Do You Remember Me?

I have decided to re-write this one changing a few things.

Disclaimer: I do not own Primeval, or its characters. They belong to Impossible pictures.

Connor sighed and looked at his watch. He had been in his Lab since eight o'clock that morning. It was now 10.30 pm. Connor thought back to the events of that day. Such a crazy day it had been too!

It had started when he had caught Abby trying to get into his lab, trying to sneak around. Keeping secrets from him. That had hurt. Did she not trust him anymore?

He loved her, he truly did, but he began to wonder if she reciprocated his feelings. Did she hate Philip that much? That she would try to make up stories about him? She had told him that Philip had known Helen Cutter. But she had no proof that Philip was being controlled by her. They had argued in the corridor outside his lab, with Abby asking the question that was on his lips... 'What's happening to us?'

He felt as if their relationship was crumbling, his heart breaking with it, and he now felt more alone than ever before.

He had swallowed his pride and continued working, but he could not help but feel a lump in his throat when he had managed to open an anomaly in his lab. Matt, Emily and Abby had come in to investigate when the anomaly alert had gone off. All he had wanted was for Abby to be proud of him, but she had not even congratulated him on such a momentous occasion.

Then thousands of bugs came pouring through. His thoughts went back to Philip and he couldn't help but wonder if he had really aborted that computer program that would have killed everyone inside the ARC.

He groaned and rubbed his eyes, as he picked up his mobile phone to call Abby. He dialled the number and waited for her to answer. Hoping that she would still talk to him, that she wouldn't turn away from him. She was his world, and he would fall apart without her.

"Hi honey, where are you?" Abby mumbled she sounded tired.

"Still in my Lab... Sorry I should have come home ages ago, I was just clearing up with all the mess that those bugs made." He apologised. "They've really buggered up the electrics. Where are you? Did I wake you?"

"I'm at the flat. I'd fallen asleep waiting for you." Abby yawned. She had been feeling very tired recently.

"I'm coming home now. Be there soon. Don't wait up for me." He clicked the stop button on his phone. Pleased that Abby had not shunned him. He picked up his jacket and prepared to go home. First, there was something he had to do, something he had to confirm... He would only find the information he needed at Prospero. He needed to check. He knew that the information he needed would be available there.

Getting into his car, he drove off, to the Prospero Building.

Abby collapsed back onto the couch where she had fallen asleep. The day had been a tough one for her. She had betrayed Connor's trust, and she felt awful for it. She had copied Connor's hard drive, gone behind his back, and she hated herself for it. She had let Philip come between her and Connor. She sniffed as she wondered if Connor would ever forgive her. But she knew what Danny had said, she trusted Danny when he said that Philip was involved with Helen. She trusted Matt with the information he had given, and instinct told her that Philip was not to be trusted.

"Was that Connor?" Jess rubbed her eyes.

"Yeah, he'll be back soon." Abby focused on Jess. She could never get used to seeing Jess without any make-up on.

"Sorry, I fell asleep on the couch while you were in the bath. How are you feeling now?" Abby recalled how Jess had been bitten by one of the bugs that had triggered an allergic reaction.

Becker had behaved very strangely. He had been very protective of Jess; he had carried her to her car, and then to the medical bay, trying to find her an Epi-pen. He had been very adamant that he was going to find some adrenaline for her. Even risking his life before they were sure it was ok to go out. After he had finally injected Jess with it he had made a very fast exit. Something about having Security Stuff to deal with. Abby and Connor had known that the FCO harboured a crush on the handsome Captain Becker. It had been obvious from the very first moment they had met.

As time went on it became clear, to Abby anyway, that the Captain liked the young girl too. He brought her chocolate, did things for her that he would not do for anyone else. She hoped that it was not going to be a repeat performance of her and Connor. They had spent years dancing around each other refusing to acknowledge feelings that they had for one another until they were trapped in the Cretaceous. The whole year of being the only two people on earth had certainly brought them together. She wished Becker and Jess could just get it together. They would make a great couple.

"I'm O.K. The Adrenaline sorted me and then the bath... Well I feel much better now." Jess recalled. She stretched, the action making her feel much, much better. But, at the moment she was worried about Abby. Her friend had not been eating properly and looked ill.

"I just wanted to ask you what you wanted to eat, but when I came back from the kitchen you were fast asleep." Jess sat down opposite Abby. "Are you alright Abby, you look very pale."

"Yeah, I'm fine, I haven't been very hungry recently, and I've been exhausted. I know that there's been lots of anomaly related activity recently, so that's probably why I feel really run down."

"Do you want me to fix you anything? There's some leftovers in the fridge, I ordered Chinese."

