Title : Your Future, Also My Future

Disclaimer : EyeShield 21 is owned by Riichigo Inagaki and Yusuke Murata, unfortunately doesn't belongs to me. It's just funfictions from my version of storyline, with addiction of one main character. The original of Eye-Shield 21 is 100% belong to them.

Genre : Adventure / Sci-Fi / Friendship / Humor / one-sided Romance

Summary : One day, Mamori and Sena discovered one strange girl at the edge of the beach – she also had a amnesia and forgot anything else except her own name, Asahito Hikari. She is homeless, without family to care and suddently become Mamori's adopted sister! She also called Sena as 'her' Oji-san! What a shock! The situasion become more worst when she have been admired more than a man everywhere she goes! Who is she anyway?

Author Note : This is my first fanfic version. I just can concentrate in this story cause I just a normal person. Hope all of you read it first, then give me your comment. I also will give all my might to stay in these story until the end! Maybe it will be have another sekuel after this! Stay tune! This is also my first English version, and I'm still learning to write English in good term. Sorry if i'm not good in grammar.

Italic – Character Inner thinking or talking

Writing with bold character – Author thinking or something else

Main Character

Asahito Hikari (Anezaki Hikari /'Ai')

Same age as Mamori, Hiruma, Musashi, Kurita and Yukimitsu. Her hometown is unknown. Discovered by Mamori and Sena when they're on their way back from school together. Have an amnesia, effect from some incident that also unknown. Since then, lived with Anezaki family and adopted as Mamori new sister. She is really good person (never make her annoyed because she can become more 'dark and evil' then Hiruma), charming, loved to help people willingly and like Mamori, adored creampuff 'kariya' so much. She also loved to chew papermint chewing gum. Her true family name is unknown, as 'Asahito' is just a back-up name made by Hikari herself, as she doesn't really remember her true family name (effect from her illness) and avoid questions from another people. Her skill and ability also unknown, even by Hiruma himself. She has excellent and tall body fitting for a model and beautiful voice, but hide it in purpose. She also cool and extended in her actions, make her the only one that her actions cannot predicted and make anyone respect her more, even by Hiruma himself. She also among the people known Sena true identity as "Eye-Shield 21" but not intended to burst it out, perfectly hiding her true motive. The only people Hiruma cannot use his cunning acts into, or black-mailed, caused by her '100%' good attitude and gesture.

Hiruma Youichi

Well known as 'devil' among Deimon High School and loves to threat people using black-mail since middle school and cunning towards people. He always used hellish attire to discribe someone, more than honorific sentence. Always seen wear an earring on one of his ear, carry some machine gun, bomb or bazooka along with him, typing his laptop (almost the time) and loved papermint chewing gum. He also one of founders for Deimon Devil Bats, America football team. Besides his cunning and devilish attire, he also known with sharp thinking and 'main tower' in his team. In Deimon, he also the smartest in 'Trio Member', along with Mamori and Yukimitsu. In team, he is Deimon's Captain and Quaterback. Hikari called him as "Youichi-chan" or "Youhi-swan", much to his dismay (usually make his face fell blank or irritated, and will going beserk, which resulted by shooting all his team with his machine gun or do anything devilish to other people). Musashi stated that only Hikari can treat or called Hiruma like that, without being hurt or black-mailed as Hiruma himself doesn't bother to tell him why he didn't do that.

Anezaki Mamori

Save Hikari and bring her back to her home. She is also the one that gives the idea to her parents to adopt Hikari as their family member. Seemingly as a very good person, but become serious when talk/heard/saw about her favourite dishes, creampuff 'kariya'. Overprotective especially to Hikari and Sena. Become Deimon Devil Bats manager, simply used as 'slave' for Hiruma at the first hand, but changed as a very important person in the team, thus second after the captain, Hiruma (He acknowladge her as a member). Hikari called her just like Sena and Suzuna, "Mamori-neechan" or "onee-sama".

Kobayakawa Sena

First friend Hikari known and firstly meet when saved by Mamori and him. He want to use honorific call, "nee-chan" on Hikari but she just stated him to call her as "Ai-chan" only (he used honorific call when Mamori among them or in front of people). Firstly describe as slump and have no dedication in his life, but suddenly upgraded to become perfectly American football player. Hikari earn him more respect then other people (unless from Mamori) along with Suzuna, when she usually bow lower than usual and talk more kindly to him and Suzuna; which make everyone surprised for it. Much to their displeasure, she also refer him as "Oji-sama" and Suzuna as "Oba-sama" (which make Suzuna shout-out loud and make her just to refer them as 'Suzuna-chan' and 'Sena-kun', but usually ignored by her completely).

