Aftermath: Bittersweet

A week after New Years Eve, the news from local to national had been buzzing about the incident of The Overlook Hotel. It all started with the anonymous tip about the whereabouts of Carrie Reagan Spencer. They said they've been having visions of her in a Hotel deep in the mountains of Colorado. The police didn't believe it at first but, once a man came into the police station with two little girls, one of them with the same appearance as Carrie, police began to investigate.

It was difficult going over to the Hotel because of the heavy snow storm but, once they were there, they were shock by what they saw. They've found the bodies of Annie and Steve Barker. Mrs. Barker's body was found in the bathroom were her head was cut off. Her head was on the bar table in the ballroom as well as Mr. Barker whose body was laying on the floor with his head turned to the wrong side of the body. At first they had Frank Cotton as a suspect but, let him go for he had some alibis, Levi and Lili Athen. The police didn't dig any futher, they only knew that the Barker's were just another victim of the Overlook Hotel.

As for the Totec's, Kirsty and Danny were able to go back home. For Xipe Totec, it was bittersweet. He was happy to see them back home and alive but, at the same time it didn't feel complete. Seeing Danny with all those written marks on his body hurt him deeply. His son was going to bare those scars for the rest of his life. His wife on the other hand was a mixture of anger and sorrow. One time they got into a heated argument over the newly discovered affair. "Why couldn't you tell me? If only you told me we would have been able to figure this out somehow and I would have been able to have Carrie in my life! Now, I'll never, EVER SEE HER AGAIN!"

They separated for a month but, went back together for the sake of their son. Even though they lived in the same house they still felt apart. Xipe worked in the day while Kirsty worked at night. One night Xipe was alone watching T.V. with a fifteenth drink of Coke with Jack. He was more buzzed then drunk but, he was more aiming toward drunk. The T.V. program was in honor of Stanley Kubrik on HBO. Right now he was watching the end of A Clockwork Orange. Once it was over it went on to show another by Kubrik was about to play. 'Based on True Events', was what it said. As the movie went on, showing the title made Xipe want to get the whole bottle of Jack as the title came on The Shining.

The whole bottle was gone within a second as the movie continued with it's caste. Getting there but not there yet, Xipe went to get another bottle. It took him three bottles of Jack to actually make him drunk to were he could stand watching the movie that made Jack Nickelson crazy famous. His attention turned to the door to a woman who was either Kirsty or Angelique, he couldn't tell. He just knew two things, one she was attractive, two he was so unbelievably horny.

"Hellooooo theeeerrrrrreeee, Anggggelllll! Wana have some fuuuuuunnnn?" Strangely, they ended up making out on the couch. While they were making out, the movie was on the part were 'Jack' was arguing with that mousy wife of his over his 'work'. Once he inserted himself inside her she felt wet but, cold. By that time he passed out cold like her pussy. The next day he was on the floor. Two weeks later Kirsty told him she was pregnant. He didn't know weather to be happy or anger because he got the mix feeling the child wasn't his.

The months went by as Kirsty's stomach got bigger, Xipe's depression got worse. Every time he got off work, he would spend most of his time in Carrie's empty bedroom. Sometimes sitting on her bed staring into space, other time and possibly at it's worst he would cry out of the blue. At night he would sleep in her room just of the sake of not sleeping in their bed. One night he had a nightmare about Carrie, her head was cut off like Annie's. The Overlook laughed and cheered at her death. Ben was there too, holding her head, smiling at him, "Thanks for the new playmate, Elliot. You make our father proud!" He woke up screaming and crying at the same time.

Angelique did as she was promised he made. Every other weekend she send him photos of his daughter, with or without Angelique. To make things even better, she send in baby pictures of Carrie. The baby pictures he observed the longest. Angelique also did as she was promised on the second part to let him hold her when ever Kirsty wasn't around which was at night. They would hold each other for hours often falling to sleep in each other's arms on the same bed he and Kirsty slept. Nothing sexual happened which was a relief. After the Overlook used her as a fuck doll, she didn't want sex for a long while.

