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2. This is set five years after the last story. So Hope is about ten/eleven, Nik is five and Dib and Gaz are in their late twenties.

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The valet opened the door for Zim just as the car pulled up to the hotel. Zim shot a look towards the monkey-suited man and got out, looking at his new home for the next couple of days. Dib got out and smiled, "Stunning, isn't it?"

"Planet Dirt has better accommodation than this stink-hole," Zim grumbled as the valet began taking out the suitcases from the boot.

"Oh, do pretend to be enjoying yourself, won't you?" Dib said sarcastically as he stood next to the alien. Zim gave him a look, "Why did I agree to this again?"

They began walking inside, the poor valet trying desperately to cling onto the three heavy suitcases.

"You were being nice?"

They stopped and looked at one another. They burst out laughing, almost near tears as they roared in utter entertainment. Their laughter died down as they continued to walk into the building, "No, Seriously. Why am I here?" Zim continued.

Dib looked at the alien as he placed a hand on the door to the hotel

The bizarre family sat together at the table, quietly eating their dinner. Dib, Gaz, little Nik and Hope had the spaghetti with tomato sauce. Tunica had the salad. And Zim and Skoodge stuck with their cola, munching on a doughnut for their supper. Tunica rolled a Rosa tomato back and forth on her plate, her mind on other things. Nik thumped his fork on the spaghetti, not yet grasping the concept of actually eating this new plaything. Zim and Skoodge took small sips of their drinks, rather bored at this point in time.

Gaz gave a sigh. This isn't what she had in mind for 'quality family time'. She looked up from her plate of red strands, "Okay, guys. Here's the deal. We only see each other like this once a day. Either we're at work or at school or whatever! So stop pretending your vocal cords don't work and someone start talking before I used this fork and get them warmed up for you!"

Everyone looked at her and then at one another, a bit horrified by this scary woman's sudden outburst. "Eh…how is work going, Dib?" Tunica tried, her shaky hand moving her fork for a carrot slice now.

Dib began twirling a piece of spaghetti around his fork, not really phased by his sister's threat. He had kinda gotten used to them over the years, "Pretty lousy. I'm so tired of people sending in all these false…"

"And I'm already bored," Zim said in a sigh, breaking off a piece of doughnut. Dib shot him a look.

"Don't you have some big conference coming up, dad?" Hope mentioned, taking a sip of her apple juice.

"What's a 'con-fur-ants'?" little Nik stumbled over as he looked at the grownups in a confused manner.

"It's like a meeting for old people," Skoodge tried explaining.

Tunica gave a small smile at that one as she stuffed a piece of lettuce in her mouth. Dib looked at his daughter lovingly, "Yes, in fact, my 'meeting of old people' is in a few days' time. I'll be gone for about a week and I'm really stressing for it."

"How come, I thought you told me yesterday you were ready for it," Gaz inquired, giving her brother a curious look.

"The guy who was coming with me got food poisoning or had an incident with some genetic food eating him or something like that and now I don't have anyone to go with."

"Well, usually you do all the work at these things anyway, Dib," Tunica mention, "You don't need some mannequin there as a prop. Go solo this time, be a man!"

"That sounds very tempting, Tunica, but I need someone there anyway, even if they are a prop. The conference calls for two representatives from each Swollen Eyeball HQ to be there, regardless of whether or not they do anything," he sighed, taking a sip of his wine.

"Then take someone else," Skoodge mentioned, shaking his can to see if there was any more cola left.

"It's not that easy, Skoodge. Everyone I've checked with in the office is busy with another case or is too much of an idiot to actually come. We do want to show the leaders of the Swollen Eyeball that we know what we're doing, you know."

Gaz looked around, giving a look, "Why not take a family member?"

Dib looked at her and was about to say something, when he stopped. "You know, that's not a bad idea, actually."

He then realized something and went back to eating, "Actually, that's a terrible idea."

"And why's that?"

He looked up, looking at the four aliens and the wingless fairy before him. He looked back at his sister, "Have you met this family?"

"I resent that," Tunica mentioned, giving Dib a grin.

"Well, seeing as you're relatively normal…and more human than the other two, why not come along then?" Dib inquired.

"I can't. I'm helping Hope with her Biology project," Tunica said, looking back down at her nearly empty plate.

"Yeah, we've gotta grow something exotic and unique for the class to see, daddy! Aunty Tunica is helping me grow Sun Flowers!"

Dib gave her a look, "What's so exotic about a sunflower?"

Tunica sat straight, for a moment looking offend. "Not those boring things that you see on the side of the road. A Sun Flower is a near extinct cave flower that magicians used when they were lacking power with the element of fire. They get their name from the vibrancy their petals produce. They are a stunning scarlet, orangey color with yellow tints. They are very rare and have quite a few magical properties to them. Dear Aunty here has a few seeds that she will be helping Hope nurse into a beautiful plant."

