Gilbert jumped up off the couch he was comfortably lounging on, with a horrified expression on his face. He was staring down at the little blonde Canadian that was sitting on the floor, crisscross-apple-sauce. His bear contentedly sitting in his lap while Matthew rested on its head, his arms wrapped around its middle.

"Birdie! You can't be serious!" the silver haired teen yelled.

This caused the little blonde to cringe and squeeze the white polar bear he held. Said polar bear gave a small sound in protest but was too lazy to do anything about the pressure around his waist.

"But I am, Gilbert. I need your approval for me to do this, and maybe you could help me?" Questioned the blonde in a timid whisper; begging his friend.

Gilbert sighed, his arms going limp at his sides as he sat down. The hurt was clear in his red colored eyes as he picked up a little yellow chick from off the side of the couch. He took a moment to look back and forth from the bird to the younger boy in front of him.

"Vhat do you think Gilbird, should I help him?" the boy stared at his chick intently, waiting for a reply.

The reply was given with a high pitched chirp. The Prussian sighed; he's actually German but says that it would be awesomer to be Prussian even though Prussia doesn't actually exist according to the world map. (It's all a conspiracy is what he says when this is brought up.)

Gilbert simply looked up at his best friend. "I guess, if this is what you want." He sighed in exasperation yet again as he made sure not to make eye contact with the boy on his floor.

"Yay!" the Canadian jumped up to hug his friend causing him to blush. "You're so awesome, thanks a lot Gil." The hug rocked him back a bit as their body's came into contact.

"Yea, I know I am, but seriously? My little bruder?" Gilbert asked shock laced in his voice.

"Yea," the younger male replied meekly, "And he might be your younger brother but he's older than me."

"I know that, but really Matthew? That just seems veird to me." Gilbert gave his Canadian friend a hug.

'This is how it should be, birdie. You and me, not my brother, you should vant me.' Gilbert shook his head to rid him of such thoughts.

He should be happy for Matthew; Ludwig would be good for him, even if Gilbert had been in love with Matthew since the eighth grade when they first met. It didn't matter, he wanted his little Birdie to be happy.

"Gil, you can let go of me now." Matthew asked his head tilting to the side in confusion. "Are you ok?"

"Yea, I was just thinking about how we vould do this." He stated, releasing the blonde.

"Do you have any good ideas." The indigo eyed teen looked to his albino friend, expecting an answer.

"Um, yea. I was thinking you could ask him out after one of his games, but vait for everyone to leave that vay he doesn't feel embarrassed." Gilbert though that up right off the top of his head and he felt pretty proud of himself for it.

"Wow, that's a good idea, eh." Matthew was now currently sitting on the side of Gilbert's couch with a sweet smile on his face.

Gilbert marveled at how cute the Canadian was, how much he loved Matthew's whispery voice, and how he carried his polar bear around everywhere, and when he says everywhere he means everywhere. Gilbert remembers fondly when he asked how he got the school to let him bring his little cub with him but Matthew just laughed with an evil look on his face and said that he didn't want to know. That looked scared the crap out of Gilbert to be honest. So he never asked again, slightly afraid of the answer. Not that the awesome him is afraid of anything.

"Gil! Are you even listening to me?" Matthew whined, poking his friend in the side to get his attention.

"Sorry, birdie." Gilbert closed his eyes but opened them and smiled at his friend.

"Well, anyway as I was saying; I think it's cool how your brothers the captain of the Soccer team. I've also noticed that the little Italian; Feliciano, he is always at every single one of his games." Matthew started his story over again for his albino friend.

"Who?" Kumajiro questioned, his head tilting up and sideways so he could give his master a confused look.

"Feliciano, he's the little kid freshman, who's in the art club and in the drama department." The Canadian clarified for his fuzzy friend.

"You mean the one vith really nice legs. Yea, I've noticed him there a lot to, but Soccer is huge in Italy. I bet it's just his heritage, that's vhy he goes all the time." Gilbert sighed.

Gilbert fell on his side to lie down across the couch, if he had been paying attention to his little friend he would of notice Matthew look at his own legs in thought, and maybe he would have seen that spark of sadness in the Canadians eyes. If he could have even caught that, which he didn't because now he wouldn't look at his friend instead he started playing with a lose string on the couch clearly bored with their conversation. Matthew sighed standing up and walking to the door, this got the "Prussian's" attention.

"I'm going home, see ya later Gil." The blonde sighed yet again (man how many times is this kid going to sigh) reaching for the doorknob.

Before Matthew could open the door to his friends' room it opened on its own. When the oak wood door opened it revealed none other than Ludwig, who looked down at the Canadian, shocked at how close they were to each other but neither seemed to move for the other. Uneasily he looked over to his brother.

"Bruder, mom vants to know if Matthew is staying for dinner." Ludwig's asked in a thick German accent; not looking at said Canadian.

