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Addison brought the mug of coffee to her lips as she watched the sun rise over the sand and surf. The sky looked as if it were on fire, she leaned forward pressing against the railing to feel the heat. Tilting her face toward the warmth, she breathed in deeply inhaling the smell of the ocean. It was perfection.

Or it should have been.

The moment was skewed by her lack of sleep and the feelings of loneliness that could no longer be held at bay. She wanted to matter to someone. She wanted to be craved by someone. She wanted to be cherished. The past couple nights Addison woke drenched in sweat and feeling lost. Even though she hadn't been alone, she might as well have been because a stranger could do nothing to offer solace from these feelings. Last night, Addison didn't bother to close her eyes at all.

Jane and Maura were a better definition of perfection.

Having seen them over Face Time video chat, she could not get over the happiness that seemed ebb and flow around them. She was ecstatic for them, and no two people deserved it more. Addison hadn't been kidding a couple of days ago when she told Maura that their coupledom almost made her believe again. I want someone to know me. I want someone to want to know me…all of me…the right person of course.

It was the first step in what she knew was to be a lengthy process of give, take, tolerance and patience. The decision was made, but she never lied to herself… not anymore. Just because she made the decision, with her baggage and mountainous walls, did not mean it would come to fruition. It was frightening prospect but at the same time exhilarating. She sighed just thinking about it, but slowly a smirk formed as she realized that her epiphany in no way meant she had to stop enjoying herself in the meantime. She was in California after all, and the women were legendary.

Addison took another sip of her coffee. With her other hand she pulled her robe closed to ward off the still early morning chill rolling in from the water. Despite not having slept, she had work to do both professionally and personally it seemed. First things were first, she lifted her mug toward the rising sun and whispered, "To Jane and Maura."

Jane opened a bleary eye at the shrill ring of Maura's home phone. It wouldn't have been much of a bother if it did not seem to be right in her ear.

Maura whimpered and burrowed deeper in Jane's embrace as the noise continued. It wasn't work. They would have called their cell phones. Jane made a quick decision. It was the weekend, and there was no reason the call couldn't go to voice mail.

The ringing stopped, but then, it started up again almost immediately.

Jane was starting to feel obligated. Disengaging from Maura as softly as possible, she turned slightly and reached for the cordless phone. "Hello?" She croaked.

At first, there was silence. "I assume this isn't Maura?"

Jane snapped awake almost immediately. Oh shit here we go. She peered over her shoulder to see Maura still deep in slumber. Rising gingerly from the bed, she eased her way out of the bedroom, closing the door in the process.

"You know who this is. Maura's sleeping, Mrs. Isles, and I'm not waking her for you."

Constance scoffed. "You really have no manners at all. Do you?"

"When it comes to you especially after out last meeting…nah. Why are you calling anyway? Maura made things more than clear."

"I'm still her mother."

"Really? Is that what you're calling it?"

"I would like to speak with my daughter! She's had ample time to come to her senses but I'm sure that's been impossible with your influence surrounding her."

Jane smirked. "I think she's doing better than ever."

"Based on your common standards, I'm sure."

"This is America lady. We're all common, and the answer is still no. Don't even think about calling her cell. I'm not waking her, unless you plan on apologizing."

Constance sputtered. "What on earth for?! She is the one guilty of blatant disrespect."

"Well, you pretty much insulted everybody she cares about right in front of her. What she said to you, the way I see it, was all in defense."

"How dare you address me in this manner! The Isles name carries great influence-"

"I'll say this again slowly. This is A-mer-ica. I'm a cop not some socialite that you can black list. Get over yourself, and let Maura be happy for once."

"I won't allow this to contin—"

Jane growled and tapped the end button on the phone. She solidified things by making sure the ringer was off as well. Hands slid around her torso and underneath her tank top, startling her. "Shit!"

"It's just me."

"Well, I know that but after talking to that woman I expect bad things to come in threes."

"She can be…difficult," Maura murmured groggily.

Snorting, Jane added, "You're minimalizing." She turned in the embrace and slid her arms up Maura's back over the ratty Red Sox t-shirt Jane had left ages ago. "She's your mother, and I know you love her, but she's way on the other side of bitchy and coming close to cunty."

Maura blinked. "Pardon?"

Somewhat incoherent and sleep rumpled Maura was adorable. Jane grinned. "Evil incarnate."

"That, I understand." Finally, the fog cleared from green eyes.


Maura leaned in, brushing Jane's chin with her lips. "Thank you."

Jane closed her eyes at the softness of the caress. "For what?"

"Defending me."

"Couldn't help it. She's really holding on to this. She's probably only going to get nastier."

Maura expression turned thoughtful, contemplative. "There's a choice here…you or her."

Jane found herself held captive by Maura's gaze. It was soft, reverent and so full of emotion that it sent her heart into over drive.

"This is the right thing. You are the right thing," Maura whispered.

Her heart jumped to her throat, making Jane speechless, but her expression must have contained what she was too choked up to say.

