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Looking down at him on the medical table was hard.

He was shot in the shoulder and a gash on his cheek was bleeding horribly. He had multiple bruises and scratches covering his arms and chest and his costume was ripped and crinkled. Over all, he looked like he had been to hell and back.

The mission had been bad. Real bad.

The team had tried, keyword tried, to stop some illegal black market transaction in Gotham. Well, the buyer of the whole fiasco was, of course, the Joker. Sportsmaster, the seller, had gotten away before the team could engage in full. And the Joker had decided it would be fun to play.

So he stayed and practically crushed them with his henchmen.

Robin had gotten the worst of it. He had stupidly taken on the Joker attempting to stop him from taking full possession of the new K-A Venom developed by Cadmus a few years back. It was been stolen from an unknown source and put on the market a few weeks ago. No one was really sure what it did, not even Cadmus did when they developed it. But, whatever it did, it certainly wasn't something to cure cancer.

Joker had managed to shoot Robin after Robin had engaged him in a full on fight. It slowed him down but the boy had had worse. Of course, since it slowed him down he was able to get attacked by the henchmen he could normally take down. The crowbars were bad enough but the knifes had been sharpened to the point of a minotaur's horn.


The big gash on his cheek came from when the Joker had managed to grab him and slide the pocket knife across it. Robin then got out and was beaten to pulp by the henchmen. Overall, he was taken down pretty easily. Though, Batman couldn't blame him.

It was that day.

Their anniversary.

He had been distracted. Still, he was taught by Batman it shouldn't have been a huge problem. But it was the Joker and he had had no outside help from his team who had been trying to get Sportsmaster and stop the remain henchmen who weren't at Robin.

"Do you think he'll be fine?" Clark asked, staring down at his chest. It rose slowly and unevenly. Bruce looked at him with wary eyes, cowl off, and then at Robin, whose mask had yet to be removed. "Yes. He's had worse, sadly enough, and he should wake up any moment now," He replied calmly. But the worry was evident in his voice as he leaned over Robin's body. The blood stained the white sheets and blankets.

One minute.

Three minutes.


Four minutes.

Five minutes.

"He'll wake up. Give him time. He's probably in shock. He's only human," The last part was gruffly said, stating a point and ending the conversation. Not that it was much of a conversation anyway, more of an interaction of friends who were angry with each other.


"He's fine Clark. Trust me," Bruce shot back before the kryptonian could say anything. Clark rolled his eyes and watched Robin's chest again.








He listened to his heart as it pumped at an uneven pace. It was getting better though. He was bandaged up now and he head was tilted to the side. Bruce walked over and carefully moved the mask as to not hurt him with the bruises and scratches on his face.

His eyes were closed.

Finally, Bruce kneeled down to Richards eye level.

"Richard?" He asked. Both men waited. Waited.

One minute.

Two minutes.

"Dad?" He finally spoke. Both men let out sighs of relief. "No Dick, it's me, Bruce."

"Yeah, I know dad," He replied and fell back asleep leaving Bruce smiling slightly.

He had called him dad.

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