A/N: Hello and thanks for tuning in! Just as in my first "Inbetweeners" fic, this one really doesn't make much sense, but it was fun to write lol :D I hope you enjoy it! Also the sister I used is the one from the movie, didn't know her name so I gave her one lol!


There's a new couple at Rudge Park and they're starting to cause some drama for the boys. How will the guys react when they're siblings start dating? Strange, awkward and slightly humourous! Enjoy! Rated for Language!


"Hey Little Sister"

Simon exited his room, ambled down the stairs and rounded the corner to make his way to the kitchen to grab a snack to re-energize him for the computer games he was playing to avoid the pile of homework that was sitting on his desk. He opened the door to the kitchen and stopped short. There was a young girl standing in the Cooper's kitchen. Though the small, blonde fourteen-year old pouring herself a glass of juice was no stranger, she was, however, a completely unexpected sight for Simon. She was one of Simon's best mates, Jay Cartwright's, younger sister.

"Greta?" Simon asked, confused.

"Oh, hi Simon." Greta replied, looking startled to see him.

"What are you doing here? Is Jay here?" Simon asked looking puzzled.

"Ummm, no." Greta said, looking a bit nervous. Simon raised his eyebrow and was about to ask another question when he was interrupted by the sound of swift thumping down the stairs and his younger brother's voice coming down the hallway.

"Babes! You okay? You're taking too long, come back upstairs." Andrew called as he walked before pushing the door to the kitchen open.

"Oh!" Andrew remarked in surprise at the sight of his elder brother. Simon looked back and forth between the two of them.

"Wait… Are you two?... Shit! You two are dating?" Simon asked, fully surprised.

"Great detective work, Sherlock." Andrew said sarcastically.

"Fuck off!" Simon spat at his brother before turning to Greta. "When did this start?" he continued.

"Few weeks ago." Greta shrugged before turning to put the juice container back in the fridge.

"Come on, babes" Andrew said, holding out his hand. Greta picked up her glass and met his hand with hers, letting him tow her to the door.

"Wait, why didn't your brother tell me?" Simon asked Greta. She immediately looked away from him and started pulling Andrew out the door.

"Dunno. Let's go, Andy." she mumbled quietly.

"Twat!" Andrew smirked at his brother before following his girlfriend out in to the hallway and back up the stairs.

Simon stood in thought for a moment before it hit him.

"Jay doesn't know." he chuckled to himself. 'Oh this is going to be fun…' Simon thought before grabbing himself a snack and retreating back upstairs, honestly excited for school tomorrow.

The common room was loud and noisy the next morning. Simon was seated on one of the many blue sofas around the room with his mates Neil and Will as they waited for their fourth friend to arrive.

"Oh shit!" complained Neil as he rummaged through his bag.

"What's a matter?" Simon asked.

"I've forgotten my kit again." Neil moaned.

"Again? Neil, you have one thing to remember for school. How do you constantly forget your kit?" Will asked, looking perplexed.

"Oy, I have more to remember then just me kit, there's tech and design work too!" Neil fought back.

"Oh, well then it's understandable." Will replied sarcastically. Simon chuckled and rolled his eyes.

"Just try not to fall out of your Calvin's this time, mate."

"I'll definitely try." Neil said, looking determined.

"Morning benders!" Jay greeted loudly as he walked over and flopped on the sofa next to Will.

"Where have you been?" Will asked.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, I was just checking out Sadie Cunningham's new push-up bra she wore today. She even dropped one of her books. She bent down to pick it up and I knelt down to help her, full view down her top. She is looking FIT!" Jay mused with a big smile.

"Lucky bastard!" Neil said.

"Congratulations Jay, you're officially a creeper." Will retorted.

"I am not! You're just jealous you didn't get some morning tit, other than your mother's, of course." Jay said.

"Brilliant." Will groaned.

"Shut up, did you?" Neil asked excitedly.

"NO!" Will roared.

"Anyway, if you're going to call anyone creepy, it'd be Si." Jay said.

"Fuck off!" Simon spat.

"Oh please, your moping and wanking over Carli is pathetic. You don't even walk to class with her." Jay complained.

"He's got you there, mate." Neil interjected while Simon simply gave Jay a smug look.

"What?" Jay asked, shrugging his shoulders, wondering what his friend was on about.

"You know, I'm actually thrilled you're being a dick this morning Jay, now I won't feel even a little bad when I tell you my news." Simon said with a smirk.

"What's that?" Jay asked with a shrug. Simon shifted in his seat a bit before speaking.

"Oh, that I happened to see Greta last night." Simon said smugly. Jay looked confused.

"So?" Jay wondered.

"So… do you know where she was last night?" Simon continued. Both Will and Neil perked up, now very interested in their friends' conversation.

"At her mate Annie's, playing with Barbies or some shit. Why?" Jay replied.

"Oh no Si, you're not hanging out with little 12 year old girls now, are you?" Neil asked excitedly.

"What? No, Neil!" Simon interjected.

"Greta's 14 anyway." Will added. Jay nodded in agreement.

"14's not much better, mate." Neil said.

"I'm not hanging out with little girls! I'm trying to tell Jay that not only is his sister lying to their parents, she's lying big time to him too!" Simon said.

"Huh?" Jay asked.

"Greta was over at mine last night." Simon said with a smirk. Jay's eyes widened and his face formed into a scowl.

"If you touch my sister, you won't have any bullocks left!" Jay growled. Simon shook his head.

"I'm not touching her…. she's dating Andy." Simon finished, smiling wide, clearly proud of himself.

"No! No, no!" Jay said, shaking his head at Simon.

