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Chapter 1: Forever

I approached Jake carefully, as he'd yet to calm down. His breathing was rough, and I began to wish I'd never jumped from the cliff. It was stupid of me. I'd wanted Edward, only to realize he wasn't what I wanted. I'd flung myself from the peak of a cliff, only to realize I no longer pined for the mysterious pale boy.

I rested a hand on Jacob's shoulder-gently. "Jake, I-I'm sorry."

"I am too. Tell me Bella, why did you do it? At least tell me that." He was dazed, his eyes slightly unfocused as he spoke.

"Because I'm insane and should be committed." I was only half joking.

"Bella, this isn't funny. I'm serious."

I drew in a shuddering breath, wishing once more I'd never thought to jump. "You want to know the truth? I really might be insane. I keep seeing him everywhere. Every time I do something...reckless. It's like he's here, watching over me." There, I'd said it.

His gaze snapped to mine, confused. "So the motorcycles were just-"

"A way for me to see him. I'm sorry Jacob. So, so sorry. You really have no idea how sorry I am. If I could-"

He was on his feet. "Save it Bella. This whole time, it's all been because of him. The leech. I should have known better." He turned to leave, though I don't believe he realized we were in his house.

"No Jake, that's not it. That's just why I jumped. I've been here because I like you. I want to be around you. I-I love you."

He turned, his hand on the doorknob. "You love me?"

I nodded.

He chuckled darkly. "Yeah, like a brother. I know." He turned to leave once more.

"No Jake. I'm in love with you. I should have realized it sooner but I didn't. I'm sorry, okay? I-I want to be with you."

"Oh, Bells." He no longer wore the cruel mask he'd bore moments ago. In a sweeping bound he'd reached me, pulling me into his arms. I'd have found the moment romantic were I able to breathe.

"Umm, Jake. I know this is kind of ruining the moment, but I can't breathe." I was gasping for air now, sure I resembled a dying fish.

"Oh, sorry." He released me, his russet face a bright red. "I love you." He sighed, a smile lighting his face. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to say that."

It was at that moment that my phone chose to ring. I blushed deeply, slipping it from my pocket. "Hello?" I was surprised the small machine still worked, having taken a dip in the river.

"Bella, I'm so glad you answered."

"Dad? What's wrong?"

"It's Harry, he's had a heart attack. I'm on my way to the hospital now."

"Oh Dad, I'm so sorry." It seemed as though all I was doing today was apologizing. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Just-just go home for now, okay?"

"Sure Dad, I'll leave now."

"Thanks Bella. Be safe."

"Of course." I hung up and turned to Jake. "I have to go home." I admitted, blushing once more.

"I'll take you." He slipped the keys from my hand before helping me up. "I want to make sure you're safe."

The drive home was silent, though it was a comfortable silence. It was not until the engine ceased that I spoke. "Jacob I-" However, I was unable to finish as his mouth was on mine. The kiss was sweet at first. Soft. Tender. I loved every second of it, though it reminded me of Edward. It was as though Jake didn't want to break me. Like he was being careful. Furious at his caution I wound my arms about his neck, pulling him to me. In an instant my seat belt was off and I was on top of him. He pulled on my bottom lip with his teeth, drawing me closer. We broke apart, our breathing both fast and heavy. There was a wide smile on his face, and I was beginning to giggle.

"Wow," he breathed, "and to think, we could have been doing that the whole time."

"Who would've thought?" I whispered, my voice dry. "I have to go now though."

"Already?" He was pouting.

"Sadly, I do. I don't know when Charlie's going to be home. Besides, you should be with Seth."

"Sure, sure."

As though to back me up a wolf howled in the distance. "Your brethren call." I rolled back into my own seat, maneuvering my way from the truck. I was likely to kill myself. Sure enough, I exited my vehicle with a well predicted face plant.

"Do you think you can make it to the door without falling again?" Jake chuckled, helping me to my feet. A quick kiss and he was gone, off into the night.

Sighing to myself I worked my way to the door. Retrieving the key from beneath the eve I unlocked the door. A large white thing fluttered down through the dark, heading towards me. I flung myself to the ground, believing it to be a moth of grand proportions. Blushing in the dark, I realized it to be a note of some sort. It must have been lodged in the door jamb. I entered the house, clicking on lights as I went. I began Charlie's dinner, then left it to simmer. I sat down at the table, pulling the note from my pocket. I read:


I love you. I love the way your eyes shine when you laugh. The way your face lights up red when you're embarrassed. I even love the way you crinkle up your little nose when thinking. You're beautiful. I wish we could be together, though you love another. You may be with him now, but it is I you will soon love beyond compare. We'll make brilliant love beneath the stars, our passion burning as one. I love you Bella. Forever.