Inviting Misunderstandings

Rating: T for swearing and mention of smut

Summary: Everyone is invited to Momoshiro's birthday.

A/N: Another MomoKai from me, what can I say?

Momoshiro might be talking to Eiji right now, but his eyes are on Kaidoh. The snake is the first one to enter the locker rooms, and that's Momoshiro's cue to stop Eiji from babbling too much (no offense Eiji) and decide to undress as well. Not before waiting an obligatory three minutes, because it would seem weird if they enter at the same time, not to mention suspicious. He skips towards the small building, looking behind him to see if anyone isn't following him. He enters, and sees Kaidoh crouched on the floor, messing around with his bag, he's already dressed in his regular school uniform. There's no one else in the locker rooms right now, nobody but Momoshiro and Kaidoh. Momoshiro checks to make sure they are alone.

"My birthday is next week," says Momoshiro casually as he walks by the snake. He can feel excitement brew inside of himself, as it always does when they're alone.

Kaidoh is hunched over his bag, stuffing his training gear into it, he looks up at Momoshiro and snarls at him. "Shut up about it already, you've been whining about this for the entire month."

Heh, it's always so easy to provoke the snake. Momoshiro leans against the locker and looks down at Kaidoh. "Well, I figured I had to remind you. You've got some terrible memory." Before Kaidoh can insult him back, Momoshiro speaks up again. "I'll have a party, and I'll invite everyone over, and we'll play some games and stuff. Maybe even have a sleepover."

Kaidoh looks back down at his bag again. "Stupid, why are you telling me?"

Well, isn't that obvious? Momoshiro rolls his eyes, then decides to pick a fight with Kaidoh, since lately, this will always lead to very positive results. "Your serve totally sucked today."

"If you have that much free time to pay attention to me, you should have used it to improve your own tennis, you idiot. Your footwork is absolutely lousy—how you manage to not trip over your own stupid two feet during every game you have is a miracle."

Momoshiro frowns at him, not expecting such a long rant coming from Kaidoh, in fact, he expected something else entirely. The complete opposite, really. Then he nudges his foot against Kaidoh's butt suggestively. Kaidoh hastily gets up and grabs his shirt, hissing into his face. That's more like it.

"Asshole," says Kaidoh.

"Dumbass," says Momoshiro.

Kaidoh slams Momoshiro up against the lockers, the metal lock digging into his back, but Momoshiro forgives him, because they're kissing and groping and grinding—just the way he likes it. Just the way they've been doing for the past three months already, in secret and in short bursts. They don't talk about it, and they certainly won't let anyone else know, but them being alone is always an incentive to some quick hot make-out with each other. The angrier the snake gets, the better the kissing. If he's lucky, there might even be a bonus afterwards.

Kaidoh's hot tongue swipes against his own, he's aggressive and without tact, but it makes Momoshiro's toes curl up nonetheless, with his head up in the clouds. He lets himself stay pushed against the lockers, liking the way Kaidoh's sweaty body molds into his own, and his hands are on Kaidoh's neck, playing with his bandana. The lock prodding in his back does hurt though. They suck at each other's lips as hard as they can—and for as long as they can, because someone can come in any moment now.

Momoshiro feels heat spread across his entire body as Kaidoh continues to kiss him angrily, letting out stress, steam and built-up sexual tension. Momoshiro's hand travels from Kaidoh's bandana, to his back, down to his butt, and finally rests on his thigh, stroking and rubbing it. Kaidoh growls from the back of his throat, and he pulls Momoshiro closer by clutching at the back of his neck. Yes, this is exactly how he likes it; an angry and turned on Kaidoh, doing nothing but touching him everywhere.

Five minutes of a very hot make-out session have passed, and Momoshiro is left wanting more and more, which is bad, very bad, because they can't do it in the locker rooms. Maybe when they're in a more secluded place, but not right here. But parts of him start to turn away from that idea as Kaidoh makes Momoshiro's knees turn into jelly when he sucks on Momoshiro's tongue. Ah crap, now he really doesn't want to stop, maybe they can find an excuse as to why they're kissing each other. Like Kaidoh was choking on something, and Momoshiro had to give him CPR. Though that sounds ridiculous, and his mind is wiped clean when Kaidoh's hand starts to dangerously get close to his shorts.

They hear voices coming closer to the locker rooms, and Kaidoh hastily pulls away, like he's been stung by a bee. Geez, he didn't have to look that dramatic, it's not like he was eating poison out of Momoshiro's mouth. Momoshiro wipes off his wet and sore lips with the back of his hand, and breathes heavily to catch his breath again. He looks at Kaidoh, who is off doing whatever with his stupid bag, and he looks down at himself; hard and full of hormones. Why does it always end up like this? It's getting really annoying that they have to keep calling it off just when it's getting good. Momoshiro turns around to open up the locker behind him as the rest of his teammates flood in the room, and hopes nobody will notice his hard-on.

He curses Kaidoh for leaving before him. Fucker, he'll get him tomorrow.

The next day, Momoshiro seeks out Kaidoh during lunch. There's something they need to finish that they started yesterday, and he drags Kaidoh up to the roof to eat 'lunch'. Of course, that's simply code for 'let's go somewhere secluded so we can do sticky things', and he hopes Kaidoh gets it. Then again, for the past three months, there hasn't been a time where he didn't get it, and Momoshiro happily scarfs down on his lunch as he sits next to Kaidoh on the rooftop, their backs pressed against the wall.

They sit close, much too close for simply being rivals, but since there's no one around, Momoshiro is free to do whatever to Kaidoh. Which includes brushing up his leg against Kaidoh, and watch him squirm uncomfortably.

"You know, my birthday is next week Saturday," says Momoshiro.

"I know already," says Kaidoh annoyed.

"Just checking," chuckles Momoshiro. "Hey, can I have some of that rice? I'm still hungry."

Kaidoh moves his bento box away from Momoshiro. "No, you already had your own lunch."

"Stingy asshole," mutters Momoshiro. He better make it up to him on his birthday. Kaidoh better give him the most awesomnest birthday present ever. And a handjob, that too, but that's a given. Well, he hopes that's a given. If it's not, he might just punch Kaidoh in the face, and then they'll end up doing it anyway, so it's all good.

