Book 1: Breaking the Ice Chapter 6 Remake

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"So, why do you call this Squid Pond? It looks like a lake to me." Roxanne asked as she and her sister helped Buck paddle until they got to the other side.

"Ah, pond or lake, it's the same thing ta' me. Why I call it Squid Pond, however, pay close attention to the water. You'll see some squids down there." The twins did what Buck suggested and squinted at the lake. Sure enough, they could barely make out a few squid figures, but they couldn't see them all too well due to the water being murky.

Rosalina's attention went back to Buck when he added, "There is a group of trouble-making squids I've dealt with in the past. I'm pretty sure they'll try to start something. One of the three is missing two of its tentacles while the others may have lost half of one of theirs."

Oh, great. That's just what I wanted to hear. Roxanne thought sarcastically. If one of them tries to drown my twin, I'm going to do something I may regret. Buck saw her cold glare in his direction. He didn't bother asking what was wrong. It was completely obvious she didn't trust him as much as her sister did. He understood. Buck went back to paddling, a blank expression on his face.

Unbeknownst to the weasels, three dark figures swam near the raft. Two purple squids swam on either side of the make-shift raft while the leader, who was an eggplant color, swam underneath it. Two of the squids had scars over their left eye and were missing half of one of their tentacles, whilst the eggplant purple squid had scratches all over and was missing two of its legs. They were going to get back at the mammal that took their tentacles and gave them the scars where he had slashed them. The leader's minions saw the two females with their enemy. What they decided to do was to drown them if Buck didn't surrender once they start the battle.

Buck felt a light bump from underneath him, causing him to stumble slightly. This wasn't a good sign. He noticed Rosalina was looking up at him. "You felt that, too?" He asked her before he felt another bump, a little harder than the first one. The girl nodded.

"Maybe it's just a few boulders poking out of the lake." Rosalina said, not wanting to believe it was those squids Buck had mentioned. Roxanne gasped as she felt an even harder bump that made her fly off the raft a bit before falling on her back. What the deuce was that? She heard her sister say they were halfway there to reaching the other side. All that mattered to her was that they get to shore safely without anything bad happening to them. Little did she know her, her twin, and Buck were about to be attacked. Then, it happened…

As Rosalina was trying to keep her mind off the bumpy ride and continued to paddle, she felt something slimy and wet wrap around her right wrist tightly before pulling her into the water. Her scream caught Buck's attention as well as her sister's. Roxanne lunged for her sister, grabbing her free paw with hers. "Rosalina, hang on! Buck, do something!" The hazel-eyed teen screamed over at the male. She groaned in annoyance when he jumped into the lake to slay whatever had a hold of her sister. However, she thought he was abandoning them. Of course, that lunatic would jump off the raft, leaving us to fend for ourselves! I knew I shouldn't have trusted him! Damn him!

Rosalina's screams interrupted her thoughts. To her horror, Rosalina was now in the water, her upper torso and her left arm being the only parts of her body above the murky lake. "Sis, hang on! I got you! I'm not going to let you go!" Suddenly, an appendage wrapped around her right ankle, startling her. No! No, no, no, no, no! She silently pleaded. With a jerk, the tentacle knocked Roxanne down on her stomach.

"Roxanne, help m-…." A tentacle came up, covered the female's mouth, and pulled her into the water, causing Rosalina to lose her grip of Roxanne's paw.

Meanwhile, Buck was under the water, fighting the squid that held Rosalina in front of him. He could only stare in shock at the sight of the struggling teen. Don't worry, Rosy, I'll get ya'! With that, he started attacking the squid. He was careful not to accidentally slash Rosalina during the brawl. He sensed the leader was right behind him and attacked him as well.

Back on the raft, Roxanne was holding on for dear life and fighting the appendage with as much strength she had left. Tears were burning her eyes while she struggled. This is my fault! Rosalina's dead because of me! If I hadn't considered running away in the first place, she would still be alive! If only we didn't run into Buck, we wouldn't be in this situation! We should have run away while Tim was gone, running errands. We'd find a better place to stay. We'd be in a place where Tim would never find us! Rosalina, I've failed you as a sister. Mom, I've failed you as a daughter. I've failed you both!

Buck had slashed two tentacles of Rosalina's capturer, leaving three tentacles that held Rosalina's midsection and covered her mouth, not counting the tentacles that were in half. For the leader, he had slashed three more of his appendages, leaving only tentacle left. His eye gazed over at Rosalina. She didn't look too well. Her cerulean eyes were half-lidded now and she had stopped struggling against the squid's grasp. He was running out of time. I'm through playing games. Buck thought to himself before stabbing the squid multiple times until it finally died. Its grip loosened around the semi-unconscious girl. Rosalina was too weak to try to swim to the surface. To distract the leader, Buck poked him in the eyes so he could quickly get Rosalina back on the raft.

