Do You Remember Me?

Just then they heard a voice come across the tanoy. Both men looked at each other incredulously. Philip had started the countdown.






Connor got into position ready to change the polarity. He tried to look at what he was doing and ended up staring straight down. He gulped. One slip would certainly mean death. He took a deep breath. He would have to do this blind, using only his fingers to sense what he was doing.


Connor saw the polarity cable and followed it down with his hand. He struggled to detached the positive polarity.


He gave it one sharp tug and then he had done it. Matt hammered on the main control room door. Begging Philip to stop the countdown.


He then felt for the Negative polarity with his fingers, found it!

Abby and Emily gathered alongside Becker. Watching Connor, hardly daring to breathe. Abby silently prayed that he would be successful with his mission.


Connor re-attached to the negative polarity. Yes he had done it! This should halt the anomaly being made. Connor crept back slowly.

Someone in the main control room flicked a switch, rendering Connor's efforts useless.


Connor was too late in climbing down. The anomaly opened, sucking him into an unknown time and location. Unbeknown to the team the anomaly in Connor's lab also opened.

"Connor... No! ..." Abby screamed in horror. The sight of Connor being sucked into an anomaly left her feeling numb and her legs gave way beneath her. Becker put his arms around Abby. Thus stopping her from falling and also following Connor into the anomaly. He would not allow it this time.

Suddenly Abby felt a sharp pang in her stomach and she doubled over in agony. Tears rolling down her face. Was she losing the baby...? She hoped not... To lose Connor and the baby would be too much.

"Connor come back... Come back..." she sobbed. The words becoming a chant.

On the main wall in front of Philip was a huge TV screen. Through the doors behind him Matt watched events unfolding, the anomaly opening and Connor disappearing in absolute silence, stunned as to what he had seen. Philip had stood by and watched as Connor had climbed onto the machine trying to alter it. He had even flicked the main switch causing the Anomaly to open after Connor had changed the polarity.

Connor looked around him and took in the barren landscape. Where was he? He groaned as he saw a creature he recognised lolloping towards him. It was a future predator closing the distance between them. He was in the future. A future where nothing grew. A barren, desolate place inhabited by predators. He dropped his head back onto the dusty ground beneath him.

He had helped create this future. He had made it happen. It made him sad, angry and depressed that he had not seen it before. This is what the world comes to he thought. I caused this. I caused this and should be condemned to being left here.

He heard sounds coming from the anomaly. As if someone were calling him, chanting his name. He suddenly had the urge to go back. Was someone calling him? It sounded like Abby. She sounded distraught and as if she were in pain. Connor's thought once again turned to Abby. If he went back, would she have him? He really did love her. If she didn't have him back... He shook his head. That thought wasn't worth contemplating. Abby sounded really distressed. He felt a twinge around his heart. It was if Abby's voice was pulling at his heart strings through the anomaly. He decided then he could not leave her like this. He had to try to go back.

Connor looked around to see if he could see the anomaly he had been thrown from. It was just behind him. He hadn't been flung too far. He stood up and cried out in agony as he noticed that his leg was bleeding again. It hadn't been that long since he had injured his leg and again he had scraped it really badly. Fresh blood seeping from the old injury. If only he could... stand.

Connor stumbled and fell. If only he could reach the anomaly, he would be home, safe. The voices he heard encouraged him, almost invisibly pulling. He gathered what was left of his strength and crawled. He crawled and crawled until he was there. He began to reach through the anomaly. His hand touched upon something cold and hard, and he pulled himself through.

Connor crawled through the anomaly. He expected to be back at Prospero, but this was different. He was in some sort of Lab...

Hang on... this was HIS Lab... At the ARC. Connor remembered his earwig. "Can anybody hear me?" he shouted as he inserted it into his ear. "Hello... is anybody there?" Had he fallen into a future version of the ARC where no-one heard him? Was everyone dead? He tried again. "Hello..."

There was a crackle on his comms. "Connor is that you?" Abby whispered. He heard her shout across to Matt to wait.

"Connor where are you? Hold on mate, I'm coming to get you..." Connor wondered where Matt was going to go. Only then did Connor realise that Matt was going to go looking for him.

