The Circle In Trouble

Chapter 1- The New Girl

A long blonde, curly haired teenager entered the room, wearing a long dotted top, with a belt at the waist. She wore a leather jacket and a long gold 'C' chain, dangling down to the waist, she wore a pair of light coloured shorts and wore light coloured ugg boots to the top of her ankle.

She ran into the room hurriedly looking around and saw a gap in the stairs and ducked curling into a ball.

"Cassie, Cassie!", a deep voice came through the corner, as a young man, with short black hair, and brown eyed came around the corner wearing a short sleeved brown top, with a black leather jacket, with blue demin jeans.

"We are not going to hurt you, I need to talk to you." The voice shouted again.

Cassie moved slowly sitting up on the stairs, scared. Her body was shaking nervously. The male teenager walked towards her, sitting next to her, sighing. "Cassie, it's okay. I remember when I found out, that I was a witch, Diana found her mother's secret book and found out everything from that. She told me and I stood there frozen, shaking my head, saying it cannot be true. At least this time the circle is here to help you. I will help you."

Cassie replied "Adam I am not a witch. My mother would have told me." Tears flew from her eyes, as droplets of water hit her cheek, rolling to the floor. "I can't be part of this. J-JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Cassie stood up, as Adam touched her hand.

"Cassie, I know that you are going to get through this, when my mother died, I cried for hours. I was only three or four, feel lucky that you got to spend as much time, as you did with her."

"No, No you do not know, Adam. I have lost my father, that I never knew existed and my mother now her. I cannot deal with this, I need to be normal not a ... witch like you say I am." She pulled her arm away and walked to the door and slipped over her feet, as she was looking at Adam watching her leave.

Adam ran to her, as he just caught her as she hit her head, knocking herself out on the floor. He dialled a number into his phone and put the phone to his ear. "Hey Diana, you need to get the circle down here, we need to talk to Cassie, when she comes round, she slipped and knocked herself out as she fell to the floor. She's out flat cold." He pulled Cassie to the sofa and laid her down, placing his jacket over her, keeping her warm.

He walked around the cold, old abandoned house, grabbing an old blanket and walked back quickly, switching the jacket for the blanket and put his jacket on him, zipping it up.

A straight long brown haired, brown eyed female teenager walked through the front crooked door, wearing dark blue skinny jeans, with a green top, with a short sleeved grey jacket, walked into the room. She was followed by a young male teenager, with medium length brown-blonde hair, with brown eyes, wearing a black top and black jogging bottoms with a dark coloured leather jacket, straddling towards Cassie and Adam.

The brown haired female teenager, walked towards Adam carrying two hot drinks in a cafe cup, passing one to Adam and putting one on the small table in which laid directly near Cassie on the sofa. They smirked at one another, as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, as he also wrapped his arms around her waist. They slowly moved towards each other's lips, touching them smoothly, when a voice from behind shouted out "Get a room!"

The voice grew closer, as a dark haired pony tailed female with brown eyes, wearing a sliver chain, white top and a three quartered sleeved leather jacket, with black bottoms, slowly stepped into the light, with a friend. The girl that stood next to her, had curly brown hair, with blue eyes and wore a blue top with a matching demin jacket and wore blue jeans stood there following the voice, like a the girl with the voice was her leader.

Adam turned a looked and said " Oh Faye, that's rich coming from you. You have put the circle in danger, we need to bind our powers like Diana said, and we need Cassie to do that. Oh and Guess what, Cassie is too scared of the whole thing now thanks to YOU!"

"Bind the Circle? Binding the circle will take away our solo powers, causing us to be in more danger."

The blonde-brown haired male starred daggers at Faye "Faye, I agree with Adam. We need to stop your outrageous storms that you cause, when you get mad."

"Thanks Nick, at least someone else is joining us on this one right, Diana? What do you say Melissa? Are you in or are you out?" Nick walks towards Adam and Diana and looks at Melissa.

Melissa looks around nervously, looking at Adam, Diana and Nick and then at Faye. All what was going through her head was "Faye-best friend or Nick- the one I like", as she said it under her breathe. The pressure was building up, weighing the options her face, looked like she was going to explode/

Diana asked "Melissa are you okay? Melissa?"