"So I think I'll have my party at around seven o' clock," says Momoshiro. "I already begged my parents for a Wii, so I'm hoping to play that with everyone when I get it."

"You're really spoiled," remarks Kaidoh. He finally finishes up his lunch, then puts the box down next to him.

"Oh, I know," grins Momoshiro. There's a slight skip of his beating heart when he turns to Kaidoh, who is done eating, and thus free for groping. Momoshiro can't wait, and he doesn't. He pulls the collar of Kaidoh's uniform down and plants a kiss on the side of his neck. Oh, he's spoiled alright.

Kaidoh shoulders him away. "Stop that," he hisses, but Momoshiro can tell his cheeks are turning red. Even after their many make-outs he can still turn red and act shy about it, but hey, he's not about to complain when it's so endearing and such a turn-on for him.

Momoshiro simply continues to grin, leans in closer and sucks on his neck again, longer this time, his lips brushing over the soft skin of his neck. Kaidoh, who's squirming against his body, shoves him away when it becomes too painful—he's sure that one left a mark, but at least it can be covered up with his uniform. Momoshiro looks at Kaidoh; his cheeks are flushed, and there's a big red mark on the side of his neck.

"Idiot," says Kaidoh, and then he closes his eyes and kisses Momoshiro. Momoshiro's eyes flutter close as well, and he kisses back.

Now that's more like it. Maybe if they hurry up they'll be just in time for a messy handjob on the rooftop. Momoshiro snuggles closer, their lips now sliding and sucking hard. He clutches Kaidoh's uniform, then moves on top of him, straddling Kaidoh's lap, and leaning on his knees. Kaidoh pulls him closer by putting his arm around Momoshiro's waist, and he doesn't mind that at all. Especially when their tongues meet, hungry, hot and angry as always. It's sloppy, and without tact again, Kaidoh doesn't seem to care if he slobbers all over Momoshiro's mouth, and Momoshiro doesn't either because it makes his skin all tingly and prickly, and his entire body grows hot again.

Kaidoh leaves his lips, which makes Momoshiro open up his eyes, tired and hot, wondering why he stopped because the bell hasn't rung yet. His thoughts shut up when Kaidoh sucks on the side of his neck instead, and Momoshiro bites down on his lip to prevent himself from making any weird noises. That proves really hard to do, when his muscles spasm and he's feeling goose bumps everywhere. Ah fuck, Kaidoh's too good at this. Kaidoh sucks harder—and now Momoshiro knows for sure it was for revenge from earlier, and now they have matching suck marks.

At least no one will be able to notice if he covers it up.

"Asshole," he breathes out with difficulty. Despite saying that, he pushes Kaidoh's head closer to his neck with his hands, digging his fingers into that dark long hair of his. He's an asshole alright, but he likes it anyway.

Since Kaidoh doesn't seem to be moving away from his neck anytime soon, especially when he starts leaving more hickeys on his neck, in different spots which are sending him into ecstasy, Momoshiro decides to lick Kaidoh's ear. Hey, it's there, right in his face, so why not? He trails his tongue along the cartilage of his ears, it's sort of salty and tastes a bit like earwax. He lowers down to his earlobe, then takes the soft flesh between his lips and suckles on it softly. Kaidoh exhales a slight sigh, though it's a bit muffled against his own neck, which he's still attacking as he pleases. Not that Momoshiro minds, because it feels awesome.

Having enough of his waxy earlobe, Momoshiro leans away from Kaidoh, and his lips finally leave his neck—it feels sore and it throbs with blood, and there's this addicting toxic pulsating through it. He stares at Kaidoh for a second, who's in a daze and breathing through his mouth, taking in long, exhilarating breaths. Momoshiro bumps his forehead into Kaidoh's, then purses his lips to softly brush them against his own. He coaxes Kaidoh to kiss him back, teasing him softly, and Kaidoh does, planting their lips together fiercely.

Momoshiro tries to shift in a more comfortable position, leaning on his knees on the concrete floor is not exactly ideal, and it's starting to really hurt. As he shifts, he can feel something poke against his pubic bone, and Momoshiro grins against Kaidoh's lips. At least he's not the only one who's turned on, it's good to know Kaidoh's just as horny as he is. Momoshiro kisses him more, and more, and they're performing a dance together with their lips. Feeling it poke against his pubic bone once again, Momoshiro decides that's enough kissing, and time for some messy handjobs. His hands go down on Kaidoh's chest, towards the hem of his pants.

Then the bell rings.

Kaidoh pushes Momoshiro off of him, and he lands on his butt on the concrete floor, his knees hurting, his lips throbbing, completely turned on and hair in dismay.

"Fuck, what was that for!" he yells at Kaidoh, who is wiping away at his lips, and getting up to grab his bento box and quickly leaves the scene.

Ugh, what a complete and utter douchebag. Sure, just leave him there without saying a word. Great, they still haven't done it, and Momoshiro's so turned on right now. Fuck.

He makes sure to terrorize Kaidoh at tennis practice, getting in about three physical fights with him, which earn them thirty laps. Even while running laps Momoshiro doesn't stop bothering Kaidoh, jabbing him in his ribs and shoving against him whenever Tezuka or Oishi weren't looking. This only agitates Kaidoh even more, and Momoshiro knows that the angrier he gets, the better the results will be in the end. It always is.

As expected, Kaidoh yanks him behind the locker rooms, out of sight from any other prying eyes, and thrusts himself against him, cornering him against the wall. Well, it's alright, Momoshiro can take it, and he likes a rough and angry Kaidoh. They kiss again, though it's not as much kissing, as it is it biting and trying to see how hard they can suck at each other before it really starts to hurt. Not to mention that Kaidoh's hands are roughly clawing his chest, his nails leaving scratch marks—he probably deserved that one for getting him all riled up like that. Momoshiro returns the favour, but scratches at his back, and they're having a war with their tongues, it's completely sloppy, wet and such a fucking turn-on. Actually, Momoshiro's been hard ever since he started fight number two with Kaidoh, he's just been hiding it really well, but he's sure Kaidoh can feel it now.

