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Chapter Ten: Final Destination

"Tanya! What the fuck are you doing here?" His ex just laughed and walked in, seeing everyone's eyes on her. She wore a white shirt, pleated trousers and red and black designer hi-tops with the trademark '#'. Brown hair in a tight bun, green eyes enhanced with contacts and skin just like Amber's. She was going towards Nathan but stopped when she heard the safety of a gun being clicked back. "And who's that behind me?"

"That... Is my fiancee. Amber?" The gun was dropped and he found her backing away from someone and his eyes widened in disbelief. His hair was styled just like Nathan's, only as dark as Amber's and his eyes glistened a natural sapphire colour. His facial structure was exactly the same as his-they could've been mistaken for twins-but the only difference is the lip stud that pierced the corner of his mouth. He wore a red varsity jacket with black gym pants and red indie kicks. "Danny... What are you doing here?"

He smiled, "Can't I say hello to a bride-to-be?"

"How the fuck did you know I was here? And why are you with this slut?"

"Hey!" He pointed at her. "Don't say that about her. She's my angel."

"It's funny cause it's true. After my man left her, I can pretty much-huhwaitwhat? Repeat what you just said."

"She's my-"

"Okay, don't finish it. You two are going out? Aww, ain't that sweet, babe? They're going out... Word of advice, STD test..."

"Bitch, I'm cleaner than a whistle so if you're gonna carry on talking to me while I'm right here, I guess you man up and confront me." Amber turned to Tanya with a horrified expression and stepped to her. "Uh, okay Tanny. Ha, someone thinks I'm scared of her... You know what I think about you, huh? I think you're a useless bitch. And plus you're fake; hun, all I need is a knife and already, there goes your silicone implants."

"Burn!" One of the Saints shouted out and another three laughed with her. "You and Dan need to leave otherwise there goes your life... I'm giving you five seconds... It's a really easy decision to make... 2... Oh my God! Will you fucking leave?!" A beautifully diamond encrusted Shepherd with black decal slid out of Tanya's pocket and pointed the nuzzle at her head. "Try say that when there's a gun in your face."

"Well, actually I can say that when there's your gun in my face. First of all, your aim is shitter that shit itself. Second of all, you wouldn't kill me even if you tried. And third of all, you're not even armed."

"Whaddaya mean? I have a gun pointed at your face and you say I'm not armed?"

"Like I said," With a quick twist of her wrist, she cried out and covered her now busted nose as Amber landed a very swift punch, catching the gun in the process and pointing it at her face. "You're not armed."

"Boss..." Kinzie said, jogging out from wherever she was hiding. "I spot another ambush." She signalled and Shaundi took Tanya away, saying "Don't kill her... Fuck her up a bit. Teach her a lesson." She turned and her eyes flashed white as Danny landed a rock hard punch on her cheek and she fell, stars overtaking her vision.

"They're here to gatecrash the party. And these two are just the starters."

"Hey Boss!" Nathan turned to find Amber in the Fireman's lift on Danny shoulder. "Do you mind if I take my girl for a drive?"

"Shit! Shouldn't have taken my eyes off Amber... Not on my watch, you fucking don't! Viola! You're leader for now. Make sure every SWAG member you see is done for, alright?" She gave a thumbs up, getting her Kobra from her pocket and Nathan ran for the elevator, having it close on him. "Dammit!" He swore as he slapped his palm on the door. Thinking fast, he bolted up the stairs to the garage elevator. When he reached the basement, he hopped in the first vehicle he saw, which was the purple Temptress, and drove out, seeing another two black and red Temptresses skid out of parking. "Danny and Amber are in the car on the right."

"Thanks," he smacked his foot on the accelerator and it roared in perfect distress as he realised Danny's ride was the one with the added red underglow. "Bitch tryna take my wife... Well, he definitely wants to die."

"Where the hell am... Get the fuck off me you stupid bitch!" He heard Amber say from the car in front and it swerved a little before restoring control, avoiding a delivery truck swiftly. As the pursuit continued on the highway, bullets hit the back of the Boss' car and he ducked briefly before turning the car to cruise control, getting his SMG from the glove box. "Hey," he shouted, spraying at the cars behind him. "Can someone get some Saints to cover my ass? I've got too much heat here!"

"One step ahead of you," Kinzie said and he looked up, spotting two choppers filled with four Saints each. They went straight to firing rockets and consuming rounds of assault rifles and Nathan had to deviate from the explosions around him. "What the fuck are gonna do to me, huh? You can't just do this, Danny."

"But who says I can't?"

"I did..."

"You? You!? Amber, you make me laugh you do."

"That's it... I've had enough! Stop the car."

"Why would I do that?"

"Because if you don't, then we both drown. And I know someone in this car can't swim."

"She's not gonna..." Nathan muttered.

"Drive the car off the road? Well, call me a daredevil because this car's about to go down!" She banged Danny's head on the steering wheel and he grunted, grabbing her left wrist and wrenched it with all his strength. The pain was barely a mere bee sting as adrenaline pushed her to the limit, and she shocked him with a clean strike to the face. Blood flew on the window beside him but she really wasn't caring; she will kill this guy. Doesn't even matter if they went out in the past. Plus, he's the reason for her murderous ways so it's payback.

"Amber... Amber baby, don't do it! I know you crazy but you ain't that crazy." Nathan was literally screaming in the car, technically at the earpiece but she ignored him and one more punch sent the car spinning off course, toppling a couple times before falling into the ocean below. "Baby, you've never seen what I can do." The force sent Amber to bust her eyebrow and she cursed, feeling water soak her toes and warm blood dribble down her face as they began to sink. Nathan skidded to a halt, jumped out of the car and ran to the edge, stopping when he saw the roof of the car disappear under the water. Without wasting precious seconds, he climbed over the railing, took in his biggest breath and dived in the freezing cold and spotted the drowning car instantly.