Jess had watched the dots on the screen telling her of the team's movements. She too was horrified when Connor's identifying signal had disappeared through the anomaly. She carried on tracking. Then she had saw something strange occur... Connor's ID signal flashed up here in the ARC. She relayed this information over to Matt.

Connor felt so relieved. Hold on... Had he fallen into the right time? He questioned Abby about the time period, pleased and relieved when she told him the expected date.

"I ... I... I'm back at the ARC... In my lab..." Suddenly Connor remembered what was happening.

He leapt up, clenching his teeth and ignoring the pain in his leg as he sprinted towards the Hub, leaving the door to his lab wide open.

"Jess do you mind?" he shouted as he got there. He reached over and began tapping the keys furiously.

"No...!" He shouted as the data on the screen showed him what he feared the most.

"Get out o' there guys. That thing's gonna to blow... It's not stable... it's gonna explode! Get out of there!" Connor screamed into the Comms link. "You've got... 3 minutes! To get out! You hear me! 3 MINUTES."

He dropped his head as he heard the exchange between Becker, Abby, Emily and Matt. They were running. Becker carrying Abby, as she could not move.

Jess monitored the team's movements. "They're out of the building..."

Lester, Jess and Connor were stood around the hub watching the CCTV footage in horror as the building which housed Prospero was blown apart. They watched as the huge anomaly was forced to close. Behind them, in the corridor, a shadow emerged.

"Shush shush, what's that noise?" Connor was suddenly alerted by sounds behind them.

Terror gripped him.

There behind them was a Future predator!

The creature had its back to them.

Connor gulped. "I don't think it's seen us. It must have followed me through the anomaly, don't make a sound" he whispered, looking at Lester. He glanced sideways towards the wall at something glinting. Of course it was Becker's Extra EMD's. He signalled to Lester and Jess to follow him. Connor motioned to Jess to remove her shoes. They crept towards the EMD's. Connor grabbed one and checked that it was loaded before throwing it to Jess. He grabbed another and repeated the process this time he threw it to Lester. He grabbed one for himself.

Jess moved backwards as Connor moved past her. Her thigh knocking into a metal tray that had been left. They all flinched when the tray crashed into the ground. The sound resonating around the Hub.

The creature turned around and snarled. It looked hungry.

"Run!" breathed Connor. He sprinted across the hub and hid behind one of the many desks in the room. Lester and Jess following him. He winced as the pain in his leg increased. Lester noted Connor's injury. "What now?" he whispered.

A voice came through the Comms.

"We're on our way back now, the anomaly closed behind us." Matt informed them.

"Matt wait, there's future predators in the ARC." Connor whispered into his comms, fearing that if he spoke any louder, they would be found by the future predators.

"There's more than one."

Connor turned to Lester. "We have to split up. We have more of a chance killing these things if we separate." Connor crept round to the edge of the desk until he could see the future predator. He fired a shot felling the creature. His aim had become considerably better in the Cretaceous, something he was very pleased about.

"Stay here," he whispered to Lester. Connor crept towards the corridor, keeping his EMD high up and ready to shoot.

Matt looked back at Abby in the car. Emily had found a blanket and wrapped it around Abby. She sat beside her. "How are you feeling Abby?" Emily asked.

"Better, better now that I know Connor's safe and at the ARC."

"I dunno about safe Abby, Connor's just told me that there's a Future predator in there." Matt wasn't sure if he should be telling her, but hoped that she would get strength from knowing Connor needed their help.

Matt watched her reaction in his mirror.

Abby took a deep breath, and straightened her back. Matt nodded; she would be strong enough to see this mission through. As they got back to the ARC, Matt relayed orders to Becker. They were to go in and kill any predators in sight. Lester, Connor and Jess were still inside.

Becker's heart missed a beat. Jess was still inside, with future predators. Fresh beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. A painful memory flashed across his eyes.

Sarah Page had been hurt by one of these predators. He had been surrounded by predators himself and had not been able to save her. That had hurt too. After that he had sworn never to let anyone go through an anomaly.

He took a deep breath, this is not happening again, Not To Jess!

"We'll take this floor by floor. O.K.?" Becker asked Matt who nodded in agreement.