Momoshiro grinds his hips into him, to let him know the message. He started something, and now he needs to finish it, because Momoshiro is going crazy if he doesn't get any release today.

But it still doesn't get to that point, because a tennis ball flying by scares the shit out of them both, and Kaidoh springs apart from him. And, like the other two times, he stalks away, leaving Momoshiro alone, hard as hell, and really fucking frustrated. That bastard.

Even after practice, Kaidoh disappears like a ghost—he still hasn't gotten his messy handjob from Kaidoh, and fuck, screw him! Momoshiro angrily pedals his way back home on his bike.

He decides to get his mind off of Kaidoh by starting on his invitation cards, which are for the rest of his team, to invite them to his birthday party. He barely even manages to start on his stupid project, before he just crawls into bed and falls asleep, right after jerking himself off.

The next day, which is a Saturday—exactly one week till his birthday—he decides to work on his cards again. He borrows some white cardboard paper from his sister, as well as glue, scissors and some tape. She also gave him some post-it notes, though he's not quite sure why he needs them, but grabs them anyway. When he's finished one invitation, and shows it to his sister, she merely giggles and says it looks like a two year old did it. Insulted at his handiwork, he scraps the design and makes a new one.

During the middle of cutting up the white cardboard paper, he decides to give Kaidoh a call.

"Yo, Kaidoh," he says, leaning his head against his shoulder so his cellphone doesn't slip away.

"What do you want," grunts Kaidoh. He doesn't sound like he's in a good mood.

"You busy?" he asks.

He can hear Kaidoh move around, perhaps he is doing something, and this makes Momoshiro really curious. "Why?" he asks instead.

Momoshiro grins, and finishes cutting up one card-sized paper. "Well, I was hoping you could help me make some invitations to my birthday party. You're much better at those kind of things anyway. I showed a proto-type to my sister, and she said it looked lame, so maybe you can make a better design." Which also means, to come over to his house so they can be alone together in his room, but he's sure Kaidoh knows what it means.

Kaidoh sighs. "That sounds stupid."

"Yeah, well, are you coming or not?" he asks.

There's a slight pause, and Momoshiro's hearts stops for a second. "Fifteen minutes." He hangs up.

Momoshiro's feeling good, but then he manages to get a paper cut on his finger, damnit. He quickly gets some bandages out and sticks one on his finger, it's got a cute little flower print on it. Fifteen minutes later, and his doorbell rings. Momoshiro runs downstairs to open up the door before anyone else can, and he yanks Kaidoh inside by his shirt, who's completely surprised at the action, and crashes against Momoshiro's chest.

"Mom, Kaidoh's here, he's gonna help me make invitations, okay?" he calls out to his mother, who is in the living room.

His mother greets Kaidoh, and Kaidoh shyly greets her back, before he's yanked at his shirt again when Momoshiro drags him upstairs.

"I can walk by myself!" he hisses at Momoshiro and slaps away Momoshiro's hand.

"Really? I was sure you needed assistance, Mamushi," says Momoshiro, only half caring. They both enter his bedroom.

Kaidoh looks around at the mess on the floor, there's quite a bit of paper thrown around ... he looks really uncomfortable standing in all that mess. "Are you an idiot?" he asks, somewhat serious.

Momoshiro frowns at him. "Well, I was trying to make invitations, you know. So help me out here, there's some scissors behind you. Cut out some cards."

"I'm not doing that."

Momoshiro walks past him, then sits down on his floor and grabs his scissors. He looks up at Kaidoh's face. "Then what did you come here for?" he asks while suppressing this huge urge to grin. This is what Kaidoh gets for leaving him dry yesterday.

Kaidoh simply glares at him with those scary looking eyes of his. "Asshole," he says. He sits down and grabs the spare scissors. "Asshole," he says again.

Momoshiro happily whistles a song as he and Kaidoh work on his invitations.

"At what time are you holding the party?" asks Kaidoh. He's writing inside of the now finished cards.

"Seven," says Momoshiro. He draws a cool drawing on the invitation, which is a misshapen tennis racket, but he's sure his teammates will see what it is. "Seven at my place. You're free to come earlier though." That last part was directed at Kaidoh.

Kaidoh writes down the time and place. "Oh, and presents are very welcome, of course," notes Momoshiro. "Really awesome presents. The best present ever. You got that?" Again, that last part was directed at Kaidoh, and Momoshiro wonders if he knows this, or if he's thinking he should just write it down in the invitation as well.

"Yeah yeah, what else?" he asks.

"Uhhh." Momoshiro thinks for a second. "I don't know, I guess they can go home at like ten or so? Ten's a good time, right?"

"I don't care," says Kaidoh as he writes down when it'll end.

"Yeah," says Momoshiro firmly, nodding his head. "Ten sounds good. Then I can at least relax without them crowding all around me. Relaxing is good. So is sleeping."

Kaidoh grunts. "Anything else to note, you spoiled little kid."

"Shut up, it's my birthday, let me be spoiled." Momoshiro throws a small ball of paper towards Kaidoh's head. It hits his forehead and bounces straight off. "And don't forget to mention it's on Saturday." Kaidoh snarls at him, then throws the paper ball back, but it misses and Momoshiro smiles smugly at him.

"So, what about sleeping over?" asks Momoshiro and he looks up at Kaidoh.

"What about it."

"Yes, no?"

"I don't care."

Momoshiro interprets Kaidoh's vague answer as 'yes', he would love to sleep over. Good, maybe he can do some snuggling in the middle of the night when the snake is asleep ... or maybe not. He's not really into that cuddling stuff. Well, maybe—alright, he is just a tiny little bit when it comes to Kaidoh. He doesn't need to know that though.

Kaidoh continues to write in the invitations. "How many are you making?"

"What, invitations?"


"I dunno, until the paper runs out, I guess."

"Are you seriously going to invite that many people?"

"Of course not, idiot. Just finish it up. Seven till ten, my place, next Saturday. Bring awesome presents."