Amber took in a long breath, also forcing Danny's head underwater at the same time and he writhed and splashed but she wasn't having it. She watched the bubbles escape from his mouth and his eyes widened as he inhaled liquids rather than gases. I'll see you in Hell, you tormented piece of shit, she thought and tried to open the door but it was stuck. Thumping on the glass, she reached into his pocket her fingers coiled around his SMG-, the water immensely slowing down her movements. Aiming at the glass, she fired and the bullets shattered the glass and she used her feet to widen her escape route. She noticed a figure swimming towards her and trying not to breathe out too much, she pushed at the water, feet and legs working like perfect clockwork.

Nathan swam to the car, reaching for his girlfriend's hands and yanked her out but she yelped in shock as Danny gripped her ankle. Her hands moved to her throat as she pushed herself to not gasp and he slipped the gun at her ex's head and pulled the trigger, feeling it recoil in anger and mentally smiled in victory as Danny was no more. He felt Amber's body drift upwards and he started exhaling, swimming out of the vehicle and holding her by the shoulders. When they broke the surface, Nathan started coughing for air but Amber didn't. "Amber... Baby?" He grunted as he pulled her along, the tide pushing their bodies to the coastline and the first thing he did was give her mouth-to-mouth.

"Amber..." He said between breaths. "Come on baby... I know you can do it..." He placed an ear near her mouth; she wasn't breathing. Interlocking his fingers, he flattened his palms on her chest and started manipulating a heartbeat. "Boss... Boss, you there?"

"Pierce, send a car over now!"

"What's happening?"

"Amber... Wake up for me..."

"Shit! Is Amber okay?"

"She will survive, Pierce! She will!" He felt for a pulse and it was slow and steady. Now, her respiratory system. Nathan held her nose again, tilted her head back and placed his mouth against hers, breathing in and out. "Come on..." He said, performing it again and Amber coughed up water and inhaled sharply, pushing Nathan off her and sitting up. "Fuck...!" She whispered and Nathan watched her, speechless. The words he wanted to say got lost as he stared in her silver eyes. Her adrenaline wore off and pain rocketed through her wrist and she hissed, clutching it. "Fucking dick broke my wrist... Oh fuck, it hurts."

"Amber..." He started cheerfully, then he wore a confused look. "You're alive?"

"What?" She shrugged. "Did you expect me to kill myself? Love, I ain't that stupid. I thought I unlocked the door, though. I think he must've locked it again."

"My baby's alive!" He finally scrambled to her, pushing her on her back as he tightened her in a hug. "Baby, I'm alright... Except for a broken wrist..." She kissed his head. "I don't know what I'll do without you, Nathan. You saved my life... My life. And killed the reason behind it." He heard a sniff and he lifted his head up and said "Are you crying tears of joy?"

"Actually, no. My hand's fucking dying over here! We need to go." A wind blew and they both looked up to Pierce flying a Saint chopper. "I thought you were bringing a car, Pierce."

He flashed a cocky smile, "Hi Boss... Hi Amber."

"Hey Pierce... You, sir, came right on time. Let's go." Getting on board, the chopper flew in Steelport's sky and the pilot couldn't help but notice a gunship following their asses. "Boss, we're being followed." He took off his seatbelt, cupped Amber's jaw and walked to the doors, booting it off its hinges and he popped his head out. "Pierce..." He said. "I suggest you fly faster..."

"This is as fast as it goes."

"What is that girl holding?" Amber said and his head snapped to look at her and everything from there started moving in slow-motion. She wanted to get a closer look but she missed the footing and fell forwards, legs barely missing an RPG that girl fired. Nathan reached for her too late and his purple eyes glowed in anger just before it hit the chopper, sending it into oblivion. Amber turned her body in free fall, witnessing the explosion and she screamed Nathan's name, getting no response and she gazed at the red gunship flying away. It only took seconds to realise who did this and her anger started boiling and reality moved in its normal pace. Catching a launched parachute, she wore it and yanked the string and upthrust pulled her up as the parachute expanded.

Settling on land, she looked up at the buildings, tracking the location of the billowing smoke, and kicked someone out of their Atlas. Her hair was messy, her shoes were missing, her clothes were drenched and her makeup was running but what mattered most was Nathan. And Pierce? Well, who gives a fuck about Pierce? Arriving at the scene, she climbed out, shielding her eyes as it exploded. "NATHAN!" She screamed, running to the deformed chopper and worked on restored adrenaline, the pain lessening and the fire just feeling like hot A/C. Amber jumped in, finding his body in an instant and she grabbed his battered shirt and pulled, placing him near the car and she went back for Pierce, who was still alive and breathing. Forcing the door open, she helped the ebony man out and it was after a couple of limps did the helicopter explode. "Tell me you're okay, Pierce."

"Yeah..." His voice was shaky; she couldn't blame him. "I'm okay, just a couple bruises... I'll be fine, I'll just call Viola over." She nodded as she placed him in the back and she rushed over to Nathan, kneeling over him and shaking him lightly. No words can explain the injuries Nathan Collins has been granted with. "Nathan... Nate, baby! No! You can't do this to me... Nathan... You can't," she reduced to crying. "You've gotta fight! You've gotta... No. Don't leave me... W-we were gonna have a family... My future was your future..." Her soul turned cold and so did her voice. "An eye for an eye," she muttered, brow rising as Viola rushed to Pierce's aid.

People want to fuck with my boyfriend and their lives will be cut short.

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