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Summary: All over town street kids are being brutally murdered. When one of the street kids manages to fight off the attacker she becomes the only witness they have and is vital in helping Jane and Maura solve the case. However it is Maura who first see's just how close Jane and the young witness are becoming. Whilst Jane struggles to protect the girl and solve the case the killer closes in, determined to finish what they started, willing to do whatever it takes putting both Jane and Maura in harm's way as well.

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Chapter 1

It was dark on the streets of Boston at this time of night. Most 14 year olds would have been at home in bed, or at least at home on their computers surfing the net with the sound low enough so that their sleeping parents wouldn't wake. But that wasn't the case for Samantha 'Sam' Prescott. Sam lived on the streets and night time was the best time for pick-pocketing, the only way to be able to afford some food to eat and something warm to drink.

She was short for her age so it was easy for her to walk through crowds of people without anyone really noticing her and she moved on too quick for those who did, but who would notice a young girl who was probably pretty under the layer of dirt over her skin and torn, raggedy clothes.

Her sneakers barely had a sole left in them and when it rained they would leak; leaving her wet and cold. Her coat was too big and ripped to rags, no longer possible to do the job it was supposed to; keep her dry and warm. Beneath it, her light jacket and t-shirt were soiled with dirt and old rain water and they too were torn to rags. Her jeans that were ripped and torn around the ankles trailed along the floor; too long for her short legs.

By the time she side stepped out of the crowd and behind a building she had picked three pockets and a bag, she was a pro, one of the best on the streets. She checked the three wallets and the purse she had grabbed and pulled out all the money in them. It wasn't great pickings but it was enough to feed herself for a week at least. She checked the purse again and found a small picture. It was a family photo, the type that cost a lot of money to have taken. It was of an attractive family, all dark haired, like herself and all with brown eyes, again like herself. Their smiles weren't forced, just natural, obviously a happy family. She put the picture in her pocket and then dropped the three wallets into a bin as she ran past it.

She was about to rejoin the crowd and see what else she could grab when a pair of arms wrapped around her, a heavy hand coming down over her mouth. She was carried back into the alley, far, far back in it to where no one heard her cry out for help as soon as the hand came away from her mouth.

Whoever had grabbed her flung her hard to the floor. She landed awkwardly, skidding along the rough gravely ground that was littered with broken pieces of glass. She felt her skin scratch and tear until she came to a stop. She reached her arm out and put her hand down on something hard, she picked it up, it was heavy. Her attacker crouched down beside her and that was when she swung the object at them, praying it would hit them.


Jane Rizzoli climbed out of her car and walked over to the oh-so-ever familiar crime scene tape. Seeing any dead body was hard but the most recent killings around Boston were of kids, homeless kids who were living on the streets, kids who should have been at home being protected by their parents. Cases where kids were the victims always got to any officer, but Jane found them particularly difficult.

"When were they found?" she asked Frost as she ducked under the tape and joined him.

"When the owner of the shop came to throw out the rubbish." he told her, his tone sad, like the case presented to them.

"Let me guess, same bullshit wrote on their hands in permanent marker." Jane said.

"As usual." Frost replied.

Jane stopped by Maura who looked up at her with angry eyes. "Two girls. Aged between thirteen to fifthteen. Cause of death is a slit throat." she said.

Jane noticed the lack of usual professionalism in her voice, the scientific, medical jargon that she never understood. These cases were getting to everyone, even the ever so tough DR Isles. Jane felt for her friend.

"This makes it eight." Jane said with a sigh. "Sexual assault?" she asked, already knowing what the answer would be.

Maura simply nodded and then turned to face Jane. She pushed herself up, Jane reached out her hand to help her and an exhausted Maura took it. They both stepped aside as the bodies were wrapped up, ready to be transported.

"You ok?" Jane asked Maura.

Maura shook her head, said, "These are just kids, Jane, kids who were probably in a foster program but got lost in it; kids who could have easily been adopted into good homes." Maura had immediately found this case hard, she felt somehow connected to the victims. Only one of the victims had had parents come to claim the body, the others had been identified by social workers who had long given up on them.