"Spoiled little kid," mutters Kaidoh under his breath while he writes inside of a new invitation.

Momoshiro writes down 'stupid snake' on a post-it, then secretly sticks it onto Kaidoh's back when he's too busy paying attention to his fine handwriting. Now that he's standing behind Kaidoh, he can see the hickey on his neck that he left there yesterday. It's a sort of oddly coloured red and purple mark. Momoshiro can tell he tried to cover it up with some sort of concealer though, which didn't quite work. Hmm, he sort of wants to put another mark on his neck, on the other side. Without thinking any further, Momoshiro wraps his arms around Kaidoh's neck, and he leans his head on top of Kaidoh's bandana.

"Stop that, let me finish this," hisses Kaidoh. He tries to wiggle out of Momoshiro's hold on him.

Well, someone's in a grumpy mood. Momoshiro refuses to listen to Kaidoh, and he lowers his face, down the side of Kaidoh's neck, and he rests there, staring at the way he's writing down the time and date.

"You write like a girl," snickers Momoshiro. Kaidoh's handwriting is really neat; he's glad he invited him over to help him with the invitations. He really is much better at this sort of stuff.

"Fshuuu, it only looks like that because your handwriting looks like utter crap."

Momoshiro doesn't care about his handwriting. He cares about an agitated Kaidoh, and the soft skin of his neck. He turns his face a little bit, so that the tip of his nose brushes against Kaidoh's neck.

"Stop it already," says Kaidoh again.

Momoshiro finally sits down, right behind Kaidoh, stretching out his legs right next to him, and refusing to let go of his neck. "Hurry up and finish it," says Momoshiro softly, his lips fluttering against Kaidoh's neck. He can feel him shiver against him—such a liar, he doesn't really want Momoshiro to stop. This, of course, makes him brim with happiness. Maybe he'll let him cuddle during the night on his birthday after all.

"Fine," huffs Kaidoh, and he does go back to writing, letting Momoshiro hang all over him.

Since it's like this, he might as well start. Who cares about the stupid invitations anyway, when he's got a snake in his arms? It's what he came for, after all. He drops his arms to wrap them around Kaidoh's waist instead, which doesn't seem to bother him. Momoshiro closes his eyes, and then drifts closer to Kaidoh's skin, his lips pressing right in the nape of his neck. Kaidoh immediately tenses up, but he doesn't stop writing. Slowly, he parts his lips and sucks slightly on that spot. He plants another kiss, higher, and another, sucking gently. It's addicting, his skin feels hot, soft and very smooth. Not to mention sensual, Kaidoh has a very slender neck—one that Momoshiro feels very attracted to.

Momoshiro hums softly against Kaidoh's neck, something he knows that Kaidoh is extremely ticklish of. It had been a pleasure to find out. Immediately, he throws his head back, and tries to worm away from Momoshiro.

"Don't do that," says Kaidoh with a loud hiss.

"Why, hhmmmm?" hums Momoshiro on purpose, his lips pulling into a big smile.

"Because you're distracting me."

"That's what you came here for, dumbass."

He writhes against Momoshiro. "Shut up."

At least he didn't deny it—hah, why won't he just admit he likes to fornicate with his rival?

Well, maybe because that sounds ridiculous and stupid.

Even if it's stupid, Momoshiro kisses the side of Kaidoh's neck again. Softly, and without humming. "Better?" he asks.

Kaidoh resumes work on the invitations, and Momoshiro assumes that means 'yes'. Which also, simultaneously, means that it's okay to keep doing what he's doing, and Momoshiro has no qualms about that. Especially since he's really horny, and has been wanting to do Kaidoh for the past two days. He's sure Kaidoh feels the same way though, despite leaving him in the dust each and every single time. Maybe he's just really, really shy, or he really, really doesn't want anyone to know about them. Well, Momoshiro doesn't either, but he doesn't act all uptight about it, like Kaidoh does. The bastard.

As long as they can continue to do this, then it's all fine with him.

Momoshiro presses his lips harder on Kaidoh's neck, and sucks with all his might—hoping to leave another hickey, but on the left side this time. Kaidoh trembles against him, and he's finally getting distracted enough to leave the invitations alone. Kaidoh leans into Momoshiro and lifts up his head to give him more access, he can hear his unsteady breathing, and the pulse of his heart beats against his lips. It's thrilling.

Having enough of Momoshiro's tendencies to leave suck marks on his neck, Kaidoh spins his body around, and pushes Momoshiro down on the floor. He finally ends up getting that messy handjob. Unfortunately, they also had to remake some of the invitations because of it.

During their messiness, the post-it stuck on the back of Kaidoh's shirt had fallen off, and when he noticed, he punched Momoshiro in the face.

On Monday, Momoshiro is happily carrying around a stack of invitations in his bag. He's a little bit less happy when he doesn't get the chance to meet up for some face sucking with Kaidoh during lunch, but he's sure they'll do it after tennis practice. And if not, then he'll punch Kaidoh in the face, for being a bastard. Then they'll end up doing it anyway.

"Guys!" he yells out during practice, absolutely giddy with excitement. He can't wait to see his presents, nor can he wait for that handjob that Kaidoh is going to give him for his birthday. "Guys!" he calls out again.

Most of the members stop practicing and look at Momoshiro.

"My birthday is this Saturday, and I'm inviting everyone to come join!"

"Finally, Momo! I was waiting for you to say it, I thought you had almost forgotten about your own birthday," says Eiji.

Momoshiro pouts at him, but hands him over an invitation anyway. "Well, here's yours. Don't forget to give me a present."

"Ehh, really? Uhm ... do you mind food?"

Momoshiro thinks for a bit. "Actually, no, not at all." Then he walks up to Echizen to give him his invitation.

"I don't have any money to buy you presents, Momo-senpai."

"Then make me something, like a nice card—that's free, right?" Momoshiro hands one over to Inui, who simply opens up his notebook and starts to read something. Perhaps he's got information in there on the kind of presents Momoshiro likes to get. Tezuka and Fuji gets theirs as well, and Kawamura and Oishi hop in as well.

