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The first thing I noticed after I woke up was that whatever I was laying on was very confortable, and that I was also very warm. I opened my eyes, and tried to rub away the fog that seemed to fill them. I slowly sat up, staring at a random point on the wall opposite me.

I was still staring when someone walked into the room. They placed a cup onto the table next to me and sat in a chair, that was when I realized I must have fallen asleep in their living room. I slid my legs off of the couch and turned so I was completely facing them. "...Ivy?" I question, "Where am I?"

She looked at me with concern, "You're at my apartment, we had a run last night...don't you remember?" She said.

"A run..." I repeated what she said, before it hit me "Oh yeah!" I exclaimed. "We caught the drug dealers, and then I fell in the water..." I shivered as I remembered the cold. I wasn't one for swimming in freezing water in the middle of winter, nor did I even like the cold. I was very susceptible to it, always making me feel sleepy or tired if I stay out to long.

She nodded. And handed me the coffee mug she had placed on the table. I took it in my hands and taking in the warmth. "Why am I at your apartment?" I asked, suddenly remembering what she had said earlier.

She laughed softly, as if thinking of an inside joke. "You fell asleep in my car" she said "And I tried to wake you but all you kept telling me was 'five more minuets'" She laughed again, shaking her head.

My face turned red from the embarrassment. I took a sip of the warm liquid trying to hide my red face. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do... I looked at her again, she was just watching me quietly, and I noticed that she was sitting very far away from me. I mean usually when you are talking to someone you would sit closer so you didn't have to talk loud, but she was on sitting on the far chair. My eyebrows drew together in confusion at this while thinking of why it could be.

"Rachel, I washed and dried your cloths, if you want them they are clean now." She stated.

My head shot up to hers, and then looked down at myself, I was wearing a pair of silk pajama pant's and shirt. She undressed me! I could feel my face heat up again. All I ever did around her was blush it seemed and I was tired of it. I quickly stood up, and turned to walk out the door. Then realizing I didn't know where the cloths were, which brought around another shade of red that adorned my cheeks.

"Where are they?" I asked, looking down at the cup in my hands. Not willing to meet her eyes.

She stood up, and walked toward me. "I put them in the washroom." She said, and indicated for me to follow her.

I trudged behind her, and my eyes followed her movements without even realizing what I was doing, till she stopped and moved to the side.

"Here it is," She said.

I looked up at her praying she hadn't noticed me staring at her, which would be the worst! Though her expression remained neutral. She reached out and grabbed the cup out of my hands. And motioned for me to go in, I hurriedly stepped into the washroom without looking at her again, and quickly shut the door.



I walked toward the kitchen holding her cup of coffee. My mind kept wandering back to how she had looked when I had turned back around. She looked so shocked and at being caught seen staring at me. This brought a smile to my face. Ever since meeting her I couldn't help but feel drawn to her.

Placing the cup of coffee on the counter I walked over to the fridge and pulled out a container of orange juice, taking a long drink before putting it back. Though I didn't want to admit it her cent mixing with mine. It hadn't to start off like that, since when I brought her here she was out cold. But now that she seemed completely fine…my mind was having a hard time shutting out her smell.

Sighing I turned so I was leaning against the counter, my head was turned toward the ceiling with my eyes closed, taking slow deep breaths. What confused me the most about Rachel was how she knocked those guys out with her paint gun. Was there something in them? I was going to ask her when I got back to the car, but when I looked back she was half asleep her face pressed against the window. She looked so cute like that. This caused me to smile, I couldn't help it, when I made her stumble back I was so ashamed, but instead of being scared of me after she got out, she was just mad. And she treated me the same as any one else, causing me to like her more.

I heard the bathroom door open. But I still didn't move, waiting for her to enter. Her footsteps hesitated when they reached the living room; I assumed she was looking for me. After a moment she continued to the kitchen, she stopped a few feet away from me.

"You are very loud Rachel" I said teasingly, opening my eyes. She was standing in front of me with her mouth wide open.

"W-what? But I wasn't that loud!" She stuttered out. "Wait! How did you even know I was standing here anyways." She exclaimed crossing her arms.

"I heard you." I said as simply as possible. Smirking at her. I knew Witches didn't have as good hearing as vampires. But she seemed honestly shocked that I had known.

"Oh" she looked as if she was trying to find a way to say something else, when I heard someone stop outside the front door.

I pushed myself away from the counter, walking past Rachel. I turned to her "There is someone here" I stated. Right before the doorbell rang. I smirked at the look of shock on her face.

Quickly walking to the door, I opened it. Standing right outside was Marshal.

"Where is she Tamwood!" He growled at me.

He tried to push passed but I stood my ground, glaring at him. I could feel my pupils dilate, in anger.

"Marshal?" Rachel called from behind me. She stepped so she was standing right next to me. "What are you doing here?" She questioned. I smiled; the tone of voice she used was one of annoyance.

"What do you mean, why am I here? The other officers said you had gone back with Tamwood, and you didn't call me after. Also not to mention taking out some drug dealers without calling for back up!" His tone was slowly growing in volume as he ranted.

His tone was making me angrier, yes she did run off into the action without a proper thought out plan but that still did not mean I appreciated him yelling at Rachel.

"I'm fine Marshal honestly, it was a simple accident I just fell in the river and Ivy took me back here to warm up. Nothing to worry about." She said, she no longer sounded annoyed but it had changed to one of sympathy.

Marshal sighed shaking his head, before stepping forward and pulling Rachel into his arms. I stiffened; he was hugging her. Could there possibly be…something going on between them? No there couldn't be. I could not stand seeing him standing there holding Rachel in his arms like that, when I wanted to be in his place so bad.

I cleared my throat, which startled Rachel, and Marshal. They both looked like they had forgotten that I was there. "Is there anything else that you would like to tell us, or were you just checking on Rachel." I said curtly.

"Oh yes, well yes actually there is. Kisten wants you to interrogate the men you brought in, no one can seem to get them to talk. But Felps for some reason thinks you can." He sighed, while rubbing his hand through his hair.

I nodded, "Then we should get going." I said. And quickly walked over to the closet grabbing my coat and then slipped my boots on, and grabbed my keys.

"Wh-wh…how" I heard someone stutter out. I quickly turned to see Rachel, and Marshal both with there mouths hanging open. Though Marshal tried to place a neutral expression back on his face. Though Rachel kept standing there staring at me, as if I had just done something extremely unheard of.

I stepped closer to her, worried about what might have caused this. Placing my hand on her shoulder, I looked down at her. "What's wrong Rachel?" I asked.

After I spoke she seemed to snap out of her trance like state, and she actually looked at me. "Nothing!" She exclaimed, she turned around looking for her shoes, I think. Seeing them beside the door she slipped them on.

I grabbed her coat and bag, which I had hung up on the hook. She noticed me holding them; she reached out and grabbed them, her hand brushing mine. Her eyes snapped up to mine; her cheeks flushed a light red. Her cent washed over me, when she blushed. And I rushed out the front door. She slowly followed me. I shut and locked it, before making my way down to the street.

"Sir, They the delivery was caught in the Vampire sector." The woman stated, she was standing in front of a large oak desk, relaying the message to man in a fine pressed suite. He nodded silently folding his hands so they rested on the top.

"Thank you Sara, could you please get the names of those employees who were on the job at the time." He asked while remaing to keep the calm sound in his voice.

"Yes of course." She said.

He smiled "Thank you again."