Maura's smile was big enough to encompass the whole room. Unable to help herself, Jane followed the compulsion to kiss it. Being as gentle as she knew how to, Jane brought them together. She breathed into Maura as they clung to each other, and on the same breath whispered, "I love you."

Maura gasped, and her lips trembled.

Their foreheads touched.

A poignant silence stretched around them.

Jane finally broke it as she continued to voice her concern. I don't ever want to see her being upset because of that woman. "She won't expect you to keep fighting her." At the moment, Maura looked fragile, breakable as she stood in her arms disheveled and small. It wasn't a true representation, but still…still.

"I suppose not, but she wasn't expecting you this morning either."

Jane smirked. "Both of us together could really keep her discombobulated."

Maura peered at her strangely for several seconds, before murmuring, "I'm a bad influence on you."

"What? You mean the big words?"

"Especially first thing in the morning."

Jane wasn't surprised that Maura resorted to humor. It was as if she knew her thoughts were getting heavy. It was as if she knew she was starting to worry. Just like Frost, Maura knew. She just knew. So, Jane let her. She chuckled. "I'd say it's an even trade. You're standing here plotting against your mother. I've rubbed off on you too."

"The rubbing?" Maura's eyes glittered. "You can do that any way you like."

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" Jane husked as she tasted the mouth in question once more.

"On occasion."

"Mmm, if she knew some of the other things you did with it-"

"I'm sure Angela is dying to know how good you are with your hands." Maura interrupted. She stepped away from their embrace and grasped one of the appendages being discussed.

"My God, I am rubbing off on you."

"Possibly." A blonde brow rose.

"Freaky." Jane paused.

Maura tugged on their linked hands, leading them back toward the bedroom. "Coming back to bed?"

"That depends."


Jane's eyes started at Maura's head and trailed slowly down her body. "I don't think you have any idea how sexy you are right now." How the fuck did I end up here? Thank you. Whoever the hell is listening…thank you.

Maura blushed, but a grin spread over her features. "Was that the question?"

"No…let me take a picture and use it as my contact photo for you."

Maura's eyebrows shot up her forehead. "Really? That's all you want?"

Jane smirked. "Nooo…after, you can do that thing with your tongue."

Maura laughed. "Which thing with my tongue?"

"Any thing with your tongue."

Green eyes sparkled with heat, humor and promise. "Deal."

Maura allowed herself to awaken slowly. She enjoyed the soft heat blanketing her from behind. If she concentrated hard enough, she could even feel Jane's heartbeat. Carefully she turned in the circle of Jane's arms and peered down at the woman in question.

Wild dark curls, flopped over Jane's forehead. Maura brushed them away. There was no line in her forehead. There was no grimace on her face. This was the Jane that she got to see. This Jane was all hers. There was a flutter in Maura's stomach at the thought. Her eyes skimmed over defined shoulders and chiseled arms. There was physical strength there, but it was the inner strength, Maura knew, that could overcome just about anything. Maura, herself, was evidence of this. This was all I needed. She was all I needed.

As if she were aware of the scrutiny, Jane's eyes opened partially. "Hey…whatta you doin'?" She slurred.

Maura smile and whispered, "Nothing. Go back to sleep."

Jane blinked and muttered, "Kay."

Chuckling quietly, Maura extricated herself. She searched the floor for the ratty t-shirt and pulled it on over her nakedness. A monstrous growl erupted from her stomach. Rubbing the area, she padded barefoot out of the bedroom and toward the kitchen.

Starting the coffee, Maura noticed that it was quiet enough for her to feel as if she were home alone, but even though Jane was rooms away, she brought something with her that seemed to settle over this place. Years ago, Maura had gotten used to being alone, but meeting Jane, befriending Jane changed all of that. She wouldn't have it any other way.

Opening the refrigerator, she removed strawberries, that awful caramel creamer Jane loved, marmalade and soy milk. Very practiced in the kitchen, Maura detached the leafy green heads from the fruit without thought. Once done, she put everything in bowls and reached for the croissants. It was a meager fare she'd prepared. Maura smiled. She could almost hear Jane complain about there being no meat. A minute later, bacon was sizzling on the stove.

Loading up a tray, Maura went back the way she came and caught Jane mid-stretch and yawn. Brown tipped breasts pebbled in the cool air. Jane beamed. "You made me bacon."

"I did."

Jane scampered out of bed, brushing by Maura as she entered deeper into the room. "Be right back."

Setting the tray on one of the nightstands, Maura turned to watch her saunter away. Heat curled in her belly. I don't think this is ever going to stop. "It would help us both if you returned with some semblance of clothing."

Jane stopped and glanced over her shoulder. A smirk spread over her features. "You couldn't possibly-"

"Always," Maura interrupted.

Her smirk turned into a grin. "I'll take that under advisement."

Mere minutes later, they were sharing breakfast and laughter. As Jane rolled her eyes for the twentieth time, Maura came to the greatest epiphany of all. This was it for her. She felt it down to her very bones. She knew it before, but now, she felt it. Her heart stuttered before beating again at an accelerated pace. Blood roared in her ears, and breathing suddenly became difficult. It wasn't panic. It was her mind, her body finally accepting what she knew to be true.