Kaidoh steps up.

"Well, that's it! Now, remember to buy me presents, okay?" He throws an arm over Echizen. "That goes for you too, I know you have some secret money stashed away somewhere."

"No, I don't," he replies dead-pan.

Kaidoh is still looking at him.

"I'm gonna get a Wii from my parents, so we'll be playing all night long, guys!" he says and throws a fist up in the air.

"Alright, back to practice everyone," says Tezuka, as serious as ever. "If I don't see people moving, you'll get ten laps."

Momoshiro cheerfully walks back on the court, until he notices Kaidoh staring at him. No, actually, he's glaring at him. "What's wrong with you, Mamushi," he says, raising one eyebrow at him. Maybe he wants to start a fight with him, which is fine—he needs to let a little steam out anyway.

Kaidoh's glare becomes stronger, more fierce. Geez, is he constipated or something?

"What?" he asks. "You feeling sick or something?"

Kaidoh hisses at him, then turns around and angrily stomps away. Oh, that's good, that means he'll get it back tenfold when they're groping each other in the locker rooms. Ahh, today is such a good day!

Except, Kaidoh has mysteriously vanished after practice is over. Momoshiro wonders if he was blinking too much, because one moment, Kaidoh is there, slamming a tennis ball against the wall, and the next he's gone—bag and all. What the hell? Isn't he going to wait for him to do their daily routine?

Well, maybe he wasn't constipated, but perhaps he had diarrhea instead. Momoshiro can see why he'd want to leave straight away. Fine, they'll do it tomorrow instead then. After he punches him in the face, that is.

The next day, Momoshiro yanks Kaidoh inside of an empty classroom. He wasn't camping out or anything, waiting for him to pass by. Waiting for ten long minutes, almost the entirety of their lunch period.

"What the hell are you doing," shouts Kaidoh at him, and pushes him away.

Momoshiro glares at him, he wants to punch him so badly for not doing their daily routine yesterday. So he takes one step closer to Kaidoh and presses him up against the door. "You," is all he says, then devours Kaidoh's mouth with his.

Kaidoh tries to push him away, struggling against him. Feisty, isn't he? Momoshiro holds Kaidoh down, after all, he's much stronger than the snake, and continues to suck at his lips. However, he's still struggling to get away, and he briefly wonders why, but pushes the thought to the back of his mind and dips his tongue inside of Kaidoh's mouth. He finally stops struggling, then brings a hand to the back of his neck and crash their faces together, smashing their lips. Now that's what he wanted. At least now he doesn't have to punch him anymore.

It's wonderful, completely rough and angry—but it only lasts for three minutes and the bell rings. Kaidoh angrily shoves him away, really hard, and is out the classroom before he knows it. Momoshiro stays behind and rubs at his lips. What's his deal?

At tennis practice, Momoshiro does his best to annoy Kaidoh, who seems to be avoiding him. It's annoying, even after calling him Mamushi a bunch of times, Kaidoh doesn't take the bait, but he does hiss a lot more. It's so quiet during practice, that even Tezuka didn't have to assign them laps to run because they were fighting—simply because they weren't.

Momoshiro sees his chance when Kaidoh enters the locker rooms, and quickly follows after, not caring if someone might find it suspicious.

Kaidoh is in the middle of pulling off his shirt, and Momoshiro spots the two hickeys on both sides of his neck, a nice shade of purple. He's been covering it up with his uniform all day long. "Yo, Mamushi—are you constipated or something?" he asks, leaning against the lockers.

"Shut the hell up," growls Kaidoh. Well, he's sure in a foul mood today. That just means the kissing will be better. And perhaps a really good handjob too.

"What's wrong with you, you've been avoiding me the entire practice," says Momoshiro. He steps closer to Kaidoh now, who is quickly trying to dress himself once more, even though Momoshiro would prefer he stay half naked.

"Leave me alone." Momoshiro grabs Kaidoh's arm and pulls at him, but Kaidoh jerks his arm back and hisses at him. "Fuck you," he says.

He certainly wants to, that's for sure. Momoshiro doesn't say anything, as he shoots forward to land a sloppy kiss on Kaidoh's lips. Kaidoh jumps back immediately, and glares at Momoshiro, very angrily he might add, and then punches him in the face. He leaves the locker rooms.

Momoshiro is left with a throbbing pain in his jaw, and wondering what the hell just happened.

He determines Kaidoh is being a dick. Or perhaps he's just trying to rile him up so that his birthday 'present' will be even better. After all, jerking off becomes a lot better when they're pumped up. Yeah, that's what he's going with, for now.

Another day passes. Kaidoh ignores Momoshiro and makes sure that he's not alone with him at all. Perhaps avoiding him will somehow make it feel better on his birthday. Like how people who haven't seen each other will fuck like rabbits when they meet again. Or maybe he's sneaking around so that he can look for a birthday present? Momoshiro doesn't really know, and he's feeling confused and drained—and he really wants to punch Kaidoh. Not to mention kiss him.

The fourth day passes, and Momoshiro is starving for some action. He tries to kiss Kaidoh whenever he's not looking—even if it means right in public, under the watchful eyes of his teammates, but the snake slithers away and out of his grasp. Not before punching him hard though, so he guesses that's still good. It's the only kind of physical action he's gotten from Kaidoh lately, and it sucks. Where's the kissing? The groping? The last-minute make-out in the broom closet? The messy handjobs? What the hell ...

It's Friday, one day before his birthday, and Momoshiro is fuming; he hasn't done anything with Kaidoh for the past three days, and it's driving him insane. He better have the best present in the world, otherwise he might just ... he might just ... whatever! Kaidoh's being a fucking asshole. Who cares about him anyway.

Seriously though, he better have the best fucking present in the world.

At practice, Momoshiro makes sure to remind everyone about his birthday. "Got that everyone? Starts at seven, ends at ten—and bring presents." He looks around for Kaidoh, but he's already walking away, not listening. What a fucking jerk.

Momoshiro wants to slam him against the wall, beat the crap out of him, and then fuck the hell out of him.

"It'll be so much fun!" says Eiji happily. "I've never played with a Wii before!"

