" honored by your words, Jack." Optimus finally said.

Jack looked up at him in surprise, then beamed in joy. Optimus returned the smile with a gentle one of his own, then offer a hand for Jack to climb onto. Jack grinned, jumping up on the the warm metal palm.

Optimus then turned, leaving the medbay and entering the main room of the silo, where everyone was milling about. When they saw Jack, they all had different reactions, but all were joyous.

Bulk laughed in relief while Miko whooped in happiness. Raf cheered, and 'Bee chirped quickly. Ratchet gave a sigh, but smiled slightly, while June was crying with joy and relief. Arcee was smiling almost incredulously as she moved quickly over to Optimus and Jack.

The raven haired teen grinned at everyone, laughing when Arcee and his mom scolded him and made him promise to never do anything so dangerous again. Jack looked up at Optimus, smiling at the Prime.

"I'm glad to be home."

Hey guys! Hope you liked this, I might make a sequel later. I forgot to put in the summary that this is a short story, but don't worry, I might put up a new story soon (Since I'm taking down 'Changes' for editing) anywho, thanks for reading and reviewing! Have an energon cookie!