Jane was annoyed by the disruption as her phone began ringing. "One sec." she told Maura before she answered. "Rizzoli."

Maura watched as Jane's face lit up. "I'll be there in five." she said before snapping her phone shut and stuffing it in her pocket. "We got another attack across town…the vic's alive." Jane said in amazement.

"Did they catch the killer?" Maura asked as she followed her.

"He got away, but I think she could ID him. Look, I gotta go. I'll call you." she said before she ran off to tell Frost. Her next stop was the hospital where the girl had been taken to.


Jane flashed her badge to an officer who was stood outside of the girl's room. She could hear shouting inside. "Everything alright in there?" she asked him.

"The nurse needs to examine her but the girl won't allow it."

"Okay, thanks, you can go now." Jane said as she pushed the door open and stepped inside. She watched as the nurse tried to take a step towards the girl who was stood on the other side of the bed, a bedpan in her hands, ready to swing it.

Jane could see the girls torn clothes, her dirty tangled hair, the blood that had dribbled and partly dried down her face, coming from out of her hairline.

"I have to clean you up!" the nurse yelled at the girl as she took another step towards her.

The girl swung the bedpan at her, narrowly missing her. "Stay away from me!"

"Why don't you just give us a minute?" Jane called over to the nurse.

"Happily." the older, grumpy nurse said as she stormed towards the door. Jane had to side step so as not to be barged into by her. She shut the door behind her so it was just her and the girl in the room.

"That's a fine example of good bedside manner." Jane said sarcastically.

The girl just looked at her, still holding the shiny metal bedpan in her hands. "I wanna leave." she told Jane.

"I don't blame you, I hate hospitals too."

"Whatever." the girl snapped.

Jane just nodded, she knew she didn't really have the touch when it came to kids, she suddenly wished she had brought Maura along, she was good with anyone, young or old.

But still, she figured she should at least try. "My name is Detective Rizzoli. You can call me Jane." she began.

"I just wanna go." the girl said, sounding exhausted.

Jane glanced at the window, saw the rain that was pouring down, 'there goes the crime scenes' she thought to herself. "Look, I will take you wherever you want to go, if you just answer some questions for me first." Geez Jane you're bribing a kid, she thought to herself. "Look outside, wouldn't you rather be somewhere warm and dry than out there. That coat can't keep you very dry."

The girl turned to look out of the window, Jane noticed her sigh when she saw the rain. She watched the girl put the bedpan down, she then watched as she lifted her hand to the cut concealed inside her hair and winced in pain.

"Why don't I get another nurse to come in and clean that up for you, it's gotta hurt?"

The girl looked at her then nodded. Jane smiled and turned on her heels, off to find someone. "Hey, err Jane…" the girl said, grabbing Jane's attention. She quickly turned to face her. "Will you…err… Could you stay in here as well?"

Jane smiled and said, "Sure. I'll be right back."


As they waited for a nurse, Sam began to take off her torn clothes, they were now evidence. Jane waited with some brown bags, ready to bag it so it could be used to look for anything that could tie the perp to her and the scene. Sam had a hospital gown to change into. She would have preferred clothes but was somewhat relieved that the gown was just clean and dry.

As Jane placed Sam's items of clothing into a bag she couldn't help but notice the lack of it, it was all torn to rags. Sam saw the look on Jane's face and had to say, "Those are the latest fashion. Trust me everyone will be wearing them soon."

Jane just laughed. She was surprised this kid could still have a sense of humor living on the streets. She decided to ask, "How long have you been on the streets?"

Sam just looked at her and shrugged. "Most of my life I guess. Every time child services would catch me they would throw me back into some foster home but I would just wait until everyone was asleep and leave. I'd rather be on the streets than in some strangers home."

"Yeah, families can be hard to live with, trust me I'd know." Jane said thinking of her own, very loud, family.

"I bet you were always safe in your home though." Sam said making Jane look at her. The realisation of what Sam had probably been through in her life made a cold shiver shoot down Jane's spine.