Damn right it will be fucking fun. That snake better make it up to him.

The day passes, and Momoshiro still hasn't gotten any action with Kaidoh—and he's about to punch someone else instead of the snake. He'd rather hit him of course, but he's avoiding him like the plague. Seriously, what's up with him? Why is he being so damn secretive?

On the day of his birthday, Momoshiro wakes up on the wrong side of his bed, and knocks his head against the wall. That's number one that went wrong today already, and he's in a pretty foul mood because of it. He sends a message to Kaidoh, telling him to better fucking come before seven, and to bring him a present—but it never gets answered. He lays down a futon near his bed so Kaidoh can sleep in it. He better sleep in it alright. Momoshiro spends the rest of the day opening up gifts from family, and his parents have indeed bought him a Wii. It doesn't nearly make him happy enough as he thought it would have. There's no snake hissing in his ear, so everything looks bland and uninteresting to him. Who cares about playing the damn Wii when he's sexually frustrated, and he fucking wants to kiss Kaidoh.

The hours pass by, and now it's six. Kaidoh is nowhere to be seen, and Momoshiro's mood plummets by the second. Why is he still not there? He should be here by now, Momoshiro made it clear he could come early—just so they could perhaps suck face in his room before anyone else arrived—but he's not fucking here! Momoshiro sends another text message to him, telling him to hurry up or otherwise he'll beat the shit out of him.

Feeling gloomy, Momoshiro sets up his stupid Wii and hooks it up to his TV. He doesn't even feel like playing it. The doorbell suddenly rings, and Momoshiro's heart leaps into his throat; Kaidoh! He runs towards his door and yanks it open, ready to punch him in the face—except it's Eiji.

"Happy birthday Momo!" he says cheerfully. Oishi is standing right behind him.

"Yes, happy birthday Momo, we're a little bit early, I hope that's okay?" asks Oishi.

No, no it's not okay. Damnit. It wasn't supposed to be Eiji and Oishi, it was supposed to be Kaidoh!

Momoshiro stands aside to let them in, his mood now completely ruined. In fact, he's grumpy right now, and prissy—but he tries to act nice to Oishi and Eiji, even though he's continuously looking at the door to see if Kaidoh is coming or not. He doesn't even care about the presents they give him, some kind of candy and some organic fruit. Who cares about the fucking fruit.

Eiji happily starts playing with his Wii, and Momoshiro joins him. He waves the Wiimote around like an idiot, imagining it's a sword, and he's slashing Kaidoh with it—he's that angry. It doesn't matter they're playing a racing game. Nobody seems to notice though.

The doorbell rings for a second time. Well, it's about fucking time; it's seven thirty!

Tezuka, Echizen and Inui are all standing on his front porch. But none of them are Kaidoh. They apologize for being a bit late. Something about stuck in traffic. Momoshiro ignores their happy birthday wishes, and sticks his head out the door to look around; there's no sign of him. Momoshiro starts to curse under his breath and slouches back to his TV. He opens up the presents they give him with absolutely no interest; his eyes are on the door, and he keeps checking his cellphone if Kaidoh has sent him a message or not.

Five minutes later and the doorbell rings again. Momoshiro is there in an instant.

It's Fuji and Kawamura.

Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck—fuck it!

Where the hell is Kaidoh!

Momoshiro ignores his two new guests and fishes out his cellphone and dials Kaidoh's number. He stands in the kitchen where it's quiet, listening to the phone ringing. Kaidoh doesn't pick up and it switches to his voicemail.

"Where the hell are you? You know it's supposed to be at seven, so fuck—come over already so I can beat the shit out of you!" he yells into his cellphone, except that last part gets cut off and the voicemail switches off. "Fuck!" he yells again.

"Are you okay, Momo?" asks Kawamura who walks into the kitchen.

Momoshiro tries to smile, even though he's seething with anger right now. "Yeah, I'm fine. Hey, uhm, has Kaidoh said anything about not coming?"

"Kaidoh? He hasn't said anything, not that I know of," says Kawamura. He takes out a few chips from the bowl on the kitchen counter and eats them. "He's still not here?"

"No," says Momoshiro and he fails to mask his anger. "He's not. Fucking asshole."

Kawamura tries to cheer him up by laughing. "Hey now, don't worry—I'm sure something came up."

Someone better have died if that is true.

They all move back into the living room again, playing around with his Wii, and stuffing himself full of snacks. Eventually, he lets other people have a go at the Wii, and sits on his couch, grumpy, irritated and angry. Inui sits next to him, rock still.

"Is there something wrong, Momoshiro?" he suddenly asks.

Momoshiro looks over at his senpai. "Why?"

"You've been agitated since the start of this party. If my calculations are correct, there's a 95% chance of something having happened to you."

Fucking Inui and his data. Screw it.

Momoshiro sighs and leans into the back of his couch. "Kaidoh's not here," he says. "Do you know where he is?"

"Yes, he should be training."

Momoshiro sits up straight in an instant. "Say what?"

"Every Saturday, Kaidoh trains until ten PM in the evening, running a route I've planned out for him."

Momoshiro looks at him flabbergasted. That snake is training? Goddamn fucking training? On his birthday? His running is more important than Momoshiro! Well, two can play that game! Kaidoh isn't important to him either! Yeah, his Wii is much more fucking fun!

Momoshiro gets up from the couch and walks over to the TV. "Move over, brat," he says to Echizen and pulls the Wiimote out of his hands. "Okay, try and beat me, Fuji-senpai" he snarls at his senpai.

He ends up releasing some of his frustration about Kaidoh with the game, and before he knows it—it's ten PM and everyone's leaving. Telling him they had a great time, and wish him a happy birthday one more time.

So there he is, alone in his room, with an empty futon on the ground, staring at his cellphone in his hands.

He just can't believe Kaidoh ditched him on his fucking birthday to go training. He's been whining about this day for the entire month—there's no way Kaidoh could have forgotten. Not to mention he told him to come earlier than everyone else, and sleep over as well! And he just completely dumped his ass.