"Ha! This is hilarious!" Will chimed in.

"Don't get too mad Jay. I doubt he's boning her yet if they just started dating last night." Neil said, attempting to be sympathetic. Jay glowered at him.

"Actually Neil, Greta told me they've been dating for a few weeks now." Simon corrected with a smirk, still enjoying himself.

"Oh, fuck the lot of you." Jay groaned.

"If you don't believe me, just ask her." Simon suggested.

"Although she may be busy. She still has ten minutes until her first lesson, plenty of time to get in a good snog." Will joked.

"Shut up." Jay grumbled as Neil and Simon chuckled.

"Don't worry Jay, I'm pretty sure Andrew's a virgin, he'll just be pawing at her." Simon said.

"And if she really does get fingered for bets, he won't hurt her as much!" Neil said, clearly trying to be helpful. Simon and Will stifled laughs while Jay simply gaped at him.

"Take that back! All of you! Just, fuck off!" Jay bellowed. Simon and Will stifled a laugh. The boys continued to taunt Jay until they had to head off to their first lesson.


Jay spent a majority of the day in a foul mood. Mostly due to his mates' teasing. As soon as his final class let out he made his way to the courtyard in hopes of seeing his sister. He looked around but couldn't see her, only then remembering that he honestly didn't know Greta's schedule. He never really needed to. After searching for a few minutes, Jay retreated to his friends and Simon's shitty little yellow fiat and the boys headed home.


Neil and Will were dropped off first leaving Jay and Simon in the car. Jay glowered at Simon as he pulled out of Will's drive.

"Oh, come on, really? You honestly can't still be mad." Simon huffed.

"Well, I am." Jay grumbled.

"You do realize that I personally had NOTHING to do with this. I only found out last night. And guess who the first person I told was… you!" Simon said.

"Fine, it may not being your fault, but I swear, if your fucking brother hurts her, I'll kill him! I don't like the idea of them sneaking around at yours." Jay said with a shudder.

"Sneaking around at mine? What exactly do you think they're doing behind his bedroom door?" Simon asked as he turned onto Jay's street.

"I don't know. I don't want to think about it." Jay grumbled.

"Okay Jay, let's get back to reality and think this through…. One, they are fourteen. They're kids. The chances of them in wild orgies or staring in porn are very unlikely. Two, Andrew isn't a rapist or a sex pest. I know she's your little sister, but the honest chances of him hurting her are incredibly minimal." Simon explained slightly exasperatedly.

"I guess." Jay sighed, sounding a little defeated.

"There's actually a greater chance of Greta breaking Andy's heart." Simon added as he pulled up to Jay's drive.

"Shut up." Jay said before starting to climb out of the car.

"Don't worry mate, I'll stop by the shops and pick my brother up a few johnnys. No charge." Simon said with a smirk.

"Ass!" Jay remarked, giving him the finger as he shut the car door and headed towards his house.

He unlocked the door and was immediately greeted by the family dog, Benji who was looking desperate to be let outside. After dropping his bag on the stairs, Jay let Benji out in the back garden before starting to prepare himself something to eat. He was putting the finishing touches on his sandwich when he heard the front door open.

"Hi! I'm home!" Greta called from the entryway. Jay perked up as he heard her make her way down the hallway and into the kitchen. Jay couldn't bring himself to say anything just yet.

"Oh, hi." she greeted when she saw her brother.

"Hey." Jay mumbled as he plated his sandwich and began to collect the ingredients to return to the fridge.

"Leave those out. I'm starving. Such a long day, today. Completely drained." Greta said as she pushed her brother out of the way and began preparing herself a snack. A horrible mental image of Greta and Andrew snogging in an abandoned classroom shot through Jay's mind causing him to shutter.

"Oh, Christ!" Jay grumbled, trying to shake the image from his mind.

"What's with you?" Greta asked, looking shocked at her brother's random outburst.

"Nothing." Jay replied in a very low voice as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"Lying!" Greta said in a sing-song voice.

"It's just… it's just… YOU!" Jay snapped.

"Me? What have I done?" Greta asked in a surprised and slightly hurt voice.

"You're fucking dating Andrew Cooper!" Jay grumbled. Greta's face erupted in shock.

"How did you?... Oh, bloody hell, Simon." Greta sighed.

"Yes, Simon told me. He told me how you two have been sneaking around for weeks, how you spent time alone in his room. He told me, why didn't you?" Jay asked.

"Probably because I knew you'd overreact like this. You don't know anything about Andy and I and you're already thinking the worst." Greta told him.

"Fine, tell me what I should be thinking..." Jay propositioned.

"I don't know what you should think, but I think you should trust me and let me live my life." she said.

"It's him I don't trust. And what about your reputation? As soon as word gets out about what you're doing, lads'll be queuing for you and not because they like you. I don't want to hear guys talk about you like that." Jay said. Greta gaped at him, eyes wide in horror and annoyance.

"You must be joking? I'm dating Andrew not auditioning for Playboy. I can't believe my own brother thinks I'm a slag!" Greta huffed.

"No, Greta..." Jay said.

"NO! You're just a complete ass of a brother!" Greta spat before punching Jay hard in the shoulder and then stomped out of the kitchen just as their parents walked in the front door.

"What's wrong darling?" Mrs. Cartwright asked her daughter.

"My stupid brother!" Greta spat before stomping up the stairs and into her room.

"What the hell did you do now dickhead?" Mr. Cartwright asked his son as he made his way into the kitchen. Jay slumped into a chair and sighed in defeat. Since when did being a brother become so hard?



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