They trudged through the ARC. Keeping a look out for any predators, EMD's at the ready as they went. Slowly they checked each room.

Jess looked terrified; she had blood smeared across her face. Lester had been very brave trying to shoot one of the predators. Unfortunately they were very fast. Shooting them was impossible if you weren't trained. Lester had been bitten before Connor had shot the creature from behind. How she had hated that. The sight of Lester being attacked had upset her and now she crouched behind a desk EMD in hand. She had pulled Lester to one side and now sat next to him, trying to stop him bleeding, shivering.

Becker saw the blood streaking across the Operations Room floor. A lump rose in his throat. He winced at the thought of whose blood it could be. He didn't want it to be anybody's, including Lester. He followed the trail. He turned the corner sharply and pointed his EMD. He pointed it away quickly, relieved to have found Jess and Lester. "Matt, I've found Lester and Jess."

"Any sign of Connor?

"I'm here guys!" Connor stood up. He called from across the room. Abby took a deep breath, pleased and relieved to have heard Connor's voice.

Suddenly there was movement behind Jess and she was knocked to the ground. She rolled on the ground and found herself face to face with a predator. She screamed as loudly as she could.

Jess's screaming seemed to freeze the predator in his tracks. Long enough for Becker to shoot.

"It's O.K. Jess I'm here... I'm here now." He helped her up and gave her a big hug.

"How many predators were there?" Matt asked.

"Three," answered Connor. "I managed to kill one when it went for Lester."

That left one more.

"Abby, behind you" Matt shouted.

Becker told Jess to scream again.

The creature froze as the sound disrupted everything. Connor, Matt, Emily and Becker levelled their EMD's and shot the creature.

The whole team breathed a sigh of relief.

That was all of the predators. Dead.

Becker was holding Jess. All he had eyes for was Jess. His sweet Jess. His sweet terrified Jess.

"It's O.K. to let go now" she smiled at him, as her breathing returned to normal.

"Connor can you help me get Lester to the Medical bay?" Matt asked. Connor nodded.

Connor paused as he went to walk past Abby. There was so much he wanted to say. He opened his mouth, and closed it again. He wasn't sure she wanted to hear any of it.

Not wanting to meet her gaze, he looked down to the ground and walked past. There would be time to talk later.

Abby watched Connor approaching. He was about to say something. Did he get his memory back? Maybe he had knocked his head when he was on the other side of the anomaly. The doctor did say that memories could come back in this manner. She watched as Connor closed his mouth, looked to the away and carried on walking.

Abby looked down to the ground herself, an ache started in her heart. Did Connor not love her anymore?

She took a deep breath. 'I'm not going to let him do this to me anymore.' She thought to herself. It was make or break time. She would tackle Connor once Lester had been taken to the medical room. They had to sit down and talk. The whole team began to follow Lester to the medical room. Abby followed very slowly behind.

She got to the top of the steps when her head started spinning.

"Guys..." she mumbled. Dizziness overcame her. She stumbled at the top of the steps and fell backwards. Hitting her head as she fell.

"Abby!" Connor shouted. He let go of Lester's arm and let Becker take over. He rushed towards her. Gently he pulled her onto his lap. Cradling her, kissing her, stroking her hair and rocking gently to and fro'. How he missed these moments when there was just the two of them. He moved a stray hair away from Abby's face.

Abby regained her senses a few moments later. She was aware of a smell. A very familiar smell. She had her head nestled on Connor's chest. She breathed in this relaxing smell. A very delicious smell. It smelled like Connor in the Cretaceous. Abby snapped her eyes open as she remembered the smell.

It WAS Connor!

A very sweaty Connor!

Normally she would have recoiled at the smell of sweat, but this was strangely alluring. She breathed in deeply taking in more of his scent, pleased that his aftershave had worn off. Connor gently kissed her forehead and then her soft lips.

The day's events came flooding back. She tried to say something. There was something very important she needed to tell Connor.

"Connor we need to talk," she shifted in his lap.

"Ow!" Pain shot up Connor's leg where Abby's jeans had rubbed against him. Abby looked down to where he was pointing.