Momoshiro turns cold. Wait, hold up a second. Kaidoh didn't really dump him, right? There would have to be some sort of an agreement about any kind of relationship before there could be any dumping—something which they didn't have. Could you even call it that, a relationship? Their daily groping and kissing? Well, whatever it was, is Kaidoh seriously going to stop, to drop him just like that? He can't ... everything was going well. He was planning his birthday with Kaidoh, kissing him whenever he could, getting a handjob every now and then ... just what went fucking wrong then?

Why? Why would he want to stop? Did he not like it anymore? Is training really so important he will dump Momoshiro's ass on the spot?

Now he's feeling even more angry, but most of all, he feels hurt. Hurt that Kaidoh didn't come, that the message he's sending to him right now, is that he wants to stop doing whatever it is that they do together.


Momoshiro doesn't want to stop.

One last time, he calls Kaidoh, anxiously waiting for him to pick up. His heart stops beating when he can hear the phone being picked up.

"Kaidoh." The voice sends chills down his body, and a wave of anger, hurt, and sadness bubbles up inside of him.

"Where the fuck were you?" asks Momoshiro straight away. He's shaking right now, so angry, so fucking angry.

Kaidoh is silent for a little bit. "Training," he says.

Momoshiro wants to teleport to him and strangle his neck until he dies. "Training?" he spits out. "You were fucking training? So that's it then? That's the end of it?"

"The end of what?" he grunts.

"Fine, I get it—you want to stop. Fine. Fucking fine. Do whatever you want. I'm done with you." Momoshiro hangs up on him and angrily throws his cellphone against his bed. He then falls straight on top of it and buries his face into his pillow.

Momoshiro feels like dying right now, his stomach is twisting so tight and his heart is clenching painfully. He doesn't like it, he really doesn't like it, but he's so fucking angry right now. Angry at Kaidoh, angry at him for not showing up for his birthday. Angry that he didn't care. He didn't fucking care about him. Shit—was he really just some sort of fuck buddy? Someone he could play around with and not care about? To casually throw him away like it's nothing? He slams his fist against his mattress. He was being fucking played. Stupid fucking Kaidoh.

Why did he ever care about him? Why did he ever even start this thing with Kaidoh?

He lies in bed for minutes, which seem to stretch on for eternity. The longer he lies there, the more his stomach twists into a tight knot, and it's strangling him, it's getting so hard to breathe. A beep from his cellphone scares him back into the living world, and he reaches for it, somewhere behind his pillow. He props it up to his face and reads the screen, while simultaneously checking the time. Eleven thirty PM, great, his birthday is almost over. Thank fucking god. He's got one new message and he opens it, then sees it's from Kaidoh. Another wave of hurt and anger washes up, and he quickly deletes it without even reading it. He then turns his cellphone off and throws it on the floor.

Fucking Kaidoh. He hates him.

Another minute, and suddenly something ticks against his window. Momoshiro looks up from his pillow and stares at his window; did he hear something? There it is again; something hitting his window. Are the kids next door messing with him or something? Momoshiro rolls out of bed and stomps over to his window, yanking away the curtain and sliding it open. He looks around in the dark, down at his front yard.

It's Kaidoh, holding little pebbles in his hand.

Momoshiro stands up straight and stares at him blankly. Kaidoh shifts around awkwardly on the spot. Then Momoshiro tries to slide his window closed, but Kaidoh quickly interrupts him.

"O-open up," Kaidoh calls out to him.

"The hell I will," sneers Momoshiro, and he continues to slide the window to its lock.

"Please," he hears Kaidoh say.

Momoshiro's fingers linger on the window frame, it's almost closed, but not quite yet. He looks down at Kaidoh, and feels his stomach rolling around in bitter emotions and some other strange feelings. He wants to yell at him, punch his face in, strangle him to death—but his heart is aching and it feels fluttery, so he closes the window entirely, and walks downstairs. It's dark, and everyone's already asleep.

He opens up the door, but instead of letting Kaidoh in, he steps outside, the chill of the night giving him goose bumps. Or perhaps it's because Kaidoh is standing in front of him. Momoshiro closes the door behind him, making sure not to lock it on accident. He takes in a deep breath.

"What do you want," he says to Kaidoh.

Kaidoh looks down at the ground, at their cobblestone path, and he drops the little pebbles from his hands. "Uhm," he starts. He's fidgeting, looking nervous. "H-happy birthday," he mumbles.

Momoshiro is not amused, despite feeling that pull on his heartstrings. "A little late for that, don't you think?"

Kaidoh looks up at him, he's glaring. "Oh, so now you wanted me to say it?" he slurs his words, there's more venom behind them now.

"No fucking shit—I've been waiting for you for fucking hours. You fucking asshole."

"It's your fault!" he hisses.

"How is it my fault! You went to go fucking train! What the hell!"

Kaidoh steps forward and grabs Momoshiro by his shirt, pulling him closer—it feels oddly familiar. "Why didn't you ..." he says, his eyes narrowing at Momoshiro.

"Why didn't I what?" echoes Momoshiro. He tries to ignore that strong urge inside of him to kiss Kaidoh right now. He has to remind himself he's angry at him—livid, he shouldn't be kissing. He shouldn't want to feel him up right now. He shouldn't want to run his fingers through that dark hair of his.

"You didn't invite me."

Momoshiro's mouth drops open. "Say that again?"

"Fshuuu—you didn't fucking invite me, you asshole!" He shakes Momoshiro by his shirt.

"What," says Momoshiro flatly. Come again? Didn't invite Kaidoh?

"You were just playing with me, weren't you? Asshole. Fucking asshole." Kaidoh finally lets Momoshiro go and he turns away from him.

Momoshiro gets angry again, and he punches Kaidoh's arm. "You're the one jerking me around! All month I've been talking about my damn birthday—and then you decide to go ahead and train instead. Well, it's nice to see where your priorities lie, Kaidoh."

Kaidoh punches him back. "You were, you were—all you do is pick fights with me, and then, whenever it's convenient to you, you corner me and just fucking use me for your own damn gain."

