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Chapter 10

It was pitch black outside. The night had fallen hard and fast and the sky was filled with heavy black rain clouds. The rain pelted down and whilst most people where inside sheltering from it Sam was wandering round in it. She was freezing and soaked through to the bone, but she had nowhere to go to shelter from the rain so all she could do was carry on wandering through it.


"I have no idea where she could be! We all need to spilt up and go looking for her." Jane informed everyone who had gathered outside her building.

This included her mother and Maura. Korsak and Frost had also answered her call and came over straight away. Frankie was there to help too and they all turned when they heard Tommy running towards them.

"Janie, I got your call. I wanna help." he said.

"Thanks Tommy, we need as many people as we can get looking for her. " Jane said, patting her little brother on the shoulder.

"I'll put a call out to any squad cars driving around." Korsak said.

"Thanks Korsak. Look, why don't you and my Ma' go one way. Frankie you go in your car. Frost, you in your car and I'll go with Maura. Tommy…"

"I'll get Joe Friday, keep her in my jacket and we'll search on foot." he suggested. "Sam loves her so if she sees me I may be able to distract her with Joe, persuade her to come back here."

"Thanks, Tommy you're the best. Keep Joe dry!" she called after him as he ran up the steps and into her building to fetch the small dog.

"Okay everyone, pick a direction chose it, but please find her." Jane said before she grabbed Maura's hand and ran over to her car. She wanted to drive but with her arm she had no choice but to let Maura drive.


It had been well over an hour and no one had found Sam yet. Jane and Maura were both becoming more and more worried by the second. Jane slumped back in her seat and continued looking out of her window, through the rain that only seemed to have gotten heavier.

"Remind me, we did catch the Boston child killer didn't we?" she said, she knew they had but visions of him hurting Sam while she was out on the street alone plagued her mind.

"Yes. She's more likely to be attacked by hypothermia being out in this." Maura said knowingly. "Why the hell weren't they keeping a closer eye on her in the children's home? They knew she was a risk for running away." she snapped angrily.

"Because they're all pedigree idiots! God, I feel so sick. What if we don't find her Maura?" Jane said, tears in her eyes.

"We will." Maura replied.

"What makes you so sure?" Jane asked.

Maura turned to look at her and replied, "Because we have to."


One Hour Later

They were still driving round. Everyone had contacted each other but only to say they still hadn't found Sam. Each minute that passed was like torture and only made Jane and Maura feel more and more sick.

"I feel so guilty." Jane suddenly confessed.

Maura turned from looking out at the road to face her. "You have done nothing to feel guilty about." she said to her.

"I told her I would look after her and I let those creeps take her. I got her back and told her everything would be okay and child services take her and dump her is some shitty kid's home which she runs away from. Now she's wandering the streets and is in God knows what danger."

"Jane, you can't feel guilty over this."

"Then why do I?" she replied.

Maura was silent for a moment before she had to confess, "If it helps I feel guilty as well."

"Says the woman who just told me not to feel guilty." Jane snorted.

Maura half smiled, she then turned to face her again and said, "Sam's favourite place was with us, that's what's keeping me from breaking down right now."

Jane smiled at his because the same thing was helping her keep it all together. Then suddenly it hit her, "Wait, Maura, you're a genius, that's it!"

"Why am I genius?" she asked.

"Because Sam's going to go to her favourite place. All this time we've been out searching the streets for her but she hated being on the streets. She'll go somewhere she wants to be."

"Mine or your house first?" Maura asked realising what Jane was saying.

"We'll go back to mine. I'll call Korsak, tell him and Ma' to go check out your place."


The streets were practically flooded by the time Maura pulled up outside Jane's apartment building. "There she is!" Jane cried out as she just about made out Sam's petite frame sat huddled on the steps of her building.

Both women got out of the car and went running towards Sam. The moment they reached her they pulled her to her feet and dragged her up the stairs so she was out of the rain some. She was shivering and Maura wasted no time in pulling off her coat and wrapping it around her.

"Sam, what the hell are you playing at?!" Jane yelled at her, the only way to be heard over the heavy downpour.

"I don't want to be in a home anymore. I want a home!" she cried.

Her face was dripping with tears but both Maura and Jane knew that tears were mixed in too.

"Sam its dangerous on the streets, you know this!" Maura told her.

"I don't care, it's better than a kids home!"

"But you're safe there."

"I can be safer with you two, please don't make me go back!" she cried, throwing her arms around both Jane and Maura.

Both women hugged her back. "Sam, I promise I will do everything I can to keep us together."

"We will be together." Maura said.

Then all they could do is hold onto Sam as she cried.


