The Freshman Diary of Tatewaki Kuno

By Red Dragonfly, aka Rebecca Lang

"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds…."

Summary: Nabiki has gotten a hold of Kuno's old diary and sits down to read it one rainy day. It seems that before Kuno met Akane, there was another girl on his mind. Kuno x Nabiki.

Table of Contents

Spring and Summer


Fall and Winter

Copyright: Although Rumiko Takahashi would probably be horrified by my demented interpretations of her characters, they do, nonetheless, still belong to her.

Central Premise: Have you ever noticed how hostile Tatewaki Kuno is towards Nabiki Tendo, especially at the very beginning of the series? I find this strange, given that Tatewaki seems to function under the illusion that all women are innocent maidens who find him irresistible. Yet, he has never once maintained this illusion with any conviction towards Nabiki. Why do you think that is?

Author's Note: You know, I can't help but feel that Kuno and Nabiki might have been relatively normal people before Ranma came along and plunged the universe into over-the-top chaos. And I've always wondered about their past relationship. So, please allow me to indulge myself with this brief, little fanfiction. It's not funny or romantic or all that insightful. But enter with low expectations and you shouldn't be too disappointed.