This is my first dead like me fic! This is tagged to Reaping Havoc. I'm hoping to slowly turn this in to a Rube/George fic, wish me luck!

Sitting quietly thinking about Betty really got Rube thinking life, well unlife though long was also relatively short if you thought about it, I mean with all the souls passing through their hands every day soon to they would be moving on. Rube had been at this along time, more than 80 years he had seen reapers come and go and Betty was a real pistol of a gal but yet in her own way so was George, she was slowly coming out of herself and into a fine woman not the little girl she was at the beginning of her undead life

Looking up and at her tear stained face his heart broke for her, that she had to go through the pain of losing someone she could really say was her friend, he knew for the first little while that he thought of George like his daughter but he knew that he was lying to himself that he wanted more from her and he knew she wasn't ready to give that but he wasn't sure on her feelings for him; was it just as Father figure in her life? Or was it that weird uncle that gives you the advice you don't want and at the weirdest times, or was it an older brother that is too over protective, nah that went to Mason easily and Roxy was the older sister he knew she needed, guiding her along without her realizing it but grateful when she did. Getting up from his side of the both and sliding in next to her she turned so they were sitting side by side nudging her gently with his shoulder

"There are many things I still don't understand peanut, but as we do this job that for some god forsaken reason we're forced to do we learn that everything will happen for a reason."

Reaching over and wiping away the fresh tears with his thumbs he cupped her face with his hand and she leaned into the warmth that it brought for that single moment in time it was just her and him and she didn't care.

"I don't think I can go back to my place Rube, there's a ton of Betty's stuff there and I know I'm going to start fucking crying again if I see it" George whispered looking at him

"ok you can stay over and well sort out your place in the morning, I think we can convince Deloris to give you a few days" Rube said standing up, offering his hand George grabbed hold as he helped her up and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, having already paid for everything he leads her out the door and to his truck, opening the door for her she gets in and buckles up he walks around the front of the truck and getting in he drives off in silence.

Reaching his place in ten minutes he parks and they both get out once again he wraps his arm around her and she leans in seeking what warmth she can get, looking at her realizing George must be really upset if she's this quite shaking his head when he realizes that there at his door already, unlocking it and leading her inside, he sits her down on the couch and hands her a drink not looking she takes a big mouthful

"What the fuck was that" George gags as it burns all the way down

"that my dear is 10 year old scotch" Rube laughs at the face she made from the burn, taking the glass from her and sitting down next to her and pulling her close with a kiss to the top of her head Rube whispers to her quietly "it's ok to cry, I've got you and I'm not letting go" and George sobs for all the unjust things in her life.

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