Doing three things I've never done before.

A Crossover

Something other than Glee

Something on Glee other than KLAINE.

Anywho, this is in the Find Me Underneath My Skin Verse (A story I have on my laptop which I haven't uploaded yet)

"Wait… They fired Michael Swift?" Jessica nodded.

"That's what Ivy told me." Rachel gaped, her eyebrows raised.

"You've got to be kidding me. Who's going to play DiMaggio?"

"Get this. Since they want to keep Ivy's 'new, fresh face' instead of hiring a big shot for Marilyn, they decided to hire a big shot for DiMaggio." Rachel's eyes widened.

"Get out!" They nodded. "Who?"

"Jesse St. James. Can you believe that?" Bobby said. "He's like a god." Rachel groaned.

"High school all over again." She muttered. Jessica raised an eyebrow.

"What happened in high school?" Rachel looked around, then grabbed the two by their arms, pulling them away from the rest of the chorus.

"I dated Jesse in high school."

"WHAT?" The two friends screamed simultaneously. Jessica started listing off names on her fingers.

"Kurt Hummel, Jesse St. James, anyone else famous from high school that you know?"

"Finn Hudson,-" Sam, having overheard the name, walked over.

"Finn Hudson? Didn't know you were into football, Berry."

"I'm not." She said. "He's my ex-"

"Your ex? You dated Finn Hudson?" Sam laughed, eyes wide.


"Husband? You married Finn Hudson?" Rachel nodded.

"Long story."

Bobby raised an eyebrow as Sam walked away.

"Who's Finn Hudson?"

"Quarterback of the Saints."

"Ahh. Who else?" Rachel sighed, rubbing her forehead.

"I also dated Noah Puckerman." Jessica's eyes widened.

"That's just creepy."

"Yeah. He called me after he pulled that stunt at the bank. Asked me to come bail him out of jail." She shook her head. "I changed my phone number."

Derek screamed for the chorus to gather up. Jessica narrowed her eyes and pointed at Rachel.

"This isn't over." Rachel sighed.