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Chapter 13: Tables Have Turned

Never once did my knight in shining army burst through the door on his white horse. I'd been here, locked in this room, for weeks now. Nothing. I should have expected as much, what with Embry's last words to me. I believed him. He didn't love me anymore.

Despite everything, I loved him.

I knew now that I cared for Embry more than I'd realized. I'd been blinded by Zayn's infantile indenting, but no more. Embry needed to know this. Somehow, some way, I would tell him. If for anything, that's why I would escape.

"Look at him. He loves you, why don't you look at him?" The beast that was Zayn tugged at my fingers, begging me to look him in the yes. "Please look at him."

I sneered at his pleading tone. "You're vile!" I spat, tearing my hand from his. I didn't want that thing to touch me.

"DON'T YELL AT HIM!" Zayn shrieked, kicking a leg from the chair.

What happened next was too real for words. It didn't happen how someone would expect, that's for sure. There was no slow motion or tweeting birds circling my head. The chair tipped and fell, taking me along with it. The phrase out like a light made sense now.

When I woke back up Zayn was gone. In fact, I was all alone in the room. Now was my chance! The chair I'd been tied to lay in shambles-that was out of the way. Now if only I could find a way out. Lightheaded, I hobbled to the door. It wouldn't budge, not that I'd expected it to. Zayn had probably barricaded it from the other side.

With slow deliberate sweeps I scanned the room, thinking that maybe I'd come across a window or door I'd missed in my haste. Nothing. I was trapped. Perhaps I could actually break the door down. It was worth a try, if anything. A shattered chair leg clutched tightly in my fist, I charged the door over and over again until I had no more energy.

There were only a few scratches on the door.

Hot tears prickled in the corners of my eyes, fighting for release. With a shuddering sigh I granted them permission. I'm not proud to admit it, but I balled like a baby. I just wanted Embry and I was probably the last person on his mind at the moment. The tables had been turned, so now I was the one encompassed in the less favorable of feelings.

It was after I regained some minutiae of my strength and was contemplating charging the door again that it swung open. Without thinking I shot into the corner, flinching away from whoever was entering the room. Why? Because I knew it was that creature.

Maybe I could surprise him-rush him when he least suspects it and save myself. Obviously, no one else was on their way to save such a distressed damsel. I'd leave and never look back, maybe even go to Florida with Renee. Ha, I knew better than to kid myself. I wouldn't be able to leave, because Forks was just a town over from La Push. I wouldn't-no, couldn't leave Embry. I'd rather stay here with Zayn than leave him, and that was saying a lot.

"Bella? Bella, are you okay?"

I peeked through the space between my bent knees, spying the one person I had both expected to come, but not expected at all. There he stood, looking just as he did every other day. Not a hair was out of place. Anyone else wouldn't have suspected a think. To anyone else he would have appeared as a savior, maybe even a god of sorts.

I knew better.

"Get away! Get away from me! Don't touch me, don't ever touch me!"

He was shocked, which made about as much sense to me as everything else in my screwy, mixed-up life. Why should he be surprised when he was the one who'd put me here. You can't lock a princess in a tower and then expect to be the one to kiss her awake. It didn't work that way! Not that I was referring to myself as a princess, more of a frog intended for a biology lab. Bring on the formaldehyde!

"Bella, calm down. I'm here to help you. I want to help you." Zayn approached slowly with his palms facing forward-almost like he were attempting to tame a wild animal. Damn right, this little frog had horns.

"Help me?" I screeched. "If you wanted to help me you wouldn't have locked me in here!" Any and all thoughts of an escape plan had flown out the nonexistent window.

"What are you talking about? I didn't put you in here. Why would you think that?"

"I don't think anything. I know you did, you told me." I chuckled darkly. "Or do you not remember anything when you're a giant monster."

The transformation was astounding. He didn't turn into some sort of half-human thing this time, but rather he looked as if he were going to be sick. Perspiration was visible on his paling face, which was slowly turning a faint green sort of hue.

"Hello?" I huffed, hiding my fear with sarcasm. It wasn't working too well. "If you hadn't noticed, I can't read minds. Feel free to share with the rest of us."

"I don't do that anymore." I nearly jumped from my skin at his yell.

"You don't share anymore?"

"I don't change anymore. Not like that." Suddenly, I was pressed against the wall. Let me tell you, it wasn't in that heart exploding, hormone raging way that teenage girls dream of. Nope, Zayn's anger resulted in a painful grip and flying spittle. "Who told you? Was it Embry?"

I longed to wipe his saliva from my face, but my tears were doing that on their own. "I don't know what you're talking about. Embry doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. Please, don't hurt me."

"Hurt you?" His voice started to change, morphing into a more guttural, sadistic tone. It was the voice of a killer, and a monstrous one at that. "He doesn't want to hurt you. He loves you. But, you're really starting to piss him off."

He shook and writhed, tearing at his own skin. Some of it came off in his hands, while other bits fell to the ground on their own. His skin was melting off. The stench of rotting eggs was sickening, as was the growing russet colored pool of melting skin. My tears were coming harder than ever. I just wanted out of here, to go home. Most of all, I wanted Embry.


I must have already fainted at the point. That voice sounded so much like Embry it was stunning, but anyone in their right mind knew better than to actually think it was him. He wouldn't come to my aid, he'd made his distaste for me painfully clear. I knew I fainted and I knew Embry wasn't truly there, but what else could sound so much like the snarl of a wolf?

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