Rocket's POV

Rouge, Espio, Cream, Cheese, and I appeared in front of the room where Sonic, Chip, Shadow, Maria, and Silver were in. I grabbed one of the magnetic grenades I had with me, stuck it on the door, and set it to detonate. "Get down," I shouted to Sonic and the others. I covered Rouge as the door was blasted off the hinges. Sonic and the others got to their feet and saw where the door once stood. "Incredible," Silver said as he looked at the gaping hole in the wall. "That's just amazing. Nice job, Rocket," Sonic said. "Thanks. I couldn't have done without one of this," I said holding one of the magnetic grenades I brought with me. "Let me see one of those," Rouge said. "Sure. Be careful so you don't set it off," I said handing Rouge the grenade. "I don't believe it. Such amazing technology in one weapon," Rouge said as she looked at the grenade. All of us heard footsteps nearing our position and I assumed it was some of the guards that felt the blast. "Come on. We gotta get the frack outta here," I said before skating off. "Come on. We gotta follow the leader," Sonic said before he and the others took off after me. Shadow was using his Air Shoes as I was. Silver was flying by using his telekinesis. Sonic was running below Silver. Rouge and Cream were right above Shadow and I. Espio was running as fast as he could. We all stopped when we came to a fork in the road. "Now what," Sonic asked. "Easy. We split up. I'll take Shadow, Maria, Rouge, and Silver down this way while you take Cream, Cheese, Espio, and Chip that way," I replied. "Sounds like a plan. Come on," Sonic said before his team started following the right-hand path. "Let's go. We gotta get out of here before the guards find us," I said before my team started following the left-hand path.

Sonic's POV

My team was currently sneaking around the stronghold, being careful not to be found. "Hold on," I said as I stopped at a corner. "What's wrong, Mister Sonic," Cream asked. "Guards. There's about ten of them," I replied. "This is bad," Chip said. "Yeah, it is. We just have to be careful," I said.

Rouge's POV

I was flying ahead of the others to keep an eye out for any guards. "Rouge," Rocket asked as he stayed behind a corner. "All clear. No guards in the area," I replied. "All right. Come on," Rocket said as he and the others came out of hiding. We walked along the corridor when Rocket stopped us. "What's going on," I asked. "Guards. There's about ten of them," he replied. "This is certainly a problem," Silver said. "Not necessarily," Rocket said as he pulled a grenade. "What is that," I asked. "A KO Grenade. Guaranteed to knock out your opponents," Rocket replied before setting the grenade and throwing it at the guards. We saw gas seep out of the grenade and the guards fell asleep one by one. "Put these on. The gas in the grenade affects the radius the opposition is located, so you gotta be careful," Rocket said as he pulled out some gas masks. All of us put on the masks and we walked around the unconscious guards. As soon as he was sure we were clear of the gas, Rocket took his mask off. "We're clear. Take the masks off and give them back to me," Rocket said. All of us took off the masks and handed them to Rocket. We walked along the corridor and found Sonic's team trapped by some guards. "Should we help them," I asked. "Most definitely," Rocket replied before throwing another KO Grenade.

Espio's POV

I saw as Rocket threw something at the guards and gas seeped out that knocked out the guards. As soon as all the guards were unconscious, I saw Rocket's team putting on some masks. They crept around the guards and made their way over to us. "What was that," Sonic asked. "Just another of Rocket's creations," Rouge replied. "Quite impressive," I said. "Save the thanks for later. We gotta jet," Rocket said before running off. All of us followed him to the outside of the stronghold. "We're out. Finally," Sonic said, sighing. "Come on. We have to rendezvous with the others," Rocket said. "That won't be necessary," a voice said. Blaze, Vector, Charmy, Tails, Cosmo, Amy, and Knuckles appeared in a flash of light. "We got it covered," Knuckles said. "Nice job," Rocket said. "So how do we get home," Rouge asked. "The same way we got here," Rocket replied as he pulled out the transporter. "I just have to set the radius, enter the coordinates, and press the button. Then we're all home," Rocket said as he set the transporter to send us home. He pressed the button and all of us disappeared in a flash of light.

Rocket's POV

All of us were sent back to the exact point in time we were flung back in history. "Finally. Time to take over Station Square," Eggman said to himself. "Not so fast, Eggman," I said. "What the? How are you back already," he asked. "That's for us to know and for you to never find out," I replied. "I will control Station Square if it's the last thing I do. I swear it," Eggman said. "You can't swear. Only Shadow can swear," I said. "You'll see. This city is going to be mine. Just wait and see," Eggman said before flying off. "That was definitely one heck of an adventure," Sonic said. "It sure was," I said. All of us went our separate ways. Today, we had an adventure in the past. Today, we went Back in Time.