The Other Character (More specified by Hikari called on them)

Kurita Ryokan : Kurita oji-san or Kurita-san

Raimon Taro (Monta) : Saru-kun or Monmon-san (which make he frustated)

Manabu Yukimitsu : Yuki-san or Yuki-sensei (slowly, which make everybody hear as Yuki-sama)

Daikichi Komusubi : Komusubi oji-san or Komu-chan

Taki Natsuhiko : Taki oji-san or Taki. (her respect to him is below from others, not like her sister)

Gen "Musashi" Takekura : Musashi jiji-chan/Musashi-san or Musashi-kun.

Ha-Ha Brothers : Ha-ha ojii-chan (make them piss-off and everyone nearly wanna to laugh)

Sakaki Doburaku : Doburaku ojii-swan (which make he filled so dipress in himself)

Seijuro Shin : Shin-dono, Shin-san, Shin ichi-sensei (which make everyone don't believe it!)

Kaitani Riku : Rikku-sama (he want her to refer him as her brother like Mamori, and just call him as Riku-kun)

Kid : Kiddo-sama, Kid-san or Kiddo.

Rikiya Gaou : Gaou-sensei or Dino-sensei. (Somehow it not make him mad, but wonder who is she)

Takeru Yamato : Sensei-san or Baka-Annoying-Perverted-sensei (slow) continue with Honey ni-sensei (loud)

Honjo Taka : Taka-dono, Taka-san or Taka san-sensei.

Patrick "Panther" Spencer : Panther-dono or Panther-sama.

Shun Kakei : Poseidon-sama or Kakei-san.

Kengo Mizumachi : Suima-sama or Mizu-chan.

Hayato Akaba : Akai-me-sama or Akaba-san.

Sasaki Kotaro : Kikku-boru-sama or Smartto-san.

Kongo Agon : Ka'su~...or Kuso Dreatto (which make him want to smash her up, but always stop when seeing her incredible seriousness or 'devilish aura' surround her; before leave her alone)

Kongo Unsui : Omona kyoshi-dono (Primary Teacher) or Unsui-sama.

Cerberus and Butaberus : Cerb-chan and Buta-chan

Prologue – Dissappearence of Life

"A-re you...sure?"

"What da' you think?"

"No...it's so risky! How can you do it?" Shout a nice, cute girl with huge and sparkle eye and blue hair to the group.

One of the teenagers grinned. "I'm positive about that. I'm also 70% sure. If we don't try it now, how can we know it ready or not?" There are seriousness in her tone.

Athens can only sigh heavily. Her attitude attracts her friends attention. Kira, who just stand next to her is a fine good looking boy with tall figure and black hair. In his eyes, she could meet his anxious desire and stress crossed on his face. Her view then drop onto Shaoran, the calculated and 'main engineer' of this project. Like Kira, she also can detect some stress aura come from every inch of him. This is not a joke or maybe just for a play, but dragged someone life in mortal danger! Her eyes suddenly went back to person that they three cared most – in all time and life.

"Oi! Why are you look at me like that?"

"The risk is too high! You know the consequence if it failed, right?" ask Athens, worried.

"But, if we success, we maybe can outcome that! I'm willing to do it! I also the only one that suited it!"

"But, Angel...:" Kira frowns,

The girl named Angel only smiled to him. "I know! I'll be back! I'll be save! Please...don't worry too much! Just do it!" In her heart, she also feel worried. But, for the sake of their life, she must do it.

Athens then shared a glare with Kira and Shaoran. They known Angel for years. If she want to do it, she will do it. Some minutes later, they agreed with her request, but in their hearts it feel so bad and pain. With a slow tap on Angle shoulder, Athens said something to her,

"Ok, Angel. It's all up to you. Take this"

She lend something and put it warmly on Angel small, smooth hand. When she take a look at it, she realized that it was a beautiful necklace with rainbow germ. Meanwhile, Shaoran give her some small box (sized wedding ring box). Kira also give her a unique hand clock (like Sherlock Holmes watch) with a sad smile carved on his lips.

"We all have known for ages, Angel. You may make this harsh decision one day. So, as the preparation, we created something for you - useful enough if you successful. This necklace – actually funtion as 'virtual store', which you can keep this box and watch safely without known by anyone else. The box, is the 'capsule with all the efficent things on it' that been evaluated by Kira (do you remember Dragon Ball capsule that been created by Bulma?) These was all your equipment will come, from a little tiny one to a bigger and beauty one; from over a century until this century - if you want to use it. Just pressed onto the capsule (been tagged with name each of it) and you can use it as many as you want and in any time. Lastly, the clock – it was a clock with a sensor, which make a prove that you are still alive and will be the only link for you to return back to this century – without doubt", explain Athens in long way.

