Title: Particularly Possessive

Author: RichelleBrinkley

Word Count: 1,231

Rating: T, for one bad word and slightly dark themes.

AN: The final installment of this three-part story. I've had a blast writing it, hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Faeries Landing, it belongs to You Hyun.








"Hold on! Do you want to come over to my place tomorrow?"

Yuri looks perfect. Innocent and astoundingly beautiful, she rings the doorbell of the Jegal household at precisely nine o'clock in the morning. Kang greets her, and she says a polite hello to Taeyeong, whom she hasn't seen since a year prior when she'd still been dating Ryang. She charms Kang and Taeyeong into letting her go and say hi to Ryang, before climbing the stairs slowly, trying to push back the overwhelming sense of déjà vu.

She still remembers where Ryang's room is; first on the left of the second-floor landing.

She doesn't knock, instead just turning the knob quietly and stepping into the room. She is tempted to lock the door, but decides against it because she thinks it might seem a bit suspicious. After all, she is supposed to be here as Kang's guest.

When she turns to face the room, nostalgia is settling in the pit of her stomach and she is overwhelmed by the sense of familiarity; last year, she used to spend almost every day after school in this room, talking to Ryang or making out on his bed. Tears prick at her eyes, and she feels like she has come home after an eternity of being absent. Memories of her and Ryang run through her mind, each one more intense than the previous, and she has to take a few moments to compose herself.

When she has swallowed the lump in her throat, her eyes search for and find Ryang, lying in his bed fast asleep. She thinks back to what Bast told her: she needs to look Ryang straight in the eyes, and if Kang has fallen in love with her, the curse will be triggered.

She settles herself on the middle of his bed, watching him as he sleeps. She is so caught up in how much she's missed being with him that she starts when he suddenly yells out, jerking awake.


"Oh, you're awake!"

What was wrong with him? Why had he yelled? Had he had a nightmare? She asks him this.

"Did you have a bad dream? You're sweating."

Ryang hasn't opened his eyes yet, and she positions herself so that she is directly in his line of vision, ensuring that their eyes would lock the moment he decided to open them.

"Yeah, a real nightmare. I dreamed about this witch I used to..."

Ryang opens his eyes. She is momentarily lost in the captivating pools of molten grey.

"A witch?" What did Ryang used to do that involved witches? Were there witches as well as faeries in the magical world?


What was with Ryang and yelling today?

Kang has obviously heard Ryang's yells, because he bursts into the room, looking around frantically.

"What's wrong?!"

Ryang points towards her, and he's freaking out. What had she done?

"Wha-wha-wha-what is that bitch doing in our house?! And why is she watching me sleep?!"

It seems as nothing's changed. Ryang obviously still hates her. She sighs inwardly, and arranges her features into that of an innocent and slightly bewildered expression. Although technically she hadn't done anything wrong for once.

Kang is annoyed, "She's my guest, you idiot, and if you're going to keep acting rude, I'll put you back to bed." She gets the feeling that the two Jegal brothers don't get along very well.

Whilst Kang explains to Ryang the circumstances of her being at their house, she pulls her mobile from the pocket of her skirt and sends a text to Bast.

"Just looked at him straight in the eyes like you said, but nothing happened. Did it work?"

A few minutes later, she gets a reply.

"Usually, you can tell right away. It probably didn't work."

snaps shut the flip-top of her mobile. I guess it hasn't happened yet. He's a bit slow, after all...

Ryang and Kang go off into another room to talk, so she decides to head downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. She has always been fond of Taeyeong's waffles.




Breakfast is quiet, and slightly awkward. Ryang and Kang have obviously had an argument, because every so often they keep shooting glares in each others' direction.

The second Fanta finishes her waffles, she grabs Yuri by the arm and drags her into the Jegals' garden, saying something about 'taking a walk'. It's obviously a ploy to interrogate her about god-knows-what.

When they are alone, Fanta turns to her with a serious expression on her face, and she thinks she knows what is coming.

"Yuri...please stay away from my mother and her friends."

Even though she has no intention of doing so, she asks why.

"Trust me, it's for your own good. I know she's my mother and I'm supposed to love her and all that, but she's ruthless! She eats humans for dinner and spits them out when she's grown sick of the flavour!"

The words are true, but not for a second does she believe that Fanta actually cares about her safety. There is a much bigger, much more lethal reason.

"You're worried that she may use me to grow another evil force." She wonders if Fanta suspects that she is planning on using Kang as the other half for her affinity.

"How...did you know about that?" She can see that Ryang is half concealed behind the wall of the house, eavesdropping on their conversation. Let him eavesdrop, she has nothing to hide from him.

"Because I asked her to. I'll do whatever it takes to get Ryang back from you." She can tell that her words have shocked the other girl. Is the idea of hosting a supernatural spirit inside one's body in order to destroy the object of an ex-boyfriend's affections so ludicrous?

Denying any romantic feelings for Ryang, Fanta lectures her, clearly flabbergasted by the lengths she would go to for her ex-boyfriend, "If you love him so much, then why did you break up with him in the first place?"

Ryang is opposite her, behind Fanta. He looks into her eyes, and the memory of their emotionally-strung breakup swims clear in her mind.

"Ryang...didn't understand me. He was possessive, and wanted me to only be with him. Then he left."

Fanta is completely bewildered.

"How is what you're doing any different? You're more possessive than anyone I've ever met!"

No one understands her. Not even Ryang ever did.

"It's only right for me to be possessive...But I hate being confined by others." Kang is eavesdropping on their conversation as well. She can hear his loud laughter from behind the wall.

Talking with her has clearly made Fanta extremely confused. In fact, she says, "You know, it gives me a headache talking to you."

She might have smiled at that if she didn't hate Fanta so much.

Instead she just says, "I get that often."




Kang offers to walk her back to her house. She is reluctant to leave Ryang, but she knows when she is not wanted and she is comforted by the thought that if Oreadia's plan is successful, she will have Ryang back in her arms soon.

Taeyeong calls Ryang down to bid her goodbye, and she gives him one of her rare smiles.

"See you again...Ryang."




AN: Thank-you to those who have seen this story through to the end, I really appreciate you taking the time to read it. I will be back with more Faeries' Landing stories.

Much love,

RichelleBrinkley xx