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Rachel POV

I was on a run at the time, never even expected to run right smack into a vampire.

You see after the turn the species were unable to coexists, and by species I mean Humans, Wares, Vampires, and Witches. The only way for us to survive was to separate us, so the leaders at the time made cities with separate sectors. Each species living peacefully, with their own head of government, who would deal with the others.

Now the reason I never thought I would see a Vampire, was I was in the witches sector doing a simple run. And Vampires usually never stray from their own area. But I guess that's not correct with all of them...


I can't believe that warlock won't just stop, do I really have to chase him? I saw the man sprint around a corner. I put on a sudden burst of speed as I followed close behind him. "Oof" I hit the ground hard, landing on my back. Groaning I sat up. I can't believe this person, they made me lose my target, dammit. "Dam it, why did you have to stand right there. Honestly you could have moved or something" I growled.

They spun around, my breath got caught in my throat. She was beautiful, tall and elegant looking, with long black hair cascading down her shoulders. But her eyes, I couldn't make out because she was standing in the street lamp while I was still sitting on the ground. I stood up shakily, not wanting to be in such a vulnerable position.

"Umm..." I couldn't seem to make any coherent words come out of my mouth. Dam it Rachel. I was about to try again when she spoke "I'm sorry, I was distracted by that man...you were chasing him?" She said in a questioning tone. I just nodded. Looking at her again but more closely than before, I noticed that her skin was paler than a usual person's, and the way she spoke...it was as if she was hiding her...teeth.

My eyes snapped open in fear; she couldn't be a vampire...could she? "What's wrong?" she raised her eyebrow in question. My mouth opened and closed in shock. Her lips twitched as if she was holding in laughter. "Don't laugh at me" I glared at her. All rational thought went out of the window. She sighed "I'm sorry, you looked like you were trying to say something. May I ask what it was?"

"Well...Are you a Witch?" I was pretty sure she would say yes, and I was just over reacting. But I guess the fates were not in my favour today. "No." I stepped back, "What?" I squeaked out, I had never met anyone who was not a witch or a warlock. I had never been outside of my sector ever. And here I was faced with something...no someone who was different than anything I knew.

I was studying her closely, looking for any physical difference, but I couldn't see any. I had of course learned about other species in school, but I never really took any interest in it. After doing what I thought was a sneaky head to toe I looked back up at her face, to see her staring right at me, her dark eyes searching my face.

I couldn't help the edge to step away from her again. Her eyes fell away, and glanced behind my shoulder. I glanced behind me but saw nothing. I looked back at her, "What are you then?"

I watched her as she lazily crossed her arms and leaned against the lamp post. Her motions were so graceful it was unsettling. "I'm a Vampire." Nodding I moved my hand toward my bag, I wasn't sure if she was going to try and hurt me, but I didn't think it was a bad idea to have my splat gun at the ready, just in case. "What's in your bag?" I froze, "nothing...I just...was..." my sentence sputtered off.

She nodded at me, and standing up again, she slowly walked toward me. Her whole body swaying gracefully, not one misstep. She came to a stop right in front of me; she placed her hands on my shoulder. I stiffened even more, she leaned her head closer, till I could feel her warm breath against forehead. "You aren't afraid of me are you?" I honestly was terrified, but I couldn't let her know, I was Rachel Morgan bad ass runner, I don't need to put up with this.

Summoning up as much courage as I could I placed my hands against her and pushed, which caused me to take a step back instead of her. "I'm not afraid of you, but have to go." I stepped backward before turning my back and striding away.

After I turned the corner my shoulders slumped. I dragged my feet all the way back to my apartment, after getting in I wen't straight to the shower. I stripped and stepped in letting the hot water clear my head.

Finally I went and laid down in my bed. Closing my eyes, and letting the day run across my closed eyelids. I had met a Vampire, but it wasn't what I expected at all. I thought it was going to be some blood thirsty creature, attacking me for my blood. But she didn't.


I woke up the next morning to my phone ringing. Who could possibly be phoning me this early? I rolled over and grabbed the phone, on my bedside table. "Hello?" "Rachel, it's Marshal" "what do you want?" "We need you to help with a run, it involves another sector, and they have they own runner coming in to help on the case. I need you to come in at 1:00pm today, okay" "Yes...What sector?" "That's not important Rachel, I just need you here." Before I could say anything else he hung up.

"uhhh" I sat up rubbing my facing my hands, glancing at the clock it read 10:13am. Why did Marshal always have to call me? Marshal was in the Witches police force, and he was one of the head directors. I dragged myself out of bed to get ready.

I looked down at my phone 12:45 I had 15 minutes, the large grey building of the WPF (witches police force) loomed ahead of me. Stepping through the doors, I went straight to the elevators, and rode them to the 12th floor. I walked straight to the end of the hallway coming to stop in front of Marshals door. I knocked, waiting for an answer 'Come in' I opened the door, and stepped through.

I glanced up to see Marshal sitting behind his desk. My eyes landed on the person sitting in one of the seats in front of his desk. They had straight black hair...My breath caught in my throat. They turned to me, it was her! From last night. She stood up and walked toward me with her hand extended. "Hello, Miss Morgan, I'm Ivy Tamwood."

I choked down the lump that had formed in my throat, my eyes glancing toward Marshal before extending my own hand. "Hi" I managed to say. She smiled, but this time I saw the tip of her fangs, which sent a pang of fear through me. "Rachel stop just standing there, take a seat."

Coming out of my daze I hadn't realized Ivy had sat back down. Nodding I sat down in the only chair left, which was right next to Ivy. I placed my hands in my lap trying to make them stop shaking.

"Well I'm glad you could both make it, but let's get straight to business shall we?" I nodded. "Okay then." He pulled out a folder, and opened it on his desk. "We've been having a problem with drug trafficking between the Vampire and Witch sectors, but we are unable to send in our own police forces because it is happening in both sectors. That's why I asked you two here."

He pulled out two more folders, and slid them toward us. I reached out but Ivy grabbed them first. I pulled my hand back and placed it back in my lap. "Rachel, here" Ivy said softly. My head snapped up, looking at her, she was holding out the other folder. I quickly grabbed it, turning away from her again; I placed it in my lap.

"Those folders hold all the information you will need. Also Kisten Felps, head of the Vampire security will see you two later today to inform you of everything on their side." Wait I had to go to the Vampire sector.

"Rachel, I have planned it so you will be traveling with Miss Tamwood." He said. "Now if you two would look over those folders it would be very helpful in your investigation."

Ivy stood as and walked toward the door, I was still frozen in my seat. I still couldn't understand why I had to go with her, I didn't even know her-"Rachel, are you coming?" I jumped up and followed her outside; we rode the elevator in silence, till we walked outside, where a car was parked right out front. She walked right up to it and got in the driver's seat. I followed her, and cautiously sat in the passenger's seat.

Just as I finished buckling my seat belt, she sped away from the curb. What the heck have I gotten myself into?