"Whoa..., I don't believe it. You all do that..."

"Wait – a minute. All of these things only can be hold or use by you. In each of these thing, we have planted a DNA detector which can only claim you as their user or master. Which mean, you don't have to worry if someone other than you steal it or lost it for yourselves. It will come right back to you, without even you realized it".

Angel's jaw just like wanna to drop for itself. 'What? They even can do that things? Wow!' (even author didn't believe it! If all like this exist on this real world...what a happening time...eh, continue with our story! Gomen!) She look into Athen's eyes. Her eyes look so gloomy and start to water. Without a word, she hugged Angel tightly and followed by Kira and Shaoran. They stay like that about some minutes.

"I trust you all." Angel's voice rang in front of the three.

"We also bestowed our trust in you too. Where ever you are, we all will always support you. We...we love you so much. Don't ever think that you are alone...we always by your side...In here...," stated Shaoran. His hand point to his chest; containing his heart, then copied by Athens and Kira. Angel felt so touching, with their sincerity and caring for her. Tears slowly drown from her eyes.

"Minna, thanks a lot".

"Let's get going. The time has come".

Angel make a step forward, while the other three went to their place to start the ritual. She continue to walk, until she stop at platform made by titanium and cobalt mixture. The platform is in modest version, which can contain only a person each time + spacing. At first glances, it's look like a small portal or normal sphere lift, walled by some mirror. But, if you take a good look on it, the 'mirror' actually a set of laser that been combined into strong string – that also been powered by uranium for about 1,000 000 000 volt per min. The laser cannot been seen as it was set as transparents – When the machines 'on' from control tower, which Athens was stand by to control. In each side of the platform, there are some unique inscriptions just exectly carved from combinations of Eygptian, Mesopotamian and Old European script – each of them have a meaning of its own which describe something that valuable in this experiment.

Athens start the machine. When it done, some alphabet (inscriptions) suddenly turn on and glittering in soft yellow light. She stared to Kira and Shaoran, waiting for their comfirmation. Each of them become more serious and carefully handle all the buttons. Kira then lift his head towards Athens and give his signal.

"Charged power succeed! Ready to launch!"

"Uranium supply and atom formula check! Laser progress, positive!" Shouran give his statement as well.

Athens looks on the screen which arise in front of her. From there, she can check on Angel's conditions inside or outside of her body. She observe it will full accuracy then touch the screen softly. Then she pulled another screen and make the same observation through it in a second. At the same time, Angle closed her eyes. She did not afraid at all – at all. Suddently her mind hit something. What if- - ?

"The container was in stable condition. Heart – OK, Physical – OK, Mind / Brain – OK, Repulse – OK!" urged Athens. She take the cursor and turn the 'ENTER' switch at her right. She realized something when she take a look at the first screen again. With serious tone, she talked to Angel.

"Angel, this is the critical condition. We are now heading to the last stage. From now on you must make your concentration in maximum target. Clear your mind, please! If not, all our effort will burned away!"

"I try! I try!" shout Angel from the platform.

'Shut your mind off, Angel! Concentrate!' It's like to force herself to sleep again, after awaken from a nightmare.

'Why I cannot erased it? What the...?'

At the other side, Athens just ignored her friend 'mind fighting'. After consider all the consequence and get a second signal both from Kira and Shaoran side, she press the ENTER button. The reaction make each side of the three young scientiest vibrating in slow movement. Then, some sylinder sized about 3 cm x 4 cm x 5 cm popup on each their left side revealed a hole that suited for a key. They stared at each other, then take out their key. The key is so strange, which looks like a normal bookmark but on top of each surface there are glittering that looks like CPU board (when we opened our computer and take the CPU processor). Their colour also different, Athens – Blue, Kira – Green and Shaoran – Brown Gold. They insert the key, the sylinder sink back to their position and activated.

Suddenly, comes bright light from the place Angel stand. When the view was clear, they lastly realized that Angle's physical body is now floating and rose slowly from the stand. Meanwhile, the inscription around them start buzzing and send out some soft red light through it. About a minute later, Angel's body start to split away, which mean all her particles decomposed successly with uranium and take it through the another space – with become an ion itself! When some of the physical's contact leave it's owner, all that left only the physical image in white pearl colour. While the small ion make some circulation and went to the other dimension. This is very critical stage, which mean her life at a real stake! Then, they been shocked by a very loud explosion above their premises.

