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"Will you please stop doing that!? I'm not taking it out!" Lee Narr grumbled at the fidgeting half human.

Tunica shot her a weak glare, folding her arms in discomfort.

Tunica lay on the cold hard metal bed with a few pillows behind her head, a tube now down her throat. A specialized mask that practically covered her mouth prevented this young magician from talking...and was at this point in time keeping her alive. But Tunica never had time for minor problems like that.

Hope walked in meekly with her dad. Zim had just 'finished' his shift, basically running out of the kitchen when his daughter came to him in hysterics, yelling Aunty Tunica had collapsed and wouldn't wake up.

They walked over to her, the drained Spellcaster trying to give them a smile which wasn't seen clearly through the mask.

Zim though wasn't smiling back. He looked at Lee Narr, "What…?"

Lee Narr sighed, looking over her clip board, "Tunica's lungs gave out on her."

"What?" Zim looked panicked.

Tunica waved her hands, telling him not to freak out. Lee Narr continued, looking at them, "She's not fully human. Her lungs are weaker than that of an actual human from what I've gathered. Due to a tremendous amount of stress, added to working in the thick grimy engines below…her lungs gave out and she collapsed from lack of oxygen basically. We've given her this special breathing mask in the meantime while her lungs strengthen up a bit. She'll be fine after some rest, but someone is being particularly difficult now that she is awake."

Tunica gave her a look, shaking her head as she mocked her. Zim half smiled, "Yeah, that does sound like Tunica."

Hope held her aunt's hand, "Are…are you going to be alright?"

Tunica nodded, smiling slightly. She pulled Lee Narrs arm, trying to get her attention. She made motions with her hands as she pretended to be writing on a piece of paper in thin air.

Lee Narr nodded, going off to find something to help her talk.

Zim sat on the edge of the bed, "Tunica…I…I'm sorry."

Tunica gave him a look. She had to admit, having Zim apologize still felt weird. She shrugged, looking confused. He looked away, "I brought you into this mess. I…"

Tunica hit him hard in the arm. He yelped and looked at her. She was giving him a look as Lee Narr returned with a phone-looking device with keys and such on it, "Just type what you want to say into this and it will read it back to them."

Tunica gave it a look, sighing in her head. She hated small keys. She never was good with technology that involved typing and incredibly small keys.

She began pressing the buttons awkwardly, giving an annoyed look as the device began speaking, "You do not need to ne…" she grumbled, back spacing, "be sorry. I wanted and meeded…" she was losing patience now, "needed to be here for you, regardless of the risk. Besides, this is a minor injure. I'll be put…" she shook her head, "out and about soon enough, so stop worrying."

Zim looked at her, as did Hope, nodding slightly. Zim looked at Lee Narr, "Do you know what may have triggered Tunica's stress to such a high level."

"Well, that depends. What were you doing when Hope came to get me, Tunica?" Lee Narr looked at the wired up Spellcaster.

She gave a look. She couldn't tell them that she was talking to Dib for two reasons: Zim didn't need to know that the father of his children finally realized he had raped the alien…and she really couldn't stand trying to type that out on this stupid piece of machinery right now.

Hope began speaking instead, "She was stressed over daddy's operation while trying to calm me down about it. She suddenly collapsed over and asked me to call you, Nurse Lee Narr."

Tunica's antennae rose slightly.

Lee Narr nodded, "Well, Tunica. You'll have to spend a few days here resting before you can get back to work. I'll have a word with Lard Narr to see if we can move you out of the engines and working somewhere else on the ship."

Tunica nodded, lying back.

Lee Narr went out, having other work to complete. Tunica looked at the stupid device and threw it into the wall, shaking her head.

Hope looked at Zim, "Dad, can you go get Aunty Tunica's Sun Flower? It might help make her feel better."

Zim nodded, "Alright sweetheart. You can keep your aunt company till I get back."

When she was sure Zim was gone, she looked at her aunt. Tunica gave a strange look, "You lied for me. Why?"

Hope looked around. That was definitely her aunt's voice…but where was it coming from. "Sorry, decided using some of my reading mind powers would come in handy for the moment"

"Oh," Hope said out loud. She looked down, "You were talking to Daddy Dib, huh? You said Daddy Zim couldn't know about it yet, so…"

Tunica gave a small smile, "Thank you, Hope."

She looked up at her aunt, "Aunty Tunica, I…I hope you feel better soon, okay?"

Tunica nodded, "Doing better already."

Hope got up, going to find her dad.

Tunica lifted a hand, Hope turning. Tunica half closed her eyes in a worried manner, "Hope, keep safe. I don't want you getting yourself into trouble. I know what you're thinking."

Hope looked over at her, frowning, before she walked out. Tunica lay further down into the bed, staring at the ceiling, "It's not easy having two stubborn people to work with, now is it?"

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