Amazon crouched on the rooftop, gazing out across the city with a smile. Oracle had just signed off for the night, Flare had long since gone to bed, and Black Arrow was tracking down a drug lord, and was not likely to be heard from for a while. Her own muscles still ached from her battle with Barbarian the day before, but that did not detract from her mood.

A sudden flare of green light illuminated the area, and cast sharp shadows. Amazon turned to see Green Lantern alight on the rooftop, a green nimbus brightening considerably for a moment before fading away entirely. The slim heroine simply nodded in greeting as she joined the amazon at the edge, looking out over the streets.

For a moment, the two simply stood in silence, waiting. For what, Amazon was not entirely certain. She had not been aware that Green Lantern was back on Earth; last she had heard, she had been busy with a smuggling ring based in sector 2813. Then again, she did have a tendency to come and go. There wasn't a lot currently keeping her on Earth.

Green Lantern was first to break the silence. "Oracle tells me you stopped a runaway train this morning. This after taking down Barbarian yesterday...and getting a cat." She grinned. "I hear he's a feisty one."

"Mm." Amazon nodded. "He earns his name more with every day that passes. Ares...the cat of war." She smiled.

Green Lantern chuckled. "You have been busy, haven't you?"

Amazon felt herself grow solemn. "Yes, very."

The Lantern nodded, and there was silence once more between them. A distant siren caused both women to look up suddenly, but Green Lantern seemed to use her ring to connect to the emergency channels and then relax. "Ambulance. Guy broke his leg, but doesn't seem to be in shock or anything."

Amazon nodded. "It has been a quiet night."

"And one I think you deserve," the Lantern added. "How was the hospital trip?"

Amazon looked at her with surprise. "You heard about that?"

The grin she received was almost as bright as the light from the ring. "Arrow told me. She's quite pleased, you know, both with the hospital...and your decision to not move out."

Amazon shrugged a little. "I'm still looking for a job, though. I feel I ought to contribute something...and I may move out someday. It's only a matter of time before someone realizes that Amazon's friends are Black Arrow and Oracle."

"Ah, the troubles of not having a secret identity." Lantern seemed thoughtful. "You know, I've been considering going public."

Amazon paused. "That's a big step."

"I know, but it seems to be the logical one. I spend as much time off-planet as I do on it...probably more. I'm always active, always running...I don't really give myself much of a 'normal life' anyway because I always expect it to get interrupted. If I go public, it will change everything. But right now, there isn't a lot to change."

Amazon turned to look at her. She seemed solemn, though it was difficult to tell with the mask. Something seemed to be-how did Brittany put it?-eating her.

"So?" she prompted. The Lantern looked at her.

"So...I've been losing connections. I've been distancing myself from everything but my work, and...well, that hasn't been working too well for me. So I think I need to start working on relationships again. In fact..." Her ring glowed a moment, and her mask suddenly seemed to become ethereal before fading away to reveal a pair of bright green eyes. She held out her hand. "Let's do this properly. I'm Janet McCullen, Green Lantern, sector 2814."

A smile tugging at her cheeks, Amazon accepted the hand. "Diana, amazon hero, Earth."

Janet grinned at her, and Diana grinned back. Then the Lantern tilted her head a little, looking at Diana thoughtfully. "You seem a lot more confidant than when we first met. You really do seem to be finding your place."

Diana sighed, and chuckled. "I'm still learning. I still don't know who I am, but...I think it's all right. I'll get there someday."

"I'm sure you will."

Conversation was suddenly cut off as Janet's ring flared to life, announcing, "Conflagration detected 2.6 miles north. Four life signs trapped. Perpetrator detected."

The mask reappeared as Green Lantern was once again surrounded by an aura of light, ascending two feet in the air. Green light solidified into the construct of a winged horse and a chariot. "Shall we?"

Grinning, Amazon donned her helmet and leapt into the chariot, grasping the reins. "Let us away, then."

Down below, a shadow detached itself from the side of a building. A dark figure watched the two heroines soar overhead and disappear behind a building, and then it lifted a radio to its mouth. "I have confirmation. She is here."

"Excellent," came a voice through the radio. "Return, then. We have much to prepare."

"As you command, master." The figure lowered the radio, then turned away. It merged with the shadows, and once again the night was still.

In the distance, a cat yowled...