Epilogue: The Retribution

Sherlock lied in a tranquil state on the bed in his holding cell, calmly awaiting the trial he expected to have within a day. While in his moment of serenity, he wondered just how everyone back in his homeland would react to the news of his arrest in America. He could imagine Greg Lestrade trying to piece together every logical way he could have pulled off a fake death, Anderson and Donovan would have been more confused than a cat chasing a laser pointer dot, and Mrs. Hudson would be overjoyed but then angry with him for scaring her. The only person whose opinions or thoughts mattered to Sherlock was John Watson's. Sherlock never once took the time to look at John's blog and see if he was still on his mind every day of his life. It had only been four months since his "death" – had the world really moved on without him?

"Hey." Sherlock opened his eyes and looked to the cell door where the guard was looking directly at him. "You've got a visitor."

The police officer walked out of Sherlock's view and another man stepped in his place. Sherlock faintly moaned in annoyance upon seeing the familiar visitor. "Mycroft," he uttered the name.

"Hello, Sherlock." Mycroft Holmes said with a grin from outside the cell. "How's America?"

"If you came to gloat, then I'd prefer you to do it when I'm in a maximum prison. The mood there would be more suitable."

"You're not going to any prison, Sherlock. You've made bail…thanks to me."

Mycroft's news forced Sherlock out of the bed, approaching the bars that separated him from his older brother. "You cannot do that. The killer would go after…"

"The killer was never in New York City during the crimes." The look of genuine surprise on Sherlock's face brought out some delight over Mycroft. "The bomb that was strapped to Richard Castle was a fake and the snipers that were in the area…" He reached into his jacket pocket to retrieve a laser pen that he flashed on Sherlock's chest, making the dot there looked like the same ones that were on him and Beckett. "The killer paid off some people to master a scene so realistic and yet similar to the one you and John had with Moriarty that it even had you fooled."

If there was one thing Sherlock did not like to be, it was a fool; so, in retrospect, the killer truly got one over him with his act. "The whole point of it all was to humiliate me…make me feel helpless…"

"And, most importantly, to expose you." Mycroft added.

"But how did you know?"

Mycroft grinned. "I see through all tricks, Sherlock – even your own. And I know you well enough to see when you refuse to let yourself be beaten. Even now I see how much you want to get back in the game and return the favor to the bastard. That's why I'm here to assist you."

"My bail could not have been easy to make, even for you and the people you're connected with. How did you convince Captain Gates?"

"I merely told her you were a madman who's been craving attention by pretending to be people that he's not. The nephew of a landlord who has zero next of kin? Really, Sherlock. If you're going to live in America, you'll have to be a better liar than that."

Sherlock smirked. "So how do you intend for me to get my 'revenge,' Mycroft?"

"First of all, if we're going to do it, then you'll need to agree to do it my way."

"Impossible." Sherlock immediately declined.

Mycroft sighed as he started to move away from the cell. "Then I'll just tell Gates that I was wrong, and you can enjoy time in prison while your reputation is tarnished once again."

"Alright!" Sherlock exclaimed in frustration, stopping Mycroft from taking another step further. "What 'way' are you intending on?"

Mycroft slowly turned and faced Sherlock's cell as he answered: "There's a young lady in the Hamptons who excels on extracting revenge. I like to think of her as your female American counterpart. She's recently come across a major mystery involving her mother, and I told her that you'd be willing to help – in exchange for your own revenge."

After listening intently to his brother's plan, Sherlock went to his bed and picked up his trench coat, placing it back on. As soon as he was set to leave his holding cell, he refocused on Mycroft and stated, "Let the hunt begin."

To Be Continued in...

"Sherlock's Revenge"