The pictures and 'night visits' were a relief from the growing sorrow he felt but, as November approached his depression was at it's lowest. On November 30th, on Carrie's birthday, he hit rock bottom. He was in her room writing a letter to her like she did with her origami swan. It read:

Dear Carrie:

I'm sorry for pushing you away. I should have just been there for you like a father is suppose to do. I love you so much, Carrie. I want you to come home. It feels so empty and cold here. Without you we're not complete, I'm not complete. I feel so alone here, I want to hold you so bad. There isn't a day were I don't think about you

I cry a lot Carrie, I'm always so sad. I feel that the only way I could ever be happy again is if you are there with me to love me but, I get the feeling you hate me. I could understand why you won't forgive me. I couldn't forgive my father because I always blamed him for not saving Ben but, then again I blame myself too. I should have done something to save him but, I didn't I don't know about Danny, but I got the feeling he blames me too for not bringing you home.

Even though you might hate me forever, I'll love you always.

Love Daddy

Once he folded it up into an origami swan that was a little bigger then Carrie's. He put the swan next to her letter and went into the living room. It was day time, Danny was with friends as Kirsty was out of town. It was the weekend, Angelique was with her daughter. At this point he had a mental break, he cried uncontrollably. Thinking that nobody would miss him, he went into the kitchen to look at all the things that would kill him: Knives, pills, alcohol, carbon dioxide, drowning in the sink, gun, etc. Even though he was immortal and really none of these things could actually kill him, it scared him. He looked at the phone and called Angelique. When she finally picked up he began to ramble, "Please help me, I'm alone here and….I want to die! Please Help!"

Immediately Angelique showed up at his door and Xipe couldn't be more happier to see her. For the rest of the day, he stayed out of the house until the next day. When Christmas was just around the corner, Kirsty gave birth to a baby girl, they named her Noel. Even though he had doubts about being the father, he felt a little happy to hold her. He imagined he was holding baby Carrie.

On Christmas Eve, Angelique called him. "Meet me at the park, Xipe. I have a present you're really going to like!" Xipe was about to ask what but, the phone went dead. It was night time, the moon glittering on the snow. Since no one was around Xipe didn't bother to wear a coat, he was immune to the cold. The park wasn't too far from his house so he walked. Angelique was there waiting for him, she looked very happy. Once they were in touching distance, she took a hold of his hand. "Come with me," was all she said, then they teleported from a place filled with snow to a breezy paradise in Hawaii.

Feeling confused on why they were on an island, he heard a voice that belonged to his daughter from behind him. Once he turned around, he didn't know weather this was real or not but, oh god he was wishing it was real. Carrie was there in a blue dress holding hands with Fern and Christine. "Carrie? Are you real?"

Carrie and the others laughed, "Course I'm real, daddy!" she said, she let go of their hands and ran for his embrace. She called me daddy! He thought, oh God she called me Daddy! For the first time in both their lives they held each other. They went to the ground together with an endless supplies of hugs and kisses. If this was a dream he did not want to wake up, ever! Angelique reassured him that this was real. "Merry Christmas, Xipe, all thanks to Christine and Fern." She indicated to the two children that held Carrie's hands. "We were the ones that persuaded her in you visiting her on the weekends with Angelique," said Fern. "I feel that you've learned your lesson and you deserve a reward."

Still holding his daughter, tears of joy came streaming down his face. With an out stretched he said, "Come here, let me give you a hug as well." Joyfully they came over to Carrie and her father and mother. Together they were in one big huddle of love. Out of the blue Fern asked, "Can you bring Danny along with you as well, I'm surrounded by too many girls!" Xipe laughed at the comment. "Of course, I'll think he'd love to meet of you."

The next weekend, Xipe took Danny with him to Hawaii to visit Carrie. Angelique was there as well. As predicted Danny made a new friend with Fern and Christine. Soon when Noel is old enough, He'll take her here too. Xipe and Angelique sat on the beach together, watching as their daughter played with her friends and family. Truly this was paradise.