Title: Ghost From My Past
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairings: Swan Queen
Rating: T
Spoilers: No.
Summary: Pulling her gun from its case, Emma ran up the walk way, only slowing when she reached the doorframe. The yelling from inside was louder and she could make out Regina's voice among the two screaming people.
Author's Note: Prompt from Tumblr: Please please please continue the Cora and Betty Swan Queen fic! 3 & Please continue the story with Cora and Betty, I really want to know what happens next :)
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but goddamn I want to.


The door swung open. Betty stiffened and Regina instinctively put herself in front of her twin. Cora was at the door, a grin spread across her features. She held her arms out wide, "My darlings!" When neither moved, the grin darkened. "I haven't seen you in close to twenty years and I get no hello, no how are you?" She dropped her arms gracefully and walked into the house, unperturbed by Emma's growl when her hand touched Henry's that were still wrapped around Regina's waist.

"What is your business here, Mother?" Regina asked. Emma felt something akin to pride bloom in her chest at the strong words and how high Regina held herself. Cora swept past the four and into the nearby den. She placed herself on the couch and eyed the Mayor with expectant eyes. Emma caught the way Betty's grip on Regina's arm was turning white at the almost-non-gesture.

Brown eyes shook in an age old fear that threatened to overtake her. She felt the urge to move forward and pour her Mother a drink as she was taught from a young age. The only thing stopping her was her sister and her son's hold on her. She wouldn't betray them by falling into old habits. Emma saw her internal struggle and glared at the older woman watching them.

Emma didn't know how she felt exactly about Regina, but she knew she cared for her and she knew that whatever Cora was doing right now was setting a trigger off in Regina and Betty's heads and it pissed the blonde off.

"Aren't you going to offer me a drink?" Cora asked in a sickly, clearly fake, sweet voice that paled the twins. The two pressed into each other, mindful of Henry who was still sandwiched in between them. "Regina, haven't I taught you manners? When there is a guest in your home, you offer them a beverage."

"I think the one with no manners is you lady." Emma said, stepping next to Regina with a cutting glare on her face. It wasn't anything close to what Regina Mills could produce on her good days, but the woman was frozen, fighting her natural instincts and the instincts that were beat into her, and Emma was more than willing to step up and help out.

Cora threw a dangerous look to the Sheriff and Emma had to catch herself before she stumbled. "I don't believe I was talking to you little girl. You had better watch your mouth, you are out of line."

"No, Mother, I believe you are." Regina finally spoke, trying to push Emma back, but the blonde would have none of it. She grabbed the hand that was trying to cover her and held it so Regina could feel another lifeline. Cora looked surprised at Regina's words. Betty loosened her hold and lifted her head from where it was buried in her sister's shoulder.

"What are you doing here Mother?" Betty repeated Regina's question.

Cora smiled patronizingly at the younger of her two daughters. "Beatrice, my dear baby, won't you come give your Mother a hug. You weren't around for our last reunion."

Regina scowled as she felt her sister's body tremble. Hugs were not something their Mother doled out on a whim and if she were to give you one, something always happened, something bad. "Leave her alone." The brunette demanded.

"You can't protect Beatrice forever, my dear." Cora shifted on the couch, flipping a leg over a knee and stretching her arms over the back of the sofa in a possessive way. "Now that drink-"

"You are not welcome here, Mother. State your business and leave." The icy tone in Regina's voice made Emma smirk. It wasn't that long ago that something similar was directed toward her, for completely different reasons. Cora narrowed her eyes at Regina then moved her gaze to Emma and Regina's intertwine hands.

"This is rich," She sneered, pulling her weight from the couch. Once on her feet, she moved closer to the three women and little boy. Betty flinched at the venom in Cora's words and Henry's finger tips dug into Regina's flesh. "I knew you were an abomination from the beginning, but I thought you had been fixed through our sessions."

Emma frowned as the body next to her went completely ridged. A darkness lowered itself on Regina's features and Betty sucked in a sharp breath. The room seemed to drop twenty degrees as Cora entered Regina's personal space and the Mayor made no movement.

"I thought you could be fixed." Cora stood toe-to-toe with Regina and took delight in the pain that swam in her daughter's dark depths. The pain wasn't fresh, but it still stung the same.

"I wasn't broken in the first place." Regina told her, her voice low, dangerous and warning.

Cora let out a hurtful chuckle. "Not broken? Regina, look at your life." She gestured to the room in which they stood. "Thirty four, no husband, no family. You're only a dirty dyke with a bastard child."

How Regina managed to untangle herself from not only her, but Betty and Henry as well, was beyond Emma. The brunette crashed her body into Cora's, trapping her against a wall with her hand around the older woman's throat. Her right hand was squeezing painfully tight and Cora watched her in horror. "My son is not a bastard!" Regina pulled her forward and slammed her against the wall with more force than necessary.

"Regina-" Emma tried to pull her secret lover off the rightly frightened woman.

"There is a reason Betty and I ran away from you as soon as possible. There is a reason why Dad left as soon as we did. There is a reason why you never met my son. We wanted you to die alone!" She shouted, forcing all her weight into hurting Cora, barely minding Emma's grappling hands. "We wanted you to be put in a home where no one cared and no loved you. We wanted your funeral to be barren and for you to be alone after what you had done to us!"

Cora clawed at Regina's hands to loosen them. "P-p-ple-ease."

Regina laughed coldly in her face. "Begging is a weakness, Mother. You taught me that. Remember when you held us underwater and when we begged you to stop, you told us something, do you remember, Mother?" When Cora made no motion to answer, Regina slammed her into the wall again. "Do you remember what you said?"


"Mom! Stop!" Henry yelled and hit his Mom's back to bring back the Mom who he loved and who loved him. Not this dark woman who was hurt time and time again who was more than willing to kill the woman who smacked her around like a ragdoll. "Mommie, please!"

"Regina!" Betty ripped her sister away from their bluing Mother. She wrapped her arms around Regina's chest and forced her away from Cora. The wild look in her twin's eye worried Betty, but she understood that she was the only thing in the way between Henry having a family and Cora being murdered. "Calm down!"

"You will leave my town, Mother! You will leave and never return." She screamed at the woman was scrambled to get up and made her way to the door. "If you do, if I ever see your face again, I'll kill you! I will kill you!"

End (Seriously)