Blaine yawned, trekking down the hallway. He opened the front door, stepping out into the cold winter wind. The leaves, soggy from last night's rain, swam in the freezing puddles of water that streamed in between Blaine's bare feet. He did a little hopping dance to avoid the icy drops. At the end of his driveway he turned and walked up to the mailbox, rubbing his hands together to warm them up before opening it.

Blaine was immediately hit by an overwhelming stench. He gazed inside and saw a furry lump underneath an envelope. He picked up the mail, finding a dead squirrel beneath it. Blaine gagged, turning to the sky and shaking his fists.

"Noooooooo! Gerrrrttttrruuuuuuddddeeee!" He screamed.

Warning- If this is the first you've read of me, please understand that no- this is NOT how I normally write. Check out some of my other stories for a taste of the real me.

How did this get started? Well, every day before I write, I spend 5 minutes and write a weird drabble thing just to get my creative juices flowing. They don't have a plot, they don't make any sense, I don't worry about making the characters realistic, I just focus on writing a completely strange drabble. I do, however, focus on grammar and spelling. I'm not one of those people who are all

'nd den blane went to the store nd krt wz thre nd sed "m brekking p wit u, u asshle" nd den krt cryd nd grbbed a nife nd stbbd hmslf da nxt day blane loked hz fone he hd a txt mssge from kirt "m srry ill alwys lve u"'

UGH! Those stories get on my nerves. Anyways, feel free to leave me a prompt! #