Okay so this is about a few weeks ago when a bunch of people petitioned to remove the Gay Marriage Ban in Ohio. Sadly, it was declined, but I decided to write a story about what would happen with our Klainers if the ban HAD been repealed. I have a feeling it would have made a great episode of glee. (**le sigh**) I also don't know exactly how many signatures they gathered, so I guessed. I also know nothing about politics.

Kurt flipped through the pages of his magazine, looking for a certain item. He had seen it last night in the library's copy… Aha!

"There." He said, shoving the magazine over to Blaine and pointing at it. "That scarf, the red one. That's the one I was talking about." Blaine raised his eyebrows.

"That one?"

"That one." He sat up and held the magazine in front of him. Blaine glanced between the picture of the scarf and Kurt. He shook his head. "No?" Blaine sighed.

"Not red, maybe if you got it in green, like that McQueen sweater you have." Kurt gasped, yanking the magazine out of his hands.

"How can you not like this? It's Marc. Jacobs." Blaine shook his head, looking for his phone.

"Where's my- dang it!" he shouted. Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Your phone? I saw it somewhere on the floor when we left the room." Blaine stood, smiling at Kurt once before climbing up the stairs to go get his cell. Kurt laughed and went back to his magazine. The front door burst open.

"Kurt!" he heard his dad yell. The teen looked up, craning his neck to see around the foyer wall.

"Dad? You're not supposed to be home until Sunday!" Burt rushed in, shrugging off his jacket and tossing it onto the couch.

"Turn on the TV."


"Turn on the TV!"Kurt grabbed the remote, hitting the power button. The old television set wheezed and slowly came to life, and Burt snatched away the controller to turn on the news.

"-mostly sunny with a slight overcast this afternoon, expect beautiful seventy degree weather for the rest of the weekend. Jared?"

"Thank you, Lia. Beautiful weather here in Ohio, isn't it? In other word; last weekend, a group of gay marriage activists gathered together and collected over 200,000 signatures opposing the gay marriage ban in state legislation. Among this list of signatures included Burt Hummel, Ohio state congressman. The group took the petition to the state. After eight hours of debate, the court ruled for the ban to be repealed. The change will take effect on August 31st, 2012." Kurt gaped at the screen, his hands shaking. He turned to his dad, his eyes narrowed.

"Are you serious?" Burt nodded, a smile plastered to his face. Kurt laughed, his hands moving up to grip the sides of his head. "Oh my god!" he screamed, squealing and jumping up and down, the tears streaming down the side of his face. "Blaine… Blaine!" he yelled. "Blaine!" He ran down the hall, smacking into his (worried-looking) boyfriend.

"Are you okay? I heard screaming, I thought-" Kurt laughed, grabbing Blaine's hand and running back into the living room. He pointed to the screen and wrapped his arms around Blaine's waist. Blaine watched, wide eyed. He raised his hand to his mouth to choke back a sob. The corner of his lips drew up in a smile, and he laughed. "Oh my god!" He grabbed Kurt's face and smashed their lips together. Tears mingled on their cheeks as they giggled into each other's lips. Blaine broke away, pulling Kurt in for a hug.

"I love you so much." Blaine whispered. Burt cleared his throat.

"Uhh, boys, I think it's time we have a little talk about the right age to get married…" Kurt laughed and shook his head.

"Don't worry, Dad. We know."