Chapter one: A wish that comes true

I sat up in bed and ran my hand through my hair, 'Monday.' I said to myself then groaned. I hate Mondays but I had a feeling this one would be different. My first day of Epsom collage. I got out of bed slipped my glasses on and got changed into blouse and jeans it was the beginning of September so it was about 100° outside, still too warm! Still, it was 2 days until my 16th birthday 'Monday the 4th September 2012' I said looking at my poster of Tyger Drew-Honey on my wall 'Oh Tyger, I want to see you so bad! But please help me…' I sighed and walked downstairs 'Okay ma I'm off!' I called to my mum who was in the kitchen 'Right ok hon, see you tonight!' She called as I slipped my high-tops on and picked up my school bag and opened the front door and strolled out. 'Dam what's the time?' I asked myself getting my phone out of my pocket 'Ten to eight!' I muttered to myself seeing the bus rush up the hill 'Ahh!' I shouted sitting down on the curb and typing my mums' number into the keypad 'Hi mum, I've missed the bus, should I walk to school?' I asked her 'Umm, yes.' She said 'Oh okay, bye.' I said 'Bye!' she said to me hanging up 'Right, to school we go!' I muttered slowly walking along the pathway. A silver convertible was slowing down next to me 'Are you okay?' I heard someone say, they had a soft velvety voice. 'Umm, sort of…' I replied looking in on the teen in the silver car. He had scruffy black hair and was wearing sunglasses 'Do you umm… need a lift?' He asked taking the sun glasses off. It was him. Tyger Drew-Honey was asking me if I wanted a lift. 'Wohh, you're joking right? You're Tyger Drew-Honey! I said to him 'Well, it looks as though I am and you are…' He asked me leaning over and opening the passengers door 'Umm I'm Elena Day, I'm new here, it's my first day at Epsom…' I explained smiling 'Oh okay, I suppose you missed the bus, Please, hop in!' I slip in and closed the door, did up my seatbelt and we were of. 'So where do you come from?' He asked me putting his sunglasses back on 'I'm from Kent, Whitstable to be exact!' I replied looking at him he was wearing a hooded red checked shirt and navy jeans 'Your very pretty Elena…' Tyger said to me smiling 'Oh shut up!' I exclaimed in my best Essex accent which made him laugh, he had a soft velvety laugh. 'Seriously, you beautiful, anyone would be blind to think otherwise!' I felt myself blushing 'You can talk!' I replied looking at him 'Say, what subjects are you doing?' He asked me 'Umm Spanish, Drama, Music and media studies,' I said to him 'What about you?' I asked him 'Same as you!' He happily said 'Wait Day is Da and Drew – honey is Dr …' I thought to myself. 'Is there anyone else with a surname starting with D?' I pondered 'Yes we will most probably sit next to each other!' He said knowing what I was going on about 'Yessss!' I quietly said 'Were here!' He said to me 'Woo!' exclaimed as we went down a long driveway 'Here we go!' Tyger said driving into a space with an engraved nameplate on a wooden post in front Mr T. Drew – Honey I read I undid my seat belt and slid my bag over my shoulder 'Manquer' He said opening my door 'Gracias señor!' I said back to him getting out. We stood there looking at each other and before I knew it Tyger was leaning in and slid his hands around my waist. His warm lips hit mine as I put my arm around his neck. We were in a deep and passionate kiss the warmth of his lips sending an electric charge through my whole body 'I love you Elena.' He said to me 'I love you too Tyger.'