"What about you, Gaz?" Skoodge asked. Gaz shook her head, "Bloaty's is releasing a new pizza next week. A vegetarian option so my little darlings can have something as well when we order in," she smiled at her niece and nephew, "I have to be here for my own conference and unveiling."

Dib gave a sigh, looking at Zim and Skoodge. They gave Dib a look, shaking their heads, "No, no, no and NO!" they both said, folding their arms.

"And, why not," Gaz said, putting her fork down, having finished of the last bit of food.

"Think about it like this, Gaz. It's like taking a rat to be dissected and putting it in a room full of scientists," Skoodge mentioned, waving his hand in a circle.

Hope gave a slight giggle, "You just compared yourself to rats," she mumbled.

"What happened to you two constantly telling me that you were so in disguise as humans while you were stationed on Earth, which you could even walk into a room full of scientists and not be noticed?" Tunica mentioned, smirking at the two.

They blushed and looked at one another. Skoodge raised his hands, "Well, I have to stay home anyway. I…er, lost my disguise…and I need to keep an eye on Tunica."

Tunica shot up in a straight position once more, giving Skoodge a confused sort of smile, "Don't you use me as your excuse as to why you are too afraid to go to this thing. I'm a big girl; I can fend for myself, thank you very much."

Skoodge looked away, still blushing. Dib looked at Zim, a sigh almost dying to come out of his mouth. Zim stood in a rush, everyone looking up at him, "NO! I refuse to be your man and kin…!"

"Mannequin," Tunica corrected.

"Go find some other human monkey to be your accessory for your stupid information exchange thing!" he walked away from the table in a huff.

Everyone looked at one another. Dib gave a sigh, "So, Gaz. Feeling a bit better about us talking now?"

Gaz gave a look.

Dib gave Zim a slight grin and pushed open the door. They looked around in awe. This place was HUGE and very expensive. Decorations for the conference hung along the fabric coated walls. A chandelier hung precariously above the two. Stunning gold color sofas scattered along the foyer along with engraved pine coffee tables. Dib looked flabbergasted, "I finally see where the budget cuts went to."

Zim snapped out of it and looked at Dib, "Where's my room? I want to get as far away from you as I can."

The receptionist, a fine and well groomed woman, walked up to the two, "Welcome to the Donatello Suite Hotel. Are you two here for the Swollen Eyeball Conference?"

"Yes, I'm Investigator Dib," he said, politely shaking her hand as Zim just stared at her overly poufy hair, "Could you show us to our rooms?"

"I was just about to ask you if you'd like me to," she giggled in an all too high pitched voice. Zim cringed as she walked towards the tilting staircase before them, "Follow me."

Zim grabbed a hold of the human's arm before he could walk forward, "If they find her dead, do you think they'd suspect me or do you think everyone else notices her annoyingness too and will understand why she died?"

Dib gave him a look.

"So, it must be quite the thrill being a Paranormal Investigator, eh?" The annoying receptionist said as the three walked down the endless hallways.

Dib tried very hard not to sigh, "Yeah, it's pretty amazing."

"You must meet a lot of interesting people," she said, turning and trying not to make eye contact with Zim. The alien was already annoyed enough.

"That tends to be the case."

"Is that how you two met?"

Dib and Zim glanced at one another, giving each other a strange look, before Dib looked back at the woman, "You could say that."

"Yeah, it must be hard meeting life partners nowadays," she stopped, reaching their doors. Zim and Dib gave a horrified look and glanced at one another, gagging. She opened the first door and then the door opposite it, "Okay. Here are your rooms, and your cards. You each get one card for your door and then one for your partner's door…"

"PLEASE stop calling us partners," Zim said in a dark tone.

The woman looked at her, "Sorry. Would you prefer me to call you two a couple instead? I'm not entirely sure what the correct term is."

Zim was about to attack her when Dib grabbed a hold of the fuming alien's arms as he almost growled, "That'll be all, thanks."

She gave a nod and walked off. Zim pulled himself free and dusted off his jacket, "What a fucking airhead. You humans are so judgmental! If my children inherit that from you're fifthly DNA, I swear to Irk…"

"I love how they become your children when it involves my DNA in anyway,' Dib said, folding his arms, "Look, Zim, ignore that blonde bimbo and come on. We have a long day tomorrow so go, get some rest."

Dib handed Zim his cards and was about to head into his room when the alien shook his head, "Dib-human!"

Dib looked back at him, "What?"

"I don't want you to have a card to my room. I know your game!"

"…Zim, we've been together for five years now and you still don't trust me? Come on," Dib said, quite annoyed.

"Blah, blah, blah!" Zim said, shaking his head as he rolled his eyes. Dib sighed, "Look, Zim. The card is in case of an emergency. If you lose your card, by accident. If I'm being attacked by a madman, alien. The usual stuff, Look, I promise I won't use it unless it's a real emergency. Okay?"

Zim eyeballed the human suspiciously. He then grunted and grabbed his bags, slamming his room's door behind him.

Dib sighed, "God, this is gonna be a long couple of days.