Getting Jack

Chapter 1: The Best Warriors Around

The evil sinister Aku has summoned eleven top warriors to his call with a certain Chris McLean under Aku's total control bringing on the warriors.

"So what's up on the agenda today Big A?" asked Chris to Aku who was Aku's main ally to get Samurai Jack.

"I have summoned you for the sole reason of getting rid of Samurai Jack, eleven warriors will assist you in helping you get rid of the pesky samurai in your own brand and special way" laughed Aku, "because I know this from heart."

A cyber version of Chef Hatchet was indeed helping Chris greet the warriors whom were going to come toward what seemed like a tournament of some sort in a stadium. Samurai Jack himself noticed a flyer as he was drinking some tea at a tavern noticing the prize might be not just 15 million dollars, but also a possible choice for the samurai to get home.

"I do not know if you intend to go to a reality show like that" said the bartender to Jack.

"But it says one of the prizes is a time machine, I could find my way home" said Jack.

"It also says that the notorious Chris McLean is hosting it, you sure about it?" asked the bartender.

"I must get it" said Jack.

Jack made his trek toward the coliseum where Chris was holding the tournament, the samurai didn't know that it was really a trap for the samurai and also an opportunity for eleven warriors to be able to get the 15 million dollar bounty on the samurai's head. The 15 million dollar bounty on Jack had sparked interest in some of the world's most deadliest bounty hunters, toward the average street punk who wanted a shot at the big time. Among the first two were Scott and Duncan whom were trying to squeeze their way to the door.

"Hey, I was here first!" cried Scott as he pushed Duncan aside.

"Whoa, save it when you're going toe to toe with the grand prize" said Chris who was referring to Jack who would be arriving shortly.

"Move aside" said Courtney as she had a black belt on, "ha, I can take on the main target."

"Oh really?" laughed Duncan, "Have you ever won a fight ever in your life?"

"Well excuse me, you didn't do well with him" laughed Courtney.

"What's his problem?" asked Duncan as B came into the scene dressed in a typical Shalion monk like manner.

"He has a vow of silence" said Chris.

"Make way!" said Alejandro as he dashed into the scene in his Conquistador armor.

"Nice outfit Tin Man, you're miles away from the theater" laughed Scott.

"Hey, this armor has helped me won great battles" said Alejandro.

"Another bounty" said Gwen, "hopefully he won't be like that vampire I hunted down."

"You hunt vampires?" asked Lightning as he came with Gwen.

"I guess you simply stick with criminals whom are mortal" said Gwen.

"Just try to stop someone like me" said DJ as he was showing off his dance-like combat skills.

"Make way" said Mike as he came into the scene, "I am the only warrior among you all who can change into many warriors!"

"Oh, this I have to see" laughed Chris.

Indeed Mike showed Chris the many warriors he could change into that could beat the samurai to the punch literally. Chris was impressed as Mike changed into an Australian-like outdoor warrior toward a savage old man. Aku whom was watching the scene from his lair was impressed with the warriors whom came to greet Chris.

"Hmm, I must say these warriors are quite skilled" said Aku, "but they better squash the samurai for good."

Suddenly the next to the last warrior, Harold the Mage ended by literally zapping himself right in front of Mike with his magical powers.

"Don't do that" said Mike.

"Hey, the guy needs to make an entrance, and speaking of an entrance, we're waiting for one last warrior to come" said Chris.

"Gang way!" laughed Izzy as the crazy mental patient of a warrior ended up slicing through with her daggers which everyone had to avoid.

As Jack ended up entering the coliseum, he was unaware of the trap that was laid out by Aku as he stepped into the scene. As the samurai continued to approach the center, Chris finally greeted Jack.

"Well, the man of the hour has arrived" said Chris who had been expecting him all along.

As all the contestants had arrived, Chris was indeed prepared to put Aku's plans into motion with Aku watching from his lair. The shape-shifting wizard was intrigued by the skills of the warriors that came for the bounty on Jack in the form of a reality show organized by Chris.

"Yes, this shall be the samurai's ultimate downfall for good" laughed Aku, "soon the samurai will soon feel no longer appreciated making him weak and vulnerable, yes, I can see where this is going."

The robotic Chef Hatchet ended up showing the warriors and Jack where they were going to have their first challenge, but in reality, the challenge was going to be about trying to eliminate the samurai, which the samurai himself was still unaware of the true agenda that was afoot.