"No. He was just going home." Gilbert snarled, not liking how close the two were standing or how Ludwig was blushing so furiously.

"Oh, ok. Lebewohl, Matthew." Ludwig stepped aside so Matthew could get by.

"Um, goodbye Ludwig." Matthew scurried off down the stairs and out the door.

He would have to walk home now. While looking up at the sky Matthew couldn't help but be thankful for the clouds that covered the beaming sun that would threaten to give him a heat stroke if they weren't there. Matthew had planned on spending the night with Gilbert but since he was being a jerk Matthew would just have to walk home. Before he could get a couple of feet away though he heard his name called.

"Matthew vould you like a ride home."

Matthew turned around and smiled at seeing Ludwig in the door with his keys in hand. Matthew nodded with a smile and ran over to Ludwig's green jeep, sitting in the passenger seat. Ludwig gave a small awkward smile of his own and started the car but before he put it in drive he looked over at the Canadian that was playing with the radio trying to find a good station.

"I'm sorry my Bruder vas being so rude to you." He apologized causing the Canadian to stop fiddling with the radio and sit back looking at the boy beside him, shocked that he would apologize for his brother.

"Oh, it's ok. I know everything's going to work out just fine." The Canadian smiled knowingly.

Ludwig nodded; knowing exactly what the Canadian meant and put the car in drive, pulling out of the drive way and going down the road. Matthew went back to playing with the radio but he soon sat back when he found a good station that played every genre of music.

Neither of the two in the car seemed to notice Gilbert standing in front of his window, watching them as he seethed with anger at the two smiling faces in the car below. He watched them drive off as he pet his Gilbird manically. He was thinking up a plan, and it would make his brother never say yes to his Matthew. Yes Gilbert had a plan, and this one would work. He hoped. Gilbert's plans never worked, they always back fired on him somehow, but he has already decided that he doesn't care and he will work extra hard on getting Matthew. Yes this would be a very sweet plan indeed.

..At the soccer game

Matthew sat on the third row of bleachers surround by people he either barely knew or didn't know at all. Matthew had seen some of them in the halls at school, but never cared to learn their names. He was concealed and that's what he wanted, well Gilbert was beside him with his little yellow chick on his shoulder and he also had Kumajiro in his lap. He could tell it bothered some people since half of them where scooted away as far as they could (Not that that's too far away since the game was pact.) or they were holding their children back so they wouldn't touch the carnivorous polar bear.

Come on people, Kumajiro is a nice polar bear that loves to be pet and he likes to lick people's hands. They had no reason to be scared of his sharp teeth or pointy large claws, that's an insane idea. Who could be scared of such a cute face? This at this very moment is currently licking at the Matthews Fruit cup that had strawberries all in it, leaving a red stain on the animals white fur.
There was absolutely no reason for them to be afraid of this cute little polar bear… ok maybe there was, but Matthew would never admit that! He loves his polar bear too much to ever think of such a horrendous thing.

Their horrified stares made Matthew uncomfortable and Gilbert noticed this. Putting his hand on Matthew's shoulder he gave a reassuring squeeze.

"Don't worry Matthew, the awesome me loves Kumajiro so these other losers don't matter." Gilbert grinned as he spoke loudly.

This comment caused some of the people to glare at the red eyed teen. His comment didn't make them happy but did cause some of them to sit up straight as if they did not care about the polar bear that was in Matthew's lap, licking at the juice on his mussel. The people must be imagining that it was blood since most of them went almost as pale as the albino that sat next to Matthew.

Gilbert didn't care about what these people thought; most of them already hate his guts anyways. His voice projects and they take it as him just being loud. Gilbert also is the bad boy of the school, he cuts up in class all the time and has to scream about how awesome he is, so naturally people think he's conceded… which he is, but if your ask him he just says he's convinced.

Even all of the teachers hate him and that has to tell you something alone because most teachers try and be nice to the kids nobody likes. Everyone hated the poor boy, well not everyone. He had his trio which included Francis who is known to harass all the girls and rumored to be having an intense 'teacher/student' relationship with the English teacher Arthur Kirkland. That's why he messes with him the most, or so the rumor goes. (Matthew knows for a fact that these rumors were started by Francis because he wanted to get under Arthur's skin, and everyone in the trio knows he is in love with him).

Then the second of the trio is Antonio; who is always happy and smiling. Nobody likes him because he is too loud and has a thick skull. He's not stupid on the contra he is very smart academically, but he doesn't seem to get most things that other people pick up on. Like when someone wants you to go away, he proves this by always flirting with Lovino who is Feliciano's brother, he did figure out that if you give him a tomato then he calms down and ignores you rather than yell and curse at you.