Athens turns panic for a while. "It's an earthquake or what?" Everything around them shaking more frequently then normal.

"Kira, what our official status now?" command her.

"I don't know any detail about it! The video recording is smash out, maybe because the explosion! Wait – I can hear something coming..."

"I know them! They are Great Secret Army Squad Team!" shout Shaoran from the right. He has been nearly buried down under the ruins above him. One of his feet is badly injured.

"Damn it! They know about us! We have been attack!" cursed Kira loudly. 'Why are they here? It must be 'him'!'

His head also injured and blood has running down through his left face. While Athens is safe from any harm, but generally thinking how to block all intruder from went futher into their 'sacred place'. Her eyes suddenly grew bigger when she seen the 'transportation' progress. It have been emergency stopped! Angle's white, pure image was still floating, maybe the process was stop by the explosion. Without waste asecond, she stand up and check all the controls through the screen. She stated like that about some minutes untill Kira shouted,

"They have pass the last passage! In 30 minutes, they will arrived!"

"Delay them, Shaoran! I need more time! The process have been stopped! I need to activated it back!"

"Wha – t? Kira, are you still there? Use the emergency button next to you! Hurry!"

" I found it! Ok!" shout Kira and press the button.

" It may delay them about half an hour more..., is that enough to you?" ask Shouran.

"More than enough...C-mon, wake up! Wake up damn machine! You are our last hope!" begged Athens while watching the floating ion-image Angel at the platform. Like a miracle, the machine began to operate again and three of them watch as they counted the percentage on the screen. Angle image start to split away without any problems.

'Activate on. Continue the process. Start from 50%. 51%...61%...'

"Just hurry little one! Hurry!", Kira talked to himself.


"Just a little more..., No!" Athens startled. "They was arrived!"

The squard in 20 people rush into the place. All of them bring the modern weapon and wearing a mask, prevent them from any harm, especially from "Sleep powder" that been casting in all the trap in the passage. Athens make a run and try to defend Angel using her whole body as a shield. In blink of the eye, two people from the squad shoot her starightly at her left and right hand. While the other man, pull her from her position and pin her down to the floor.


"Good...just a little more..."

Athens stared everywhere, searching for Kira and Shouran. Kira have been battered by 5 people all in the same time, while Shouran have been knock-out by his attacker. She had known that this is the senquence from their 'illegal activities'. At the control tower, some other people from the squard tried to stop this 'transportation'. But...it was too late...


She laughed from the bottom of her heart. There are no way all of you may stop it now! Hell you! It was nearly success...She heard loud bang from Kira's place.

'Maybe Kira have been shoot to death. I'm next...but, please...take my Angel to safety...'

The barrel of a gun stand in front of her face...they urge her to stop the process, but it's was really, really late...As the trigger been pulled, Athens closed her eyes closely. At the same time the laser bullet roll through the barrel, she could heard the announcement that emerge from the system.

100% proceed...The transportation are succedded!

'Oh God! Our experiment is succeed with flying clours!' Now she think she can go with peaceful and honoured death.


Angel P.O.V

She cannot sensed everyhting now. She feels like flying above the sky, and her body is more light than feathers. Is this like been death? I'm alive or not? Is the experiment succeed or not? Where am I now?

'Oh...all of you...sorry, I have dissappointed you all..., now I can see Oka-san and Otoo-san at heaven, I think...they may be wait for me now...'

She heard someone had called her name, many times. Just like Athen's. Her eyes suddenly opened.

'Them? No...no...! I must wake up! I want to see them again! I must save and lived! I got to accomplised this job! No matter what! I will end it!'

Now she is fully awake. In front of her, there are a path with bright white light. She knows that she have made a right choice. She just follow her instinct and walk pass the road.

'I will walk until the end of the line...'

** End of Prolouge**

P/S : What happen to Angel? Who is this Angel anyway? Why only Angel suitable for the job? Where will her destiny lead her to?

Authors Note : I will draw Asahito Hikari in life version and chibi version! If I have a time, mybe I will draw it with all Eye-Shield 21 Character in chibi version. Just went to my blog SSS1013 (Studio Lukisan) - Search it on Google to see it (about 3 days from tomorrow) and enjoy my other drawing on it. Hope some reviews and comment. Thanks! Before forgotten, my blog is in Malay (because I'm Malaysian) version; so don't miss to translate it first.

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