Carbon65, i think it's a lot because even Blaine was at peace with his own passing. omgosh. can you imagine like ghost Blaine seeing Kurt open the letter and getting a rejection? IT WOULD KILL HIM. i think that the ending was called out to me. it was like "just end it there" and write yourself a quick epilogue piece to tie it all together. to PenMagic, -CREYS FROM ALL THE FEELS- i will always continue to eat jars of peanut butter until i gain ninety pounds. and then lose them all in an epic battle of writing fanfiction. I WILL WRITE ONE. i actually am posting a new Seblaine one right now because i don't have a really long Seblaine fanfic. he does have HIV. what's interesting though is that its effects is different from person to person. :) however, it's slightly mentioned here so xo



The cold December air was a bitch.

Sebastian was standing near the birches and lilies. Maybe his time would come soon. He didn't know. Up until now, the sickle cell was annoying him more than the HIV. He'd been hospitalised for sickle cell crisis about a few weeks back. Sebastian looked back up at the birches, with a small smile on his face.


Kurt sounded angry. Sebastian looked back Kurt whom was puffing, mostly with anger and then exhaustion, holding something in a plastic bag.

"Did I not tell you to take your purple pills with you?" Kurt called his sickle-cell anaemia pills 'purple pills' for their colour. Sebastian just shrugged, looking back at the birches. Kurt walked up towards the birches, looking up at them.

"Look." Kurt pointed. "There's a lily growing there."

Sebastian nodded his head.

"Is that even possible?" Kurt said, still amazed.

Sebastian shook his head.

"Gabriel said it was Blaine's doing." Sebastian finally said. "It's a miracle."

Kurt was staring at the growing, budding lily, white, and beautiful up on that birch tree. Sebastian leaned against the birch. Kurt finally looked back at him. "Kurt didn't come back. The hallucination."

Kurt looked back at Sebastian, whom was looking at the sky with vacant eyes. Kurt nodded his head. "Yeah. He's back in his own little world."

Sebastian chuckled. "You have a violin rehearsal after this. You're gonna skip it if you stay any longer."

Kurt gave him a coy smile. "I know."

Sebastian's face dropped. "Chandler's dead. He killed himself."

Kurt nodded his head. The seventeenth attempt was the most successful apparently. Sebastian was looking at the sky and then back at Kurt's sky-blue eyes. He didn't need to stare up at the sky as long as he looked at Kurt. Sebastian had two lone tears running down his eyes.

"Kurt," his voice was soft. "What can I would I do without you?"

Kurt stared into Sebastian's green eyes.


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