"Maura? You okay?" Brown eyes held concern and a gentleness that Maura had never seen in any other individual, especially toward her.

Then, just like that, the moment of flux settled. Maura reached out, wiping a smidge of marmalade from the side of Jane's mouth. "Yes…yes I am."

Jane snatched Frost's keys from him as he started to put them in his pocket. "Hey!"

"I'll be the designated driver tonight if you want to have a few extra."

They stepped away from the parking lot and headed toward the building proper.

"Aww, you take such good care of me."

Jane rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

Their shoulders brushed. "You never did tell me what you've been doing all day."

Biting her lip to keep from grinning, Jane shrugged instead. "Just loafing around, I guess." She could feel his eyes on her.

Frost bumped her hard. "You spent the whole day in bed with Maura!"

The grin broke through. "Not the whole day."

"Uh huh, when did you get up?"

Rolling her eyes again, Jane mumbled, "This afternoon."

"Damn, go Maura."

I'll say. She's like the energizer bunny. Not that I'm in any way complaining.

Frost bumped her again.

"Ouch! What?!"

"Had to keep you from drooling on the street."

"Ass." Jane smirked anyway.

Before they entered the bar, Jane muttered, "We didn't have to go to a gay friendly bar."

"Eh, I wanted to make sure you'd be comfortable too."

Jane shrugged. It really didn't matter anymore.

A few minutes later they were safely ensconced inside and at their own table. Jane downed the shot of whiskey and slammed the glass on the table. "Woo, smooth." She reached for her beer. "This is it for me tonight, but you go ahead get your drink on."

Frost grinned. "My what now?"

"You heard me."

"Why thank you. I think I will."

It was strange being here in one of her old haunts. She had already crumpled up a woman's number and given a familiar one the cold shoulder.

"This is weird, huh? Being here again?" Frost asked.

"Yeah, it is. I was probably on my way to knowing every woman in here."

Frost snorted. "Thank God for Addison Montgomery and you finally getting some sense." He held up his beer glass.

Jane smiled fondly at the name. She needs to come and visit soon. "Amen to that."

Their glasses clinked but the sound could barely be heard over the noises surrounding them. A familiar waitress appeared, setting new drinks by Jane. She leaned forward, flashing her cleavage. "Blonde…3 o'clock."

Jane didn't even look that way. "No thank you."

The waitress smirked. "Not drunk enough?"

Frost watched the entire exchange in silence. She caught his gaze and a moment of deep understanding passed between them. "No, taken." It felt stupendous to say it. Never did she think those words mean so much and have such an impact. Damn, there's no other way I want it.

"I'll take them," Frost added.

After the waitress left, Barry lifted his glass once more. "To Maura."

Jane smiled, but didn't utter a word as their glasses met once more. She didn't have to.

Jane stumbled through the door of Maura's house with him leaning on her heavily. It was closer and she was tired. He sang the last lines of Free Fallin' and began to laugh when he was done.


"Dis…this not my place."

"No, it's not. You can sleep on the couch."

"Maura…gonna kill me for messin' up her couch."

"No, she won't. She likes you. Besides, if I say it's okay. It's okay."

"Ohhh, you wear the p-pants."

Jane smirked. "Probably not but that's okay."

Jane sat him down. "Stay here. I'll get bedding." She moved toward the guest room as quietly as possible, getting a blanket and pillow from the guest room she used to sleep in.

When she returned, Frost was leaning forward precariously about to meet the floor. Jane pushed him back and made the couch for him. When she was done, she pushed him backward. He still had his shoes on. Maura would kill them both.

Frost was already snoring. She unlaced his shoes and pulled them off. There was a weird sense of deja vue. She had been here before with him with the roles reversed, and at the time, she had been so broken. A bolt of warmth suffused her. He had been there and still was. Jane pulled the covers up over him. "Good night, Frost."

As she entered the dark bedroom, Jane peered at Maura's sleeping form. She removed her clothes quietly and slid into bed behind her.

Maura sighed and wiggled into her embrace.

"You're awake?" Jane whispered.

"Yes. Is he okay?"

"We were trying to be quiet."

"He was singing, Jane."

Jane chuckled. "Yes, he was." She kissed Maura's shoulder.

"Mmm. Did you have a good time?"

"I did."

Maura turned over until they were facing each other. Jane could make out her features even in the darkness. Lips covered hers, and Jane sighed into the caress. "I'm glad."

Jane wound a hand through Maura's hair and tangled their legs together, keeping them close. She deepened the kiss until their breaths became ragged.

"We can't," Maura whimpered.

"I know."

This is what she wanted to come home to every night. This is what she wanted to feel. This was worth all the pain and doubt.

"Go to sleep," Jane whispered. Their lips met once more.

"Okay." Maura turned away, but not before she made sure every inch of them was connected.

"Love you," Jane murmured.

"Love you too."

Jane swallowed the ball of emotion lodged in her throat, allowing it to spread all over. They had truly come full circle, and she couldn't ask for anything more.


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