Next season on 'The Most Eligible Bachelor,' the elusive Edward Masen, the former lead singer of After Dawn, will be our eligible bachelor. So ladies, if you're interested in dating Edward, and possibly marrying him, send your video applications to...

"Bella, you've got to do it. You've had a crush on Edward Masen since you were like, twelve," Alice says while bouncing up and down on the sofa.

Bella just shakes her head, not even looking at Alice. Alice is always very easily excitable.

Rose walks into the room and Bella hopes that maybe her words of wisdom will calm Alice down. There is no way Bella is going to apply to be on a reality show, especially not one involving one guy and twenty-four beautiful, conniving, horny bitches.

"I think you should do it Bella. What have you got to lose?" Rose states flatly, sitting down across from Bella.

Bella feels the room closing in on her. She feels trapped between her two best friends. They mean well, but this is just too much.

"Thanks for pointing that out, Rose," Bella dead pans while standing and stretching, looking for a way to escape this conversation.


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