A/N: I have finally got around to writing one of my favorite pairings! Hope you all enjoy!

Disclaimer/Legal: I DO NOT own Power Rangers, I only own Mark, Mike, and Billy (they are my OCs).


Stars: Trent as himself and Kira as herself.

It has been years since the Dino Rangers defeated Messgog and Trent and Kira got married and had three boys, "Wow, I have three sons!" Trent said happily then he kissed his lovely wife Kira.

"Hey Dad, do you want to go outside and play football?" One of the sons said as he walked into the kitchen where Trent and Kira were.

"Sure Mark, we better get your brothers too." Trent said as he kissed Kira on the cheek and then he ran off to find his other two sons so they could play as well.

Kira just smiled; Mark hugged his mother before exiting the room, "Love you Mom!" Mark said then he ran out of his room and ran outside with Trent and his other two brothers who their names were Mike and Billy (not Billy Cranston if I may add).

"I love you too, and be careful!" Kira yelled to her son who just left the house.

Outside Trent and his other sons were playing football, "HIKE!" Trent yelled as Mark hiked the ball to him; Trent passed the ball to Mark who took off running, but Mark didn't catch it.

"AAWW, darn!" Mark yelled as he stomped his right foot on the ground.

"Better luck next time." Trent said as he walked up to his son Mark and patted him on the back while smiling.

"Yeah, I guess, let's do it again!" Mark said with a smile of hope on his face as a small breeze started up and the sun started going down.

"It'll have to wait until tomorrow, it's getting late and dinner is probably almost done." Trent replied as he looked around then he and his sons went back inside the house.

"I smell something good!" Trent said as he entered the kitchen and hugged his wife who was setting the table.

"It's almost done." Kira replied as she kissed her husband on the lips for a moment then pulled away because the sons ran in.

"Mom, can you ride a bike, because Mike says you can't, but I say you can." Billy said as he looked up at his mother.

"Yes, I can ride a bike." Kira replied then she picked up Billy and hugged him then she put him back down. "Why don't you and your brothers go play." Kira said as she patted her son on the bottom then all of their sons ran outside.

"The perfect mother." Trent said as he rubbed Kira's shoulders from behind her back.

For a moment Kira leaned her head on Trent's right shoulder then she went back to cooking dinner, after dinner it was bedtime for the kids, "Time to go to bed kids." Kira said then she got all of her sons to brush their teeth then they went to bed.

About a few hours later Trent and Kira went to bed; Kira was looking at a group picture of her team while sitting on the edge of her and Trent's bed, "So do you like Conner who is in the middle of the picture?" Trent asked as he walked over to her and sat down next to her.

"No, do you?" Kira replied as she turned her head to look at Trent who now had his arm around her shoulder.

"No, why would I like a air-head like him when a have a hot girl like you." Trent said as he leaned his head closer to her head; Trent slightly cocked his head to the side as they both kissed for a long moment as they both laid down on their sides still kissing.

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