Roxanne was getting exhausted. She had been fighting the tentacle for the Animal Kingdom knows how long. She couldn't fight it much longer, but she kept on fighting for the sake of her twin sister. Just as she nearly lost her grip on the wooden raft, Buck resurfaced with Rosalina in his arms. Roxanne was in shock. He…he saved my sister. He didn't leave us. He...he…he didn't…leave us. She was so shocked that she had forgotten she was in danger. The squid tugging at her leg took advantage of that and pulled her closer to the edge of the raft.

Gasping at the sound of Roxanne's yelp, Buck placed Rosalina onto the raft so it wouldn't tip over. He dived under the water again to attack the squid that was pulling Roxanne overboard. Not bothering to get rid of his remaining appendages, he did what he did to the other squid until it died. He then slashed the tentacle off the squid before it fell to the bottom of the lake. The leader looked around him. His minions were not there to assist him. Buck gave a growl at the squid, an intimidating glare gracing his features. Having no other choice, the squid backed down and swam away. That's what I thought. Maybe, you'll think twice before messing with a weasel.

Buck came back up to the surface with his knife in between his teeth. Roxanne was getting rid of the severed tentacle that still had a hold of her ankle and threw it into the water. Their eyes met for a moment. "You all right, lass?" Buck asked, swimming towards the raft and climbing on. Roxanne only nodded her head. She didn't say a single word. She was still surprised he didn't leave them. If it were her step-father, he'd do just that.

"You…you didn't….why did you…." She blubbered.

"You thought I wasn't going ta' save you two from those squids, didn't you?" Buck chuckled. His lopsided grin turned into a concerned frown. Roxanne had her gaze averted. He decided to leave the girl alone and that he had to get them to the shore. During the ride, Roxanne carefully crawled over to her unconscious sister. Her paw landed on her twin's wrist, checking for a pulse. Fear washed over her. There was barely a pulse.

"Rosalina has a low pulse! Hurry up!" Roxanne said in a panicky tone.

"It's all right, lass, we're just about to reach the shore." Ten minutes later, they made it to the other side. Buck had Roxanne carry his knife so he could carry Rosalina off the raft and onto the ground, where he started to check her pulse. He could feel a couple of gentle beats here and there. She was still alive, but just barely. Her body felt cold to the touch when he lifted her wrist. He quickly got to work giving Rosalina CPR.

Roxanne watched with worry. Shivers course through her body, as did the tension. She sat near a tree and sighed. This is all my fault. I've put my sister in danger. Buck's not making our situation any better. That's it. When we set up camp and while Buck isn't looking, I'm grabbing sis and we're going to find our own way back, if she doesn't die. I can't bear to see Rosalina in any more danger than she is already.

Buck continued pumping the teen's chest with his paws and breathing air into her lungs. "Come on, Rosy, wake up! Wake up, lass!" He chanted over and over until, finally, Rosalina sat up, coughing up water and breathing heavily. Roxanne's head snapped up quickly at the sound. She ran to her sister to hold her in a tight, sisterly embrace in which she returned weakly.

"Oh, thank goodness! Rosalina, I thought I was going to lose you! I'm so sorry! I should have been…" Roxanne's sentence was cut off by her choked up sobs. Her hazel eyes flooded with tears that now dripped on her twin's shoulder as she cried into it. Rosalina looked down at her sister with her still-half-lidded cerulean eyes. She wanted to tell Roxanne that she was fine, but no words came out due to a feeling of drowsiness.

Buck sighed in relief at the sight of the twins embracing. He was startled when Roxanne harshly turned her head in his direction. I think I better get in a defense stance just in case she tries to kick my backside. The male got up at the same time the protective sister did. "My sister nearly died because of you! I think it would have been a lot safer if we would have went around the lake than sailing across it! If we did that, Rosalina's life wouldn't have been nearly lost! What in the animal kingdom were you thinking?" She shouted at him.

Buck's paws were up in a defensive manner in front of his chest. No thank you for saving her and her sister? Well, then… "Lass, calm down. Don't get your tail in a knot. At least, I saved you and Rosy from those squids and that's the reason why you're both still alive. Now, come on, we better get going as long as we can before it gets dark."

"Whatever." Roxanne mumbled to herself as she helped her sister off the ground. Rosalina shakily got up, only to nearly fall back down if it weren't for her sister, who caught her in time. Her hazel-eyed twin made the weak female's arm wrap around her shoulders while she stood close to her side so she could walk without falling over. Eventually, Rosalina went unconscious and Roxanne ended up throwing her over her shoulder. The scene was awkward for Buck, since he didn't say anything, but just gave a little weird look in Roxanne's direction before walking again with Roxanne following.

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