"Like you're any better! High-tailing out of there if there's even a slim chance someone might see us! As if that's the only thing you fucking care about." He shoves Kaidoh's chest, the anger inside of him piling up.

Kaidoh pushes back at him, and Momoshiro almost falls inside of the trimmed bushes behind him. "Fuck you! You're the one who doesn't care! Didn't even fucking invite me! Well thanks a lot."

Momoshiro pulls at Kaidoh's shirt and slams his forehead against his. "What the hell are you talking about? I didn't invite you!"

Kaidoh hisses at his face, and it's so familiar, so heart quenching. "You gave an invitation to everybody but me. The message couldn't be any clearer than that."

Now Momoshiro's mouth really drops open. "Are you serious? Are you fucking serious? Because I didn't give you a damn card! That's why you didn't come?"

Kaidoh simply hisses again, his dark eyes glowering at him. "What else am I supposed to think then?"

Momoshiro twists his hand around in his shirt so that they're closer, their hot bodies meeting at last. "I didn't give you one because it was fucking obvious I wanted you to come! You were the one person I wanted to come, fucking asshole. Why the hell would you need a card for that." Momoshiro takes in a deep breath and tries to calm himself down a bit. He slides his head down against Kaidoh's forehead, their noses bumping. "You made me so angry."

"You piss me off too," says Kaidoh, his voice considerably lower this time.

Momoshiro loosens his grip on his shirt, and slightly leans into him. He can't help it, he wants to, he really wants to. He looks down at his own hand, pressing against Kaidoh's chest. "You're a real idiot. Can't believe you didn't think it was obvious ... I even laid out a futon for you. I sent you text messages too—why did you never reply?"

"I was ... training. I didn't have it with me."

"Training the entire day?"

Kaidoh clears his throat. "I was trying to keep my mind clear ..."

Momoshiro softly punches his chest. "Fucking idiot."

Kaidoh hisses right in his ear. "Dumbass. You should have just given me a damn card."

"Asshole, you should have understood I wanted you to come, with or without a damn card." Momoshiro takes another deep breath. "I really wanted you to come."

Kaidoh is quiet for a very long time. They're simply leaning against each other, breathing softly, with Kaidoh's face resting on Momoshiro's shoulder and vice versa. Momoshiro shivers every time Kaidoh exhales.

"Are you still done with me?" Kaidoh asks quietly.

Momoshiro's body swirls up with heat. "... Are you?" he asks.

Kaidoh doesn't speak. All he does is slide his arm behind Momoshiro's neck, and then he leans back far enough to kiss Momoshiro. His lips are soft, hot, and it's everything he needs right now. Momoshiro eagerly leans into him, overwhelmed by new emotions that are stirring up inside of him. They move their lips together in slow motion, tenderly, as if they're testing the waters. He sighs against Kaidoh's lips, his entire body shivering and trembling.

A cat meows in the distance.

Momoshiro pulls away slightly, but doesn't leave Kaidoh's warm body. "I, uhh, the offer still stands."

"What offer?"

"Staying the night. The futon is still there."

"... Sure." Kaidoh then moves his hand away from Momoshiro's neck, and he immediately misses it already. "I have your birthday present ..."

Momoshiro's mind is suddenly filled up with a thousand perverted thoughts. He tries to shake them away. "It better be the most awesome present in the world."

"In that case, I'll just throw it away."

"No, no—don't throw it away. Give it to me."

"It's not a Wii ... or food ... and shit, I don't even know why I made it."

"You made it?" A Personal gift? "Show me."

Kaidoh steps away from Momoshiro, and now he really misses his body warmth. Screw the futon, he'll be sleeping in the same bed with him today. Kaidoh puts his hand in his pocket and takes something out. Something red.

Momoshiro raises his eyebrow at it. "You made me ... a sock?" Kaidoh is holding a small piece of red fabric.

He hisses. "No, idiot. It's a sweat band. For your wrist." Kaidoh hands it over to Momoshiro.

Momoshiro dangles it in front of his own face; it's misshapen, slightly sloped, oddly stitched together made out of some strange fabric he hasn't seen before, and there's some weird green thread happening in the middle of it. It's the ugliest thing he's ever seen.

"I like it," he says immediately. He'll use it for tennis practice on Monday. "What's the green though?"

He can see Kaidoh blushing a little bit, probably embarrassed at his lousy knitting skills. "You have to look at it like this," he says, then stretches the fabric so that it's straight, and the green comes together to form a shape. It's a ... well, Momoshiro thinks it's a snake.

"Oh," he says. "It's you?"

Kaidoh says nothing but turns even more red. Momoshiro puts it on his right wrist; it's too big, and could fall off his wrist any moment now, but he's loving the hell out of it. It's the best present in the world.

"Momoshiro," squeaks out Kaidoh, his voice cracking up in a high pitch.

Momoshiro stops looking at his shiny new sweat band. "What?"

"... You—you really wanted me to come?"

"Duh. Dumbass. We could have been playing the Wii together by now if you had come."

"I don't care about the Wii," he mumbles.

"Neither do I," says Momoshiro. He looks down at his shoes, fiddling around with his fingers. "I do ..." He can't believe he's going to say this. "... care about you." He's blushing as he says this, but hopes the darkness of the night covers it up enough.

Kaidoh shuffles on the spot. "I ... uhm, care about you ... too."

"Yeah," hums Momoshiro softly, then he looks up at Kaidoh.

"Yeah," repeats Kaidoh, and he looks back.

They stand there a bit awkwardly for a while. Until Momoshiro steps on Kaidoh's foot. "Let's go inside and play the Wii."

Kaidoh splutters at him. "I don't want to play your stupid Wii."

Momoshiro pulls Kaidoh in his house by his hand. "Well, then I know one other thing we can do."

"What?" asks Kaidoh, letting himself get dragged.

"It's still my birthday, and we haven't done anything for an entire week—take a wild guess."

Kaidoh kicks Momoshiro's legs, his face glowing red. "Fucking asshole."

Momoshiro turns around and kisses Kaidoh to shut him up.

By one AM in the morning, Momoshiro is curled up against Kaidoh in his bed. It was the best birthday ever.