Dimitri and Jon were standing outside a movie theater one night


Well not to fight or anything, rather for the many women soon to come

You see this was the showing of the final Twlight movie, and Dimitri and Jon wanted to get on the craze. And score points for their kind

"This'll show you wolf," Dimitri said "Ladies can't resist us vampires

"Bah," Jon said "Werewolves are the monster of choice, and we don't have to hypnotize are fans, or talk like emos,"

"Ha you wait and see," Dimitri said "Team Edward, and Team vampire are the best,"

"Team Jacob!" Jon said

Pretty soon the crowds of teenage girls came to the theater, and when they saw Jon and Dimitri...

"EDWARD! JACOB!" they cried as they swarmed the two monsters. Kissing hugged, ripping their clothes off

Meanwhile, a limo pulled up to the threater and the real Rob Patterson and Tayloe Launter came out, only to see the madness the girls and two real monsters were in

"Whoa," Rob said

"Hey at least it's not happening to us," Taylor said

"Hey boys," a female voice said

The two movie stars turned around to see Morrgan and Felica

"Whoa," they said

So in the end eveyone had the night of their lives. Jon and Dimtri got a whole bunch of love, as did Morrgan and Felica.

Which all made very juicy hollywood scoops in the end

"I think my sperm count just went to zero," Dimitri said when the girlfest was over

"I can't feel my balls," Jon said

The end