Chapter three an episode of my family

It wasn't until we were halfway home I remembered the slip of paper in my pocket I plucked out and read it aloud 'Tyger Mob 07783455298 G. Barlow 07263540025 M. Owen 07992371942. Oh my goodness! Thank you Tyger!' I was ecstatic 'It's fine; I'd do anything for my special girl!' He said tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in time to the music, Moves like Jagger. I got my phone out and programed the numbers in to my contacts. 'Using those numbers you have made me the happiest girl alive Tigs!' I smiled 'Oh, right up here!' I said to him pointing to the road in front of us 'Rightyho!' He said quickly turning 'Right, I shall see you later babes!' I said sliding my bag up my shoulder 'I'll walk you up to your house!' he replied slowing down outside my house, the largest house in the small close. I undid my seatbelt as Tyger did we both got out. I walked around the bonnet of the car. He latched his hand into mine and we walked up my drive way together. 'I'll pick you up at about half six ish?' I said to him smiling 'Right, okay!' He said slipping his hands around my waist as he had done earlier that day. My lips hit his first sending a small electric pulse down my spine warming up my body. I saw my mum coming to the front door and I instantly pulled away 'What was tha… oh I see.' He said to me looking straight into my eyes. I melted and slid into the cracks in the driveway. My mum opened the door 'Who is your friend?' My mum asked smiling at Tyger 'This mum is Tyger!' I said smiling 'Hello Mrs Day!' He sweetly said shaking my mums hand 'Hello Tyger!' She said smiling 'I'll see you later babes…' I whispered hugging him 'Bye honey!' He whispered walking back down to his car. 'Who is he?' My mum asked me 'He is my male friend!' I smugly said smiling. I walked into my house 'Iannnnnnnnnn, Antonioooooooo!' I called up the stairs 'Hello Ellie!' I heard Ian shout from his 'Work room' 'Eleanaaaaa!' My brother's best friend said running up behind me and covering my mouth with his hand and putting his arm around my waist 'Stop right there!' Ian shouted sounding like officer Anoos, dressed as him too. 'Let the lady go!' He shouted pulling out a BB gun 'No!' Anthony shouted to the man stood at the top of the stairs, so I bit his fingers. 'Owwy, Owwy!' He let me go and I ran up the stairs to my brother. Anthony by this point was hopping around the landing 'I didn't hurt your foot, dumbass!' I exclaimed me and Ian in fits of laughter. 'Oh yea…' He said stopping hopping around and sitting on the bottom of the stairs 'Oh come here you big goose!' I said walking down the stairs to my friend. I tightly hugged him around the shoulders. He stood up taking me with him. I latched my legs around him and swung my arms over his shoulders 'Go Anthonymon!' I said laughing as he ran into the kitchen, out the back door and into the garden, up the garden steps then back down to our kitchen then into the hall. He sat down and I hopped of his back. 'Right then, let us gather in the lounge!' I called in my poshist accent 'Let us!' Ian shouted running down the stairs and into the lounge me and Anthony following him 'Sososososososo!' Ian said as me and Anthony collapsed onto the sofa. 'Well…' I started. I told them about everything, missing the bus, meeting Tyger, the kiss, Epsom, Mr Salvage and Becca. 'So were not your favourite boys anymore…' Ian sighed sounding upset 'Oh Ian, of course you are! Nothing will ever change that!' I said getting up as he did and hugging him around the waist 'Right kind sirs, I am going to get changed into my party gear!' I said as Anthony got up, I tightly hugged him too 'Love you guys!' I said skipping into the hall and up the stairs into my room. 'On my lord…' I exclaimed seeing a red satin dress and red heels on my bed, the ones I had seen in the very expensive shop. I heard Ian and Anthony giggling from down stairs; I knew it was those two as they had been with me when I saw it. I put it on, put my hair in a loose bun, picked up my makeup bag and walked into the bathroom. I selected my best pink lipstick, my newest red eye shadow and my strawberry perfume. I was half way through putting my make up on when I heard my brother and his friend (who lives with us!) come up the stairs to get changed as they were coming out with us. By the time I had finished doing my makeup they were both changed and waiting outside the bathroom Ian wearing a blue checked shirt and black tie with jeans and Anthony was wearing a white shirt, red tie and had red chinos on. I hugged Ian first the Anthony, I had wanted that dress so bad! 'I love you guys!' I said Ian hugging me tightly the two boys smiling at eachother.