She was about to say something when the nurse walked in, at the same time her cell phone began to ring. Jane reached for her jacket, which lay on the bed next to where Sam sat. She took her phone out of her pocket and threw her jacket back down. As she answered she watched the nurse put down a tray of medical instruments and equipment needed to clean Sam's wounds up. She had to quickly turn away, any hospital instruments made her feel queasy, ever since Hoyt had used one to try to kill her.

Sam watched as Jane spoke into her cell, all the while keeping an eye on the nurse. She'd never trusted nurses or doctors and she wasn't going to start now. "Okay, Maura, I'll be there as quick as I can. Bye." she heard Jane say. As Jane turned around Sam quickly turned to look in the other direction, not wanting Jane to know she had been listening to her conversation.

Jane hesitated before she stepped over to the bed. "I'm really sorry, I know I told you I would stay but I have to go." she said hesitantly.

Sam looked at her and Jane could see the sadness in her eyes. It made her feel tremendously guilty and also really sad. She had met this kid a half hour ago and had already let her down. This is why you should never be a mother she thought to herself.

"It's just the person who attacked you tonight killed someone else, two people actually, and I need to catch him before he can do this to any other kids." she said, trying to make herself feel a little less guilty for leaving her.

"You don't have to stay with me, I get it. You have work to do." Sam said, more convincingly than she had thought she would able to.

"You're sure?" Jane asked.

Sam nodded and said, "I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself."

Jane nodded and smiled. She turned and was about to head over to the door when she remembered her jacket. She swiped it up from off the bed and took a step back. "I'll see you soon." she said to Sam who just nodded back. "Bye." she said with a smile before she slipped out of the door, taking the evidence bags with her. She'd have to wait for the other evidence from off Sam.

With Jane gone Sam turned to face the nurse who was setting up the equipment. "Can I just use the bathroom?" Sam asked her.

"Down the hall." the nurse said, not even bothering to look up at her.

Sam climbed down off the bed and walked over to the door and opened it up. She glanced out and found that the corridor was empty. She pulled her hand out of the side of her hospital gown and looked at the wallet in her hands, Jane's wallet that she had taken out of her jacket pocket. With a smile she stepped out into the corridor, she was getting out of the hospital.

She glanced into the next room as she walked past and saw a woman asleep in a chair, in a hospital bed lay a man, she guessed her husband. He was asleep too. She also noticed the thick coat that was thrown over the end of the bed. She would need it outside. She checked the corridor again and found no one was there to see her, so she crept into the room and carefully pulled the coat off the bed. She threw it on, stuffing the wallet into the pocket, as she walked back out of the room and made her way down the corridor and out of the hospital.


Jane walked across her street, away from her car and towards her building. As she climbed the steps up to the door of her building she rubbed her aching neck, this case was taking a toll on her. She was hardly sleeping because when she closed her eyes she saw the victims faces; so she had taken to sitting up watching re-runs all night until she fell asleep on her oh-so-uncomfy couch.

As she put her key in the door she suddenly got the feeling that she was being watched. Adrenaline started pumping as she heard a scuffing sound behind her. She whipped her gun from its holster and spun around. She had to quickly put it back into its holster when she saw who was standing behind her.

"Sam! Why aren't you in the hospital?" she asked.

"I had to pee." Sam replied.

"And you couldn't have gone at the hospital?" Jane asked, confused.

"I changed my mind and just decided to leave instead."

"I'm taking you back there." Jane said making her way down the steps towards Sam.

"No!" Sam said, taking a step back from her. "I don't want to go back there, please. I just want to talk to you, about the person who attacked me tonight. I saw his face, I could ID him." she said confidently.

Jane just looked at her, she wasn't about to force her to go back to the hospital so she decided, "Come up to my apartment. You must be freezing." She had noticed that Sam wasn't wearing any shoes, just a hospital gown and a thin coat. She walked back up to the door with Sam following her. That was when it occurred to her, "Where did you get that coat from?"

"I borrowed it." Sam lied.

"You mean you took it?"

"If I say yes will you arrest me?"

Jane rolled her eyes and held the door open for Sam to walk inside. She then followed in after her. "You have to return it." she said as they made their way to her apartment.


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