Abby thought about having something to eat, she had a funny taste in her mouth, as if she had been sucking on her car keys. "Nah I don't think I could eat anything at the moment, I don't feel too good."

"I'll put some tea on then; maybe that might make you feel better." Jess got up and went to the kitchen. Abby got up to follow; she had to pause for a moment to adjust her bearings. Holding one hand to her head, she went with Jess.

"You don't have to do that, here I'll help, milk in the fridge? Right?"

Abby opened the fridge door and picked up the milk. She could smell the Chinese chicken. She groaned as her stomach started to turn. She clamped her hand to her mouth, passed the milk to Jess and ran to the bathroom.

Jess had to take a minute to digest what had happened. Something was not right with Abby. She had been acting very strangely. Ever since Abby and Connor had comeback from that seaside town. They had taken their time coming back from there too. She heard her friend throwing up and decided to see if there was anything, she could do to help.

"Abby are you alright? Should I call a doctor? Here, have a glass of water." Jess reached for the glass on the medicine cabinet.

"Thanks Jess."

Jess leaned against the bathroom sink.

"Are you ok now?"

"Yeah, just the smell of that Chinese, made me all funny." Abby sighed, clutching her still queasy stomach.

"Hmmm. If I didn't know you any better I'd have said that you were pregnant." Jess walked past Abby back to her kitchen.

Abby took her time to think. That couldn't be right. Morning sickness only happened in the morning. ... Didn't it? She decided to ask Jess. She walked back to the kitchen.

"Tea, Coffee or something else? I've made myself a coffee." asked Jess.

"Mmm, that coffee smells nice," Abby decided. It was unusual for her to have a coffee; she was more a tea drinker. Abby asked Jess about the 'morning sickness'.

"Oh, that can happen at any time of day during the first trimester. My cousin told me when she had her eldest." Jess explained to Abby that although she was an only child, she had cousins that were like an older brother and sister. When her cousin fell pregnant, she kept telling her all these details like a strange taste in that wouldn't go away, and how she kept throwing up all day, how tired she always was, and how overjoyed she was at not having a period for nine months. Abby's mouth fell open.

"You're not... Are you?" Jess looked at her friend. Abby couldn't believe it. She did some quick thinking.

"Oh boy," Abby groaned, as she realised she was at least two weeks late.

"Here try this." Jess returned to her bathroom and came out with a strange looking blue box.

"Why would you have one of these?" Abby asked.

"My friend left it here when she thought she was pregnant. She wasn't." Jess lied.

"Jess?" Abby questioned in an admonishing tone.

"O.k. it's mine. I had to use it, months ago, before the ARC." Jess stammered.

"Ok, I'll give it a go, but I'll need to drink this coffee first."

They talked over coffee, mostly about Jess' cousin and her pregnancy. Then they wondered why Connor was taking his time coming home. Finally Abby was ready to use the Pregnancy Test. She came out of the bathroom smiling.

Jess squealed with joy before jumping up and hugging the older woman. It would be so exciting to see Abby go through her pregnancy.

"Connor's gonna flip when I tell him." Abby grinned. "By the way where is he, what's taking him?" She picked up her phone.

"You're not going to tell him over the phone are you?" Jess asked.

"Nah just to find out where he is." She dialled Connor's number.

A strange female voice answered. "Hello, who is this?"

The two timing cheat! She was now convinced that April was the other woman in his life, and he was with her now. Abby pictured him in her flat, in her bed or bathroom and the bitch was now answering his phone! It wasn't enough that she taunted her at work, she was now handling all his calls too!

"Um, I was looking for Connor Temple? Can you tell him that Abby is looking for him?"

"Does he drive an Astra registration number M 8 LAN?" The female asked, strangely she didn't sound like April. April had a much higher, irritating tone to her voice. This woman's voice was much softer. Who was this woman, and how did she have Connor's phone?

"That is Connor's car, why do you want to know?" Abby began to get angry.

"My name's PC Tyler. Who are you and how are you related to Connor?"

"I'm Connor's girlfriend!" Abby sat back further into the sofa. "Got a problem with that?" She listened to the woman for a moment and then, grumbling, she disconnected the phone.

"What's happened?" enquired Jess.

"I don't know just somebody called Tyler! Weird person; knows a lot about Connor!" Abby growled.

What if Connor had been seeing some one behind her back? He had been very different since coming back from the Cretaceous. Did her copying of his hard drive; finally drive a wedge between them?

Was there someone else? Did Connor still love her? Suddenly she felt very uncomfortable. If he had been with someone else she would never forgive him.