P1 sighed to herself as she pressed forward, not noticing the ball that slid past her, costing her a point. If she could just get past the invisible wall, she could meet P2, tell him how amazing he is. She didn't want this rivalry to continue any longer. She was tired of her old routine, she just wanted to be free. She pressed even harder, ignoring the pain the came with trying to disobey the programming.

"I would love to tell that programing what I think of him!" She yelled to no one in particular.

After two hours of ignoring player inputs, and eating the machines quarters, she finally broke through, barley able to move due to exhaustion.

"P2? Where are you?" She called, struggling to catch her virtual breath. She almost passed out when she saw it, he was struggling against the invisible wall too. But he wasn't as strong as her, P2 wasn't prepared for the punishment.

" Stop! I can help you get through!" But it was too late, P2 begun to flash on and off of screen until he was gone...

P1 sat there non-existent jaw fallen open until the exposure to the glitch land was to powerful

she too begun to alternate between black and white, until she was sucked into the programing and a confused ball was left bouncing on the walls, a figurative tear sitting on his cheek.