"Oh, Connor you're hurt! Sorry, I didn't know." Fully awake now she stood up slowly from Connor's lap.

"I'm O.K. ... You?" Connor asked. Abby saw the concern in his face.

"Yeah... fine... We should get you to the medical bay too." Abby helped Connor up.

Supporting each other they walked slowly to the medical bay. As they reached it Abby decided that she should ask Connor something.

"Connor, you remember that you had amnesia? ... What do you remember about us?" Abby needed to be sure.

"About that Abby... I didn't actually have Amnesia."

Abby stopped. She looked at Connor. "What are you trying to say?" Connor gulped. Oh boy was she mad at him now!

She pushed him into the Medical Bay. The rest of the team turned to see what the commotion was all about.

"Doctor! This man is going to need your help once I've finished with him!" Abby shouted turning to Becker who still had his EMD in his hand and grabbing it.

"You'd better explain yourself Connor Temple ...!" Abby shouted and pointed the EMD at Connor.

"You don't want to do that Abby," Matt tried to take the EMD away from her.

"Let her get on with it" Becker whispered to him. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Matt looked at Becker, then at Abby who had the EMD in her hand and then at Connor.

"Stay out of this Matt!" Abby growled pointing the EMD at Matt.

"Connor you'd better beg for mercy, coz I can't help you now." Matt surrendered and took two steps back. He wondered what was going on, but the look on Becker's face seemed to be saying 'She has a reason for doing this'.

Abby pointed the EMD back at Connor.

Connor fell to his knees.

"Ow!" he decided that being prostrate on the floor would be less painful than kneeling. "Abby please hear me out, don't shoot me. PLEASE!" Connor begged.

Abby watched as Connor squirmed at her feet. The scene being almost comical. She bit her lip trying desperately not to smile. She smiled slowly. Licked her lips and giggled. Slowly she put the EMD down. She couldn't shoot him. He was just ... being Connor.

Crazy, geeky, stupid, but lovable Connor!

"Oh Connor, get up." She shook her head at him. "You'd better have a very good explanation!" She waited until Connor stood up. "Well?"

Connor started to explain how after the beetle's coming through the anomaly, Philip had initiated a Gamma wave. How the Gamma wave would have destroyed everything and everyone in the entire ARC. He went on to say that, Philip had not aborted the instruction at all, and that if the beetles had not caused the destruction that they had, they would not be here. He went on to say that he felt completely responsible for what had happened.

"You see Philip still needed my help to complete his project. I knew that if I said I couldn't remember any of it he'd be stuck, and it would take him longer to finish the Anomaly Opening Device. I just didn't have the guts to tell you until now. I'm sorry, I really am!" Abby heard what he was saying and heard the sincerity in his voice. In a way she felt betrayed that he hadn't told her.

"Besides, since we've come back from the Cretaceous, things have changed between us. I wanted to see how you'd react. To find out if you still loved me, I'm sorry if I've hurt you, I didn't mean to. Abby..." Connor stopped and gazed at Abby. A tear rolled down his cheek.

"Let's get you cleaned up; you can finish your Tiff later." A doctor pulled Connor onto a trolley to look at his leg.

Abby looked up at the rest of the team. They too had heard Connor talking. Abby felt weary and very tired. She held out the EMD to Becker, who slowly took it. She looked around her. Lester was still being patched up. The rest of the team watched her, eyes full of concern.

"I just need a couple of minutes alone..." Abby left the Medical bays and walked back to the break room. Digesting information as she went.

The whole thing had been a lie. To keep Philip from opening his anomaly. Connor had lied to her. Nevertheless, he had tried to stop the anomaly from opening!

Connor had hurt her, all the pain he had caused in the last few days.

Could she forgive him? She was unsure.

After all, Connor still didn't know that she was pregnant.

Did she want him back even? She was unsure.

Could she live without him? She thought about that for a moment.

Could she live without him? ...

Abby thought about Connor. She got to the break room and made herself a coffee.

She sat down with her mug of steaming hot coffee. The aroma of the coffee, stronger than usual.

Connor had hurt her, all the pain he had caused in the last few days.

Could she forgive him? She was unsure.

After all Connor still didn't know that she was pregnant.

Did she want him back even? She was unsure.

