There was no denying it now. The conspiracy theorists called it a government plot, the fearful called it a danger, and the comic book nerds called it a dream come true, but only a few skeptics still remained. Most people on Earth were now aware of the meta phenomenon, as it was being called, and for the most part they were accepting of it. Ever since the first appearance of Green Lantern, metahuman and extraterrestrial heroes and villains had been popping up all over the planet, from a Hawkman lookalike in Chicago to a magician in New York that was apparently the Prime Universe version of Zatanna. Villains like Barbarian and the Claw had appeared as well, and Earth had twice now turned back an alien invasion. Even non-metahumans were getting into it, such as the European team Strike Force One, which had so far saved Berlin from neo-nazi extremist Aryan Prime, and stopped the meta-terrorist group Red Hand from bombing Paris.

One of the most popular teams by far, however, was the Birds of Prey, a small American team of heroes that had made their debut in ending an interdimensional invasion at the UN headquarters in New York City. Little was known of Black Arrow, or team newcomer Flare, but Amazon was another matter. Her origins were a mystery, but after she stopped the Claw from tearing up Cincinatti and put an end to Warmonger's reign of terror in Pittsburgh, there were few willing to argue her classification as a hero. A warrior apparently transported right out of ancient Greece, she went out of her way to help people, and was never seen in public without a smile. The Washington Post had referred to her as "a real-life Wonder Woman."

It was intimidating, really. For such a popular hero, Amazon didn't even know who she was. Her memories-what little she had-were scattered and fragmented, and weren't even real memories. Her real memories went back only a few months. She was a clone, after all, and she didn't even know for what purpose she had been made, or by whom. Even her name, Diana, had been adopted from a comic book, at the suggestion of the women who had freed her.

Taking advantage of the dark and her position looking out over the city, Diana allowed herself a moment to lean on the railing despondently, musing on her situation. Her attempt to discover who she really was had led her to a decision to move out of the apartment where she had so far been living with Brittany Nguyen and Amber Nelson, the alternate identities of Black Arrow and Oracle. Not that she was having any luck. Popularity was one thing. Having money was quite another, and few landlords seemed willing to risk renting out to a known hero and opening themselves up to property damage from villains. She had been just as successful at getting an actual job, as well. So far, her attempt to set herself up with an actual life had been one great big failure.

There was a click in her ear, and then Oracle's voice came through the earpiece. "Amazon, I'm picking up a bank robbery on West and Fifth, just a mile from your position. Three guys, two of them with guns. There's a hostage; one of the security guys."

Grateful for a distraction, Amazon vaulted over the railing, launching herself into midair. "I'm on my way, Oracle." She dropped straight down along the side of the building, then kicked out at the wall, pushing herself towards the building next door. Hopping between the walls, she slowed herself enough to land safely before breaking into a run along the sidewalk.

"Up high again? You and of these days, one of you is going to get injured."

"You worry too much. We're fine." Amazon sprang over a slow-moving vehicle as she crossed the street. A couple out for a late-night stroll stopped and stared as she sprinted past them at a speed to make any Olympic runner jealous. "Besides, I can think up there."

"Did you get turned down again? Di, I could make some calls-"

Amazon reached the bank, unslinging her shield from her back as she sprang up the steps and burst through the doors. Police sirens sounded in the distance, still several blocks away. "I appreciate the offer, but I really can't ask you to do any more for me. You've got things of your own to worry about."

The three thieves turned with a start as she entered. The two with guns moved to shoot; one at her, the other at the security guard they had hostage. The third tried to run. Amazon threw her shield like a discus, and it bounced off the wall and flew between the hostage and the gunman aiming at him. The bullet ricoched off it before the shield slammed into the gunman's stomach, and knocked him to the ground. She used her bracelets to deflect the bullets from the other's gun as she charged at him, and then snatched the gun out of his hand. She pulled her punch; it still sent him into the wall.

Amazon bounded past the security guard, who was shakily getting to his feet, and launched herself at the third thief with a flying kick. "You did say you wanted an actual base, right? And you've been pulling in a lot of favors as it is to get the equipment you want."

"It doesn't mean I can't still help." The thief dropped to the floor, and Amazon looked around. The thief her shield had struck was groaning slightly; the other two lay still, though they were obviously breathing. The security guard looked dazed, and was standing with a hand rubbing the side of his head.

She moved to recover her shield. "Really, Oracle, I can handle it. I'm looking into a nice place on the south side, in fact." Not that she expected it to work out, but Amber didn't need to know that. "The robbery has been stopped, by the way."

The police were running up the steps as she left the building. She moved aside to let them through, but stopped for the officer who looked to be in charge as he hurried over to her. "The three would-be thieves have been incapacitated," she told him. "One of the security guards was a hostage; he might have a head injury."

Once the officer had the data he needed and was back to giving orders to his men, Amazon broke into a run and started towards the park. Oracle wasn't done, however. "I do wish you'd let us help, Di. I won't force you, though."

"I'll keep it in mind."

There was a pause, then Oracle spoke again. "Car accident on the freeway. Collision pattern looks like the driver might have been drunk. And there are reports of a drive-by shooting on Franklin Avenue."

Amazon changed direction. "On my way." It was going to be another busy night.