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Captain Hunks groaned and took a draw from his pipe. He hated meetings. When he'd gotten the memo, he'd bought himself some extra tobacco for after the gathering. He looked at the clock, realized he was running late, quickly folded his newspaper, and walked to Section One's offices as fast as he could.

When everyone of importance had assembled, Major Connery stood up. "Ladies and gentlemen, I called you here today to discuss the details of this year's annual military dance. It will take place a week from now in the library. We will need –"

"– volunteers to move the table, cover the bookshelves, decorate the room, and set up a stage for the musicians. More volunteers will take care of catering and arrange for the music." Hunks blabbed to himself in a very bad imitation of the major's voice. He'd memorized Connery's speech long ago, seeing as Connery had used the same exact one every year for over two decades. Hunks had learned to lip-read from this speech, giving him a clear advantage over Connery a number of times.

The major might have called them "volunteers", but in truth the tasks were assigned to every section in turn. This year Sections Seven and Eight were responsible for the library and Section Four was to organize for music and food. Hunks sighed inwardly. Every year was the same; thousands of soldiers in dress uniform. Even the catering company and the music were the same every time. He knew Alice, his second-in-command, would hate him for what he was about to do, but nevertheless he stood up the moment he realized Connery was no longer droning on and asked to speak. Everyone in the room looked at him expectantly.

"With all due respect, sir, may I propose that no dress uniforms be worn this year? By telling everyone to wear something formal of their own, we could add a little, ah , individuality and color to the dance. It is a little irritating to look into a sea of navy blue and golden brown every year." He turned to the others. "Don't you agree?"

Slowly, everyone nodded. The major looked at Hunks thoughtfully.

"Why not? It would be an interesting change. Everybody tell your subordinates. This meeting is adjourned."

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