Could she live without him? She thought about that for a moment. She tried to think of a world without Connor. Hmm.

Connor was sometimes crazy... but she loved him.

He was geeky... but she loved him.

He could be stupid ... but she loved him.

He was caring ... and she loved him.

He was kind ... and she loved him.

He was gentle ... and she loved him.

Could she live without him? ...


She thought about how Connor had changed since she first met him. Sometimes it was if nothing had changed at all. Other times she could see he had grown into the man she adored.

She drank her coffee and went in search of the man she loved. After speaking to Jess, she found out that Connor had gone to close the anomaly in his lab, and then he would be returning to the hub. He was needed in Lester's office.

She found Connor in the Hub, sitting on steps his elbows on his knees and his head resting in his hands. She sat down next to him. She noted the torn jeans and the bandage on his leg. It would get better.

Connor sensed someone had sat down next to him. He didn't have to be a genius to know it was Abby.

"Connor," Abby started quietly.

"Please don't say anything." Connor interrupted. "I need to say this, and then you can decide what you want to do." He carried on.

"This morning when I saw you and Matt together in Lester's office. I really awful, really bad. I thought you didn't like me anymore."

"Connor you ... Prat!" Abby explained that the smell of his aftershave had sent her running to the ladies to be sick. Matt had just been there as a caring friend.

It all made sense now. It was just misunderstandings from both sides. Connor carried on.

"On the other side of the Anomaly... All I could hear was you. You sounded hurt and in pain. I hated thinking that I'd caused that. It gave me strength too. It was like... like you were calling me back." Abby recalled the heartbreaking moment when Connor had been sucked into the anomaly. She had indeed been calling out his name.

"All I know is that I love you, I couldn't bear the thought of you being with someone else, and I couldn't spend another moment without you. It's what made me want to come back. You are everything to me, and If I had to spend time away from you, or if you didn't want me... I would just simply ... die." Connor kept his eyes focused on his hands in front of not daring to look at her. The pain in his chest was becoming unbearable.

Abby felt a tug in her chest and she knew that his words came straight from his heart. Connor continued. "I am really sorry Abby, I've be a right idiot. All these things I've done to upset you... Do you love me ... Do you still want me around?"

"Strangely enough I DO still want you around, and you know what, my world would fall apart without you. Connor Temple ..."

For the first time since sitting down Connor turned to face her. "Connor Temple I love you!" A tear rolled down her face. Connor put his arms around her. He tipped her face up and kissed her.

"Connor, I've got something else to say" Abby rubbed her face drying her tears.

"You're a baby... I'm the father... We're pregnant." Abby mumbled.

No that didn't make sense. She shook her head and tried again.

"I'm a Baby... You're pregnant... We're the father." She became very tongue tied. That still didn't make sense. She shook her head and dried her tears again.

"I'm pregnant... You're the father... We're going to have a Baby..."

That's it. That's what she wanted to tell Connor.

Connor's mouth fell open. He stared at her for a moment, unable to believe his ears. Finally he spoke. "Really" Abby nodded.

Another tear rolled down Abby's cheek. "You're not happy."

Connor brushed away the tears from her face. "Course I'm Happy" he smiled. "I'm as happy as happy can be. I'm just a bit shocked that's all." Connor smiled. Then he grinned. He stood up and turned to Abby, still crying on the steps. He looked up at the team who were coming back.

"Abby Maitland..." he knelt on one knee. "Ow." He changed so he was kneeling on the other knee.

"Abby Maitland ... Will you marry me?" A cheer went up behind Abby.

She grinned. "Yes" she breathed. "YES, YES, YES." Abby smiled. Connor grinned and leaned over to kiss her again.

Connor reached up to the leather band he wore around his own neck. Carefully untying it and taking off the ring, he placed it on Abby's left hand. Abby had known that the ring had once belonged to his mother and she had taken it off when she had divorced her husband. She adored the fact that he considered her worthy of wearing it.

There were cheers and Congratulations going all round.

"Well this calls for a celebratory drink, I'm buying" Lester piped up. Being bandaged up he was feeling well enough for a drink.

Next Story will be a Continuation of this one

"The Changing Face of Lester."