Juno tried to assist by ramming itself to one of their heads, but it was quickly suppressed with a powerful hit from a wrench. Juno went flying and landed near the NEXT. They continued their enjoyment. They knew they just caught some real fresh meat.

It was fortunate that Sera knew that such a situation might occur to her, however. She knew her body would attract many unwanted attention. If she was ever trapped, like right now, lustrous men will obviously rape her continuously until she is "used up". So she trained herself. She watched kung fu movies, trained close quarter combat privately, and practiced battle maneuvers in the Normal Warriors. All this made her an ultimate fighting machine, who will never stand down without a fight. Plus, she was a great deceiver.

The flunky soldiers discovered this the hard way.

"Wait, guys. I'll let you if you stop. Please!"

The soldiers stopped and looked at her. They stayed defensive, for they knew her piloting skills with a NORMAL. Sera attractively opened her legs, and gently touched the two trappers' heads. She made a seducing face to the two, and looked at them in the eyes. She began untying her suit, slowly, while fondling her breast. Her smile was lustrous. "Is this what you want?" She said this in a sexy manner. This causes the soldiers to gaze at her with lust in their minds, enough to throw off their focus. This was her chance.

Sera immediately grabbed the trappers' heads and rammed them together. They lost consciousness. She jumped up quickly, and thrust her foot through a soldier's abdomen, launching him backward to a tool cart. The other three realized they have been tricked, and quickly lunged at her. She swiftly dodged their tackle, and smashed one of their heads with a nearby wrench. One grabbed her legs, and dragged her down. The other clenched his fist, and aimed his fist at her face. She quickly grabbed the attack, and head butted him, throwing him back. Then she stomped the grabber's face and quickly rose to her feet. The confused soldier grabbed the wrench and tried to smash her. Sera dodged with amazing speed and hit his neck with extreme force, knocking him out cold.

She stood and gazed at the last soldier. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handgun. Her eyes widened, as it pointed to her head. The soldier loathed, "Die, you stupid, lousy, son of a –"

He never finished his line, for his head was smashed with forty pounds of metal. He fell to the floor. Juno flew over him, bloodstains all over his front. Sera sighed in relief, and walked to the fallen man. She gazed at him with disappointment and anger.

"I suggest we report this Sera." Juno asked.

"I already did."

A mysterious voice came from a dark corner. Sera and Juno turned to see it. It was a woman, a rather young one, with ash brown hair, and a slim figure. Her green eyes and flat mouth showed that she was a serious person. Wearing a leather jacket and black jeans, she appeared to be a pilot of a motorcycle.

Sera demanded, "Who are you?"

She responded, her face remaining the same. "I came here to give you your NEXT and your first mission, but it appears you got caught in a brawl. I'm impressed you took down six trained men."

Sera stayed cautious. "You still didn't answer my question."

She sighed, "Well, if you must know, my name is Wynne D. Fanchon."

Sera's eyes widen largely. Wynne D. Fanchon, Number 3 in best NEXT pilots, main LYNX of an incredible company, a living master. Sera smiled widely and squealed. She started jumping up and down, shouting out loud that Wynne is here, right in front of her eyes. Juno stared at her, as so did Wynne, portraying a face of disagreement. Sera ran to see her, and hugged her.

"Oh, I can't believe it! Wynne, one of my favorite LYNX of all time, right here! And she saw me kick a**!"

Wynne pushed her off, and stopped her active movements. "Your breast is showing."

Sera looked down and saw that the soldiers tore off her shirt and bra, revealing her chest. Sera blushed and turned away.

Wynne sighed again, and stated, "Maybe you should change in your NEXT. There's a battle suit waiting in there."

Sera heard her, and began walking up the iron stairs that lead to her NEXT's pilot seat. Juno followed.

"I still can't believe Wynne is here!" Sera said, "Isn't that incredible, Juno? And, I get to ride my first NEXT!"

"I am surprised you are still sane after what happen to you moments ago. Are you sure you can use this now?" Juno sounded worried.

Sera looked back with a grin. "I can manage. Besides, those guys didn't even have a chance!"

Sera reached the core of the NEXT, and entered it. "I was born ready to drive this. I trained so many times in the NEXT simulator, that I am a pro. Aren't I, Juno?"

Juno responded, "I think you may want to reconsider." It activated its light, and shined the interior. Sera was thrown off. The controls were the same as her simulator, but way more technologically advance. All the levers, buttons, foot panels, sticks, and even chair were different enough to confuse Sera.

"What the hell is this?" she exclaimed. She sat in the pilot seat, and activated the core. The monitors and buttons lit up, showing numbers and letters pass by. The controls spoke. "Activating Armored Core NEXT. Please insert ID." Sera followed, and entered her ID card into a slide. "Identified. Sera Starr Valor. LYNX pilot confirmed. NEXT preparing to operate. Loading. 100% complete. Entering normal mode."

The machine rumbled, and shuttered. Sera felt its movement, and cushioned herself. Juno found an empty cubic space, and entered it. Sera was ready.

"How are you doing up there?" Wynne was calling from below.

"I'm a little new to this, but I'll manage." Sera echoed.

"Alright, just wait there for a moment." Wynne ran off east, and entered her own NEXT, Reiterpallasch. It stirred, and stood to look at her. Its stance was majestic.

"Follow me," Wynne commanded, "we're going to Line Ark. That's where your first mission is."

The garage opened automatically, and showed the clean, yet hazardous sky. The sun was bright, but shine awkwardly, due to the poison that plagues Earth. A Cradle passing through momentarily blocked it.

"Let's go." Wynne's NEXT prepared itself, and opened its back, showing her back boosters. It glowed energetically, and launched her into the sky incredibly quickly.

"Ahhh, so you using Overed Boost…" Sera said. "Well two can play this game!"

She pressed a nearby triangular button, and her NEXT's back opened as well. It glowed, and launched her off into the sky, already hundreds of meters away from the garage. Sera's true life was about to begin.

To Chapter 3…