Everyone calls them the Loser Trio, but they call themselves The Bad Touch Trio. It makes sense because Francis is a rapist, Antonio is made fun of for being a pedo just because he's a senior and Lovino is a freshman, and then there's Gilbert who is a major perv. And that's them, though they're not that bad, Matthew hangs out with them all the time and so do the Italian twins and Ludwig. Once you get to know them you learn they're really great guys who just want to have a good time.

"WHOOOHOOO! Way to go bro!" Gilbert's yelling popped Matthews's bubble of reverie.

Looking around, Matthew saw everyone standing up, cheering and screaming. Apparently Ludwig had just made the winning score. See that's why he's lead striker on the team. Matthew stood up and smiled at Gilbert.

"I'm ready to do this." The little blonde smiled determination laced in his voice as he stared into the red eyes of his best friend.

Said albino just smiled and gave Matthew a thumb up. He watched as Matthew put his polar bear down on the stands next to Gilbert telling him to stay put and lightly touching his nose, and messing up his name as always. Matthew called him Kumakiro this time, it amuses Gilbert how Matthew can come up with the stupidest names for his bear and never get it right except for the Kuma part. He chuckled softly as he watched Matthew walk towards his younger brother who somehow managed to keep his blonde hair slicked back in his usual style.

Matthew ran towards Ludwig who was lagging behind the rest of the team, looking around expectantly. If Matthew knew anything he would have sworn it looked like the buff German boy was looking for someone. Finally Matthew got to where Ludwig was standing on the outside of his team's ring, their coach standing in the middle of the circle. Ludwig's eyes brighten slightly on seeing the Canadian but he covered it up with a stern look on his face.

"Hey, Ludwig. Can we talk for a moment, eh?" Matthew panted slightly from his run.

"Uh not now Matthew, I have to join my team." Ludwig went to turn around and walk over to his team mates but was stopped by a small hand on his fore arm.

"I'll be quick I promise." Matthew pleaded, his crystal blue eyes staring into Ludwig's.

"I'm sorry Matthew but I can't." He looked over his shoulder at his team mates who were staring at him.

"Come on dude." One of Ludwig's team mates called out to him.

"I vell see you tomorrow." He nodded and walked to his team.

Matthew's hand stayed where it was for a few brief seconds then fell limp to his side. He stood there staring at Ludwig as his team pat him on the back and smile telling him how amazing he was. Matthew hung his head in shame and walked away with a frown on his face.

Gilbert could tell Matthew was upset so he put Kumajiro down and hugged his friend who just let his arms stay limp at his side and lean into his friend's broad chest. Matthew looked up at Gilbert with eyes full of tears he refused to let fall. Gilbert looked at his friend with sadden eyes.

"Did he say no?" he forced his voice to be sad.

Gilbert couldn't help but be happy that his brother had said no because that means now Gilbert can have a chance. He was sad that his friend was hurt by this but he wanted Matthew all to himself. And right now he loved how the boy's form leaned against his own; it felt so right to have his warmth against his own body.

"No, he wouldn't talk to me," Matthew sighed standing up straight, "But I won't lose hope. I'll just ask him tomorrow at school, and I know he will say yes." Matthew smiled at his new found hope.

Gilbert on the other hand was depressed that he had lost the warmth of the Canadians body, and even worse he would have to still go thru with his plan to get Ludwig to hate Matthew.

"Oh, ok. Well, sorry but got to go. I'll see you tomorrow at school ok, and good luck." Gilbert smiled and turned away.

Gilbert frowned when his body was turned away from Mathew's, now wanting the smaller boy to see his depression. He sighed looking at Gilbird, then back in front of him, seeing the big guy with pale skin and a white scarf. Strange it was eighty degrees outside and the guy's wearing a scarf and huge coat.

"Let's go talk to a Russian, Gilbird." Gilbert side glanced at the chick on his shoulder and was satisfied when he heard the approving chirp of his pet chick. Gilbert gave a sadistic smirk up at the large guy in front of him.

"Privet, how may I help you?" The big Russian smiled childishly, but the intimidating aurora was killing the albino teen.

"I was hoping we could do some business." Gilbert hid his discomfort and grinned mischievously at the man in front of him.

"Okay, let's take a walk." The Russian smiled childishly and began to walk, with the silvered hair boy following close behind.

Matthew didn't notice any of this as he was already walking to his dark blue mustang. Smiling at Kumajiro as he talked and laughed with the bear, they were on their way home for a good night's sleep while Gilbert talked "business" with the big Russian guy known as Ivan, the scariest guy at their rival school.

So I decided to re do this and now I am glad that I did. I hope you enjoyed, and to me this just doesn't sound right but I'm not sure how to fix it. Whatever, I guess it'll do. Please, if you see something I didn't fix, then tell me. Also I don't own anything but the confusing plot line.

What will happen? What is gilbert doing talking to a bug scary Russian? Will Matthew ever ask Ludwig out? And where the heck did Kumajiro hid his last fish? I hope you read the next chapter to find out.