Memory Lane

Miko silently pouted on the couch in the Autobot base. She could hear the clanking and buzzing of Ratchet and Jack working on the Polarity Gauntlet. There was still a lot they didn't know about it, and the Doc-Bot wanted to examine it. Miko sighed in exasperation. She was bored and she wished she was helping them. Or rather, helping Jack pass tools to Ratchet when he needed them. He wouldn't let Jack within ten feet of the Gauntlet. That meant Miko couldn't go within 30 feet of it.

"Why can't I help you guys again?" She called across the missile silo.

"Because I said so," Ratchet replied shortly.

"I promise I'll be careful, Doc-Bot."

"The answer is still no, and stop calling me that!" Ratchet barked grumpily.

Miko sighed and slid off the couch. It wasn't fair! Ratchet was always paranoid I would mess things up, and all because she snuck through the Ground Bridge a few times.

"But I'm so bored! Bulk and Arcee are on patrol with Optimus and Raf's racing with Bumblebee. There's nothing to do."

Ratchet groaned and put a servo over his face, "You're giving me a processor-ache, Miko."

Jack jumped in with a snarky quip of his own, "Don't worry Ratchet, she's just fulfilling her goal in life to create panic and confusion."

"Very funny Darby."

A roll of thunder stopped Jack from replying.

Ratchet muttered something about strangling Optimus when he got back for leaving him with the "infuriating human sparklings."

"I'm going to get a few more tools, Jack. Keep an eye on this DataPad for any energy spikes, it's very sensitive when all these wires are hooked up to it. Whatever you do, don't touch it if it starts to overload. The current electrical storm could inadvertently effect the Gauntlet. Unhook it if you can, but only if it's safe. Understand?" Ratchet looked at both of them, his optics stopping when they reached the perky Asian.

"What?" Miko huffed indignantly. "I wouldn't dream of it."

Jack snorted and Ratchet just rolled his eyes. Miko glared at both of them scathingly.

"Keep an eye on her while I'm gone, okay Jack?"

"Sure thing Ratchet," Jack said with a grin.

When Ratchet was gone, Miko jumped down and flew down the stairs. She raced across the room to get a better look at the Polarity Gauntlet. She hadn't got to look at it very well last time, considering the fact that Arachnid and Breakdown had been trying to scrap Arcee and Bulkhead.

The Gauntlet was smooth and gray. The almost D-shaped gadget had a hand-hold on the bottom bar where a Transformer's servo could slip into. Miko's hand slipped into her pocket to draw out her phone. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her wrist.

Jack smirked at her and said, "One picture, but then you have to go before the Doc gets back."

"You're the best Jackson Darby!" Miko snapped a picture on her phone.

Both of the teens jumped as a loud roll of thunder reverberated through the silo. A small ping rang out of the DataPad.

"Oh, scrap!" Jack cried out.

"What is it?"

"The lightning is effecting the Gauntlet!"

Jack started to unhook the Gauntlet from all the wires. He had gotten half off when another bolt off lightning flashed through the Nevada sky.

Miko leapt forward and pushed Jack's hand off of the magnetic device at the precise moment that the Polarity Gauntlet started to overload.

The teenage girl screamed in agony as the electricity coursed through her small frame.

"MIKO!" Jack cried, but she was unconscious before she hit the floor.