Title: Particularly Possessive

Author: RichelleBrinkley

Word Count: 971

Rating: T, for one bad word and slightly dark themes.

AN: Wow, it's finally finished! And just in time too. I started writing this story sometime around the end of Febuary, so it's been a month of draftings and rewritings to make this story what it is now. I hope there aren't too many mistakes.

This three-part story is a written adaptation of scenes from Episodes 87-89 of Faeries' Landing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Faeries' Landing, it belongs to You Hyun.








She's gritting her teeth, fighting against the overwhelming urge to storm out. The middle-class eatery which she is currently seated in is noisy, stuffy, and the food is not to her taste. Her companions are tipsy, and the boy who had invited her here, Kang, has made it clear that she is only to show off to his friends.

Right now, she'd almost rather be anywhere else. Ten minutes into the gathering and she's already decided that she hates these people. But, she reminds herself, she's here for a purpose. So she'd better keep her less-than-jubilant feelings to herself.

Only fifty minutes to go.

She lifts her eyes routinely, hoping that it will make her look like she is actually interested in the shallow conversation her fellow companions are having.

As if. She'd be more interested talking to a brick wall.

At her upward glance, her eyes happen to fall upon the girl sitting opposite her; long, bleached blonde hair, too-full lips and a face caked with make-up. And a frown. It takes a second or two for her to register that it is directed at her. In fact, girl is glaring openly in her direction. This confuses her, but she is not bothered; no amount of glaring intimidates her. After all, she is the master of intimidation through cold looks and death glares.

Instead of withering from the girl's narrowed eyes, she just looks straight back at her, cocking her head to the side and her own eyes challenging. Whatever this girl is angry at her for, she will just have to get over it...because no one wrongs Yuri Kim and gets away with it alive.

They end up have a staring contest of sorts, both of them unwilling to be the first to show weakness. The air between them is suddenly tense and charged with hostility. Their gazes stay locked until the other girl is asked a question by the boy sitting next to her, and forced to look away to answer it.


Yuri smirks to herself, and takes a dainty sip of the cheap beer Kang had ordered for her. She senses a battle coming, and can't wait for the big showdown.

But first, she has to sit through this dratted dinner.

Inwardly cursing her companions, she sips daintily at her beer. Perhaps it will be easier to put up with them if she isn't sober.

Only forty minutes to go.




When the dinner is finally over, Kang's friends all head home, but she lags behind, remembering the whole point of her agreeing to this stupid dinner date in the first place. Knowing that Kang will offer to walk her home, she sets off at a slow pace. Kang would chase after her sooner or later. All the boys did.

She is only a couple of metres away when she looks over her shoulder and notices the blonde girl from earlier talking to Kang. The girl's expression immediately tells Yuri that the things being discussed are of a serious matter.

Half-hiding behind a tree, she eavesdrops on their conversation, getting the gist of what they are talking about.

And then, because she's had a terrible night and she just loves to mess with people, she decides to screw things up for the cake-faced blonde girl. The bitch had been glaring at her earlier, and for no apparent reason, too.

Well, she was about to learn what happened to people who rubbed Yuri the wrong way.

"I...I actually still..."

By now, she's figured out what is going on. It seems as if Kang and this bimbo have some kind of romantic history together. And, what is more, it looks like the bimbo is still in love with him. In fact, right now she is struggling to tell him just that.

She can't let that happen. She has to do something, fast. Kang needs to fall in love with her, not this blonde bimbo.

She quickly pulls her phone out of her pocket.


Two pairs of eyes turn to her. Speaking to Kang, she glances down at her phone, checking the time.

"It's late. I need to get back. The cats need to be fed, you know."

Her eyes flicker to the blonde standing behind Kang. She is pleased to see that the girl is absolutely seething with anger. Her eyes are like daggers, and Yuri is sure that she is probably being cursed at a million times over in the girl's head.

"Oh, uh, sure! Hold on a minute and I'll walk you home." Kang is obviously distressed, seeming to sense the hostility between Yuri and his ex-girlfriend.

"No, I'm okay. You take care of business. I'll see you later." Despite her wanting Kang to walk her home, she decides to abandon that matter and instead opt for an even better, twice-as-effective-in-pissing-the-bimbo-off plan that she had just thought of. Shit was going to go down tonight.

"Oh, okay then..." Kang looks confused, and a bit rejected, but she figures he'll be fine. She'd make it up to him with a quick make-out session anyway.

This is the moment where she is supposed to leave.

Instead, she mentally braces herself, and asks Kang something that has been bothering her ever since the night she'd met him. One of the main reasons why she was dating him was because of this very thing she was now asking him about.

"Um...by any chance...Do you have a brother that goes to Faeries' Landing High?"

If Kang is surprised by her seemingly random question, he doesn't show it. In fact, he appears to be quite cheerful as he replies.

"Huh? Yeah, I do. His name is Ryang. Do you know him?"

Her eyes grow wide. Yes, she'd suspected it, but to hear it confirmed by Kang himself...

She is dating Ryang's brother.




AN: Thanks for reading. 'Part II: The Kiss' is coming next.

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