Melissa didn't respond, because she was falling to floor, passing out. Adam and Diana ran towards her and tried to wake her up. She came round and started to scream about the decision she had to make, was too hard. Everyone stepped back and watched in shock, as she stormed out and slammed the door. Diana bite her lip, as Faye and her both stepped to go check on her, but Nick Stepped forward.

"None of you two are going to check on her, I am. Because all what happens is you both will argue and then you will just make matters worse, than they need to be."

Faye starred at Nick for a while, Nick exchanged the glance and Faye sighs. "Fine, I give in." She slumped in the nearest chair, feeling defeated, as Nick left the room.

Cassie groaned, as Adam and Dian rushed to her, as Faye watched them. Adam grabbed her head to make sure she couldn't do anymore damage, by her getting up.

Adam and Diana spoke at the same time "Cassie?"

Cassie groaned more, as she spoke "Ow, my head. What happened?" She sees Adam and Diana looking at her and stared at Adam. "You did this! You made me fall to make sure I stayed didn't you.?" She touched the back of her pain and made the pain shoot right through her face.

Adam looked at Diana "I swear I wouldn't do such a thing." He glances at Cassie "Cassie you feel over your feet, as you were leaving. I ran and helped you from cracking your head open. That was quite a bump, you need that checking out. Are you okay?"

"Yes I AM! Why can't I remember anything? What's she doing here" As she looked around the room, " Oh thank god not everyone is here!" Adam bites his lip.

"Err-r... actually Cassie, Melissa and Nick are outside talking."

Cassie Sighs. " Oh Great... Just Great."

"Here, Cassie I brought you an nice hot drink." Diana picks up the drink and passes it to Cassie.

Meanwhile Nick walks around and finds Melissa. "Melissa. Whats wrong?"

Melissa looks around and sees Nick and slightly smiles. "Nick, I can't decide over my best friend and the circle. But I always will not be able to pick you over Faye. I must admit she's scaring me, i but i cannot just turn my back on my best friend."

"Melissa, you won't be turning your back on her, she will forgive you."

"Nick, She wont forgive me, you know how stubborn she is!"

"Melissa Trust Me! You do trust me right?"

"How can i not trust you. I love you" Shocked she just said that, biting her lip.

"Melissa? What did you just say." Shocked. " You know that we are just messing around, its nothing serious."

"I Know that."

"We got to go back in there and talk to Cassie, before she wakes up."

"Okay. Come on then." She follows Nick back inside and everyone looks around and see's them.

"Nick, Melissa, Diana, Faye, Cassie we need to sort out the Circle things quickly. We need to put the circle before our own needs. We need to bound the Circle." Adam looked around and then looked at Cassie. "If you don't want to be part of the circle, we need you at least help us bind our powers, to do that we need to unlock your powers."

"Adam! I'm not binding the Circle, if something happens. Someone is doomed alone." Faye looked at Adam with daggers.

"Faye. I agree with Adam. And we are hardly alone, so we will be okay? Im sorry, but you and your mood swings are scaring me." Melissa walks to Nick and Adam.

"Melissa! How could you? I'm your best-friend and you pick them over me . You go hang out with them, your'e not needed any more." Melissa starts to cry.

"Faye! How dare you make me feel gulity? You are makiing me sound like your slave! Dont you think that im already upset about this? It just shows that you're not really a good friend."

"You're not really a good frend for taking their side."

Everyone looks around awkardly and Diana shouts; "Stop shouting at each other and you're both good friends." She says this rolling her eyes, to the fact of Faye being a good friend. " You Melissa, has to sometimes make your own decisions and sometimes has to take your friend's side. And Faye, you need to listen to Melissa sometimes and choose to understand that she can make her own decisions."

Faye responded with a rolling of the eyes. " Diana you think that i'm really going to listen to you. You think that your'e the leader, because you found your family's special book."

Cassie tries to sneak out running, but Adam spots her leaving and sneaks out after her.

"Cassie, Whats Wrong?"

"Nothing, just i found something."