One Week Later

Jane had been in children's homes before, when working cases. She hated them. She froze outside the door where she and Maura had been directed to.

"Jane what's up?" Maura asked.

Jane was nervously rubbing the scars on her hands. "I hate these places." she told her friend.

"Why?" Maura asked. The place seemed nice enough to her. There were bright pictures on the walls, the carers all seemed really nice and the kids looked happy too.

"These places remind me of the pound; tons of sad pleading eyes looking up at you, pleading with you to choose them." Jane said, "Look…see!" she said pointing at two children who walked past her.

Maura was a little confused as both the children were laughing, "Jane, they look happy." Maura pointed out.

"Well sure, on the outside, but I bet inside…."

Jane was cut off by Maura laughing.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realise I was so amusing!" Jane snapped, but she wasn't really as angry as she sounded.

"I've never seen you this nervous." Maura said still laughing a bit.

Jane playfully slapped her on the shoulder and began laughing with her. "Come on, let's go find her." Jane said with a smile as she pushed the door open.

Through the door was a large sitting room. There was a big screen TV, with bean-bags on the floor in front of it. In one corner of the room were bookshelves piled high with different types of books and comfy chairs beside them. There was a computer in another corner and even an arts and crafts corner. It all actually looked really fun but still Jane couldn't wait to leave the room.

Maura was the first to spot Sam and she gave Jane's arm a nudge and pointed her out. Both women felt a twinge of sadness wash over them. Sam was sat in a window seat, her legs tucked up against her body her arms wrapped around them holding them in place. She had her head resting on her knees as she gazed out of the window and out to the street below.

Sam was so busy staring out at the street that she never heard Jane and Maura walk up to her and lean across her so they too could look out of the window.

"What are we looking at?" Jane asked casually like she had been there all along.

"Oh my God, Jane, Maura!" Sam cried and shifted onto her knees and threw an arm around each of them and pulled them all into a hug.

Both women greeted her, both of them placing a soft kiss either side of her head. They suddenly wondered if Sam would ever let them go, the thought made both of them hug her a little tighter.


After saying hello they had moved over to the sitting area by the bookshelves. Sam had told them how this place was better than some of the homes she had been in, but both Jane and Maura could tell she hated being here.

"So how come you guys came to visit me?" Sam asked.

"I have something to tell you." Jane began, "I talked to the people from child services again…"

Sam was looking at her, hopeful, "What did they say? Can I go home with you?"

Jane smiled a little but shook her head, "No, baby."

It killed Jane to see the disappointment that washed over Sam's face, "So I'm stuck here…" Sam thought out loud.

Jane just looked at her and it was a look that told her she had more to tell her. "Why are you looking like that?" Sam asked.

"Sam, I spoke to child services as well." Maura told her, "If you wanted to you can come home with me?"

"Really?" Sam asked with a huge smile.

Maura just nodded, "That way we can all stay together, you can have a room at my house…"

"-and one at my place," Jane informed her.

"Jane and I are together most of the time anyway, so this way it's like we've both adopted you." Maura clarified.

"Just not officially," Jane said.

"This isn't a dream is it?" Sam asked.

Jane leant forward and pinched her arm. Sam yelped even though it hadn't really hurt. "Did you feel that?" Jane asked her with a smile.

"What do you think?!" Sam smiled back.

"Then it's not a dream." Jane pointed out.

Sam stood up and threw an arm around Jane and one around Maura again. Both women hugged her back once more. They stayed that way for a moment in total silence but then Sam had to ask, "When can we go?"

"Paper works all signed off." Maura told her, "We can go as soon as you're ready."

"I'm ready!" Sam practically yelled and grabbed both of their hands and began pulling them out of the room.

"I hope you're okay with going shopping, we have to pick out stuff to decorate your room." Maura said.

"Technically you have to pick two of stuff because you have to decorate your room at my house too."

"I've never had my own room before and now I get two. I have no idea how to decorate a bedroom." Sam said.

"It's easy you pick a bed and just work around that." Jane said.

"You pick the wallpaper first, I saw this stunning pink…"

"Maura, please, pink?!" Jane asked.

"Pink is nice!" Maura defended.

"Sure, if you're a Barbie doll!"

"Guys my favourite colour is purple or blue." Sam told them.

"How do feel about bunk beds?" Jane asked, "They're great for building forts."

"Sounds awesome!"

"That's what I tried telling my Ma when I was a kid." Jane said.

"Did she get you one?"

"She got her a pink canopy bed." Maura informed her making Sam burst into laughter.

They left the child's home further discussing what Sam's new rooms would look like and after shopping and a meal to celebrate they began decorating the first of Sam's new bedrooms.

The End

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