10. The Plan

It had been 3 days since Evie had died but it still hurt to think about her. The girl from District 5 was the one who killed her; even though she'd died I wanted revenge. Three others had died. The boy from 3, the boy from 10 and the girl from 7. 39 dead. 13 left to play. Closer to Finnicks victory. I had started to think about how I was going to die. I hoped for mine and Finnicks sake that it was fast. We had also received some more bread from 4 and 12. We'd trekked back to the rainforest. It offers concealment. "Right me and Finnick will be on watch tonight" says Leighton. He'd been quiet since Evie's death. I know he was angry and upset. He was a bit better though because he had killed Evie's killer. Me and Rhiannon settled into sleeping bags. "How are you going to die?" she whispered so quietly that I knew nobody would hear. "Why? I don't know do I?" I whisper back

"Well I have an idea, but you don't have to agree to it"

"Go on" I whisper intrigued

"We could kill ourselves by finding some poisonous food"

"I like that idea" I say


"Wait for two more people to die. Then we find something."

"Yeah okay"

"Honestly though we cannot tell anyone about this plan, because if they find out they'll murder us slowly."

"Yeah" I say as sleep finds me and hunts me down.

I had been keeping my eye out for something poisonous all day. At least I knew how I would die; me and Rhiannon just had to wait until two more people had died. We headed south back to the beach were we had a source of food. Finnick proved surprisingly adept at archery and had be shooting us food for days. We'd arrived at the beach and I set up the tent. Leighton dived for seafood, Rhiannon went looking for some berries and Finnick went hunting. I saw them come towards. Limping evidently hurt. Weapons loaded. I ran for my knife. "Leighton!" I screamed. He dived out of the sea and went for Finnick' sword which was right on the shore. He reached it, just as we could see their faces. Bloody faces, bruised and beaten. It was the careers, they had been following us. I knew that three of them would be district 2, I didn't know who would be the fourth one was. He would be a weak target and easy to kill. "Going to kill us are you, Rue?" says the girl from 2

"Possibly if the time comes" I say tauntingly. She threw the knife at me but I was expecting it and dodge. It lodged in a tree behind me. "Not got a very goof aim have you?" I say. She growls. She starts running towards me but an arrow threw the head makes her drop to the floor Boom! Finnick stood behind us with a loaded bow. The bow from 10 tries to swing the mace. It's too heavy for him though and he drops it. Leighton stabs him with the sword and pulls it out before he's even fallen Boom! I throw the knife with all my force and aim; it hits the blonde boy with long hair from 2 right in the heart. Boom! The other boy with red hair gallops towards us but Finnick pulls back the bow and it hits him in the head again. We pulled our weapons from the bodies just as the hovercrafts came to take them away from us. "What the hell happened? Are you okay" calls out Rhiannon as she runs towards us. "I heard the canons"

"Yeah we're fine we just took out the careers and the boy from 10. We're okay" I give her a knowing look; we are the next to die. Tonight on watch. For now we have to cook dinner, and keep moving I don't want to stay where there is blood staining the floor. "Come on we better start moving. If they can find us then who knows who will find us next" says Finnick.

"Yeah alright" I say as me and Rhiannon are taking down the tent. The next section was the ice. We headed there. At least when I die I'll die somewhere beautiful. Even if it was going to be cold. Me and Rhiannon walk behind Leighton and Finnick. "Did you get something?" I whisper

"Yes, my Dad told me about them once, they're called nightlock" she whispers. Of course I know nightlock, my Mother has taken me to the woods a few times, I still remember her "Don't ever make the mistake your Father made, these are nightlock, don't ever eat them"

"They'll do. Tonight when we are on watch okay?"

"Yes, I can't believe tonight we're going to die"

"I know but if Finnick is to win then we have to die" she nods in agreement.

"Come on you too" shouts Leighton

"Right okay we'll be there in a minute. The sky was getting darker now and it was closer to my death. I knew I had to do it, but I had still had my doubts. I knew we were at the ice section. I could feel the cold. The ground underneath us became slippery and we had to walk slowly. "Okay we'll pitch the tent here were we can still peg it into the ground." Says Leighton. We set it up and cook some dinner. It's a good 'last supper'. The anthem fills the night air, the faces of the people whom we killed are shown. 9 left to play. Hopefully after my death Leighton will look after my brother, and keep him safe. "I'll go and fill the flasks, Finnick come and help me" I say

"Okay?" Finnick answers. When we walk I give him a little speech.

"I love you, you know that right?"

"Course, love you too sis!"

"Good. I need you to stay safe and strong, okay? No matter what happens please carry on. Kill more people if you have to, just get out of here alive"

"Okay, why are you telling me this, it's not like you are going to die tonight" If only you knew Finnick.

"Right, but I just wanted to tell you this" we've filled the flasks and are heading back. I give him a hug and a kiss on the head. He accept them gratefully. We sip water as the sky turns inky black. "Me and Rue will watch tonight" Rhiannon says "You too sleep tight" she hugs them both and we sit in front of the tent together. I grab her hand. "You ready?" I ask

"Ready as I'll ever be" she takes out the nightlock from her jacket pocket. I grab three and she takes the rest.

"I love you Rhiannon" I say

"Love you to Rue"

"On three?"

"On three"

"1, 2, 3" I swallow the berries just